You too, were in the Parade!

Please take the time to read through this post; the message is not at all what it seems initially…

As most already know, this coming weekend in Portland will be for Homosexuals to celebrate their lifestyle for all to see and hear.They will have their usual parade with many other activities going on all weekend. It will be accepted by many as just another lifestyle. No big deal, you say, it’s OK after all, diversity is the in thing, don’t you know?

I could go on and on with these thoughts, but I don’t want to bore you. I want us to consider the following and ask yourself ‘what attitude should I have, and what should be my view regarding those that are partaking in this celebration?’

What I believe we need to see, is that homosexuality is sin. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. But we must never forget that we have “all sinned and come short of the glory of God”.
You and I, and all of mankind have been found guilty under God’s law and deserve everlasting punishment. But, the Good News is because of God’s love, He sent His Son to die for all
our sins. We have received forgiveness of sins through Christ only.
No guilt, no shame, only forgiveness.
If we then believe this, then what should be our attitude towards homosexuals?
Should it not be “But if not for the grace of God, there goes I”? None of us should think that we are so big in God’s eyes, or so special, that we could not be down there.
We certainly could have been. And regardless of our pride that says never, if we were to fall away, it still could be us. Right?

Now picture in your mind, a parade of all those who are currently cheating on their spouses. They carry signs that say, “Try it, you’ll like it” or “No one will find out, try it” or how about, “Adultery lifestyles are it” etc.
Picture a pornography parade with signs that say, “Do it late at night when no ones around”.

Better yet, how about a parade of all those who are adulterer’s at heart, as Jesus explained in Matt.5:28. Their signs would say as they marched along,
“Look with lust”, or “Just one look and imagine”.

Or the Liars parade, the Cheaters parade, the Thieves parade, the Gluttons Parade, the Personal Pride parade…
You get the point.

The Bottom line here is that sin is sin in God’s eyes, and it should be the same in our eyes. Just as you and I came to Jesus in our sins, those downtown this weekend need Jesus in their sins.

Now I hope the following will bring the thought home.
Picture in your mind you are down there in the parade (before your conversion, of course). There you are parading around
and celebrating your sin just like all the others. You are holding a big sign that says all your sins on it, “Liar”, “Thief”, “Adulterer at heart” , “I hate my brother” etc. As you look around you see all your friends with their signs, smiling, laughing, oh the fun, what a day this is !

My brothers and sisters, it’s no different for, WE WERE ALL IN THE PARADE at one time or another!

This weekend, let’s have compassion on them. Lets rescue the
perishing with God’s love, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ who paid the debt for our sins, if not, we too would still be in the parade.

May you be blessed as you think on this,


9 Responses to “You too, were in the Parade!”

  1. sandi Dixin Says:

    Hi Richard,

    I loved that letter! Oh if we could all see so clearly. It is my prayer to have a heart as such, to be able to let LOVE (GOD) be our first response to all around us (our neighbors). May our Father strip me of all that stands in the way! Okay, now I need some serious prayer after making a request like that 🙂 I love you guys. Sandi

  2. mcalmond Says:

    Good post and a great reminder of the truth for us all.

    So you guys bit the bullet and decided it was time for a blog. Great!

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  3. rjperalta Says:

    Hi Sandi,

    Thanks for checking out this. I’m glad that you have been blessed by it. And yes, may we all have more of God’s love for other’s in this coming year.

    Be blessed,

  4. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks Phil,

    I’m glad you were blessed by “You were in the parade too”. To God be the glory as it struck me when I was there watching the parade. I remember when I was there, I thought if only every christian could see one of these parades it would do them good. To see the faces on all the people there. How empty they looked and lost. Trying hard to enjoy themselves and putting all there effort in to it, yet they seemed very sad and unsatisfied. Oh, that the Gospel would go forth with God’s love. Snatch them from Satan’s grip by the power of God. Be set free !!!!!

    Bless you,

  5. Tim A. Blankenship Says:

    Great words of wisdom in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I do know some people that believe that the homosexual has actually stepped over the line into abomination, and therefore are past the point of hope for salvation.
    I am not one of them. I do pray that many will have their eyes opened, received Jesus as their Lord and Savior and they will be delivered from their sins.
    God bless you.

  6. rjperalta Says:

    Amen brother,
    I agree with you. God only knows where people stand. That goes for all people. We are not the judge, He is.

    My prayers are with you,

  7. Odale Says:

    I love the “parade” example, Richard, and so very true… My biggest contention with some of the “alternative lifestyles” is the impact on children and the way they are zeroed in on, being taught that love is acceptance and condonement. Of course God/we love(s) everyone but not their actions. An ad for the (gay) festival in San Fran a month or so ago included the Last Supper portrayed with all gays at the table. That’s where so much controversy comes in; disrespecting our Lord and Savior but demanding and guilting others in to accepting their lifestyle/beliefs. Have you ever perused the site? If our children’s souls weren’t so much as stake, I could deal with them easier and I do pray without ceasing…can’t help but thinking about society ten years from now, if the Lord tarries…
    I have cut way back on my grantwriting biz b/c it’s getting more and more difficult to recognize what kind of organization I might be helping…and some are hidden behind other orgs, etc., etc.
    Please keep me in prayer that I will not be contentious.
    God Bless and Keep You.

  8. Odale Says:

    On NAMBLA, please see “Boys Speak Out”…

    In His Love.

  9. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I am glad you have been blessed.
    Just like the enemy, to focus on our children. He knows his time is short.
    I will check it out, thanks.
    Much of God’s grace to you,

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