Love your Neighbor!

The following words are meant to challenge us, not to condemn us.


Do we love our neighbor? We all know that there are many ways to show our love to our neighbor. I would like to touch on one aspect of showing love.
First off, let us understand the word “neighbor”. It means, “near”, “close by”, “fellow”, “friend”. So we are safe to say that this could be anybody who is “near” or “close by” us. Someone who is a friend to us. This could be a co-worker at our place of employment or it could be the person next door, as we commonly understand the word. It could even be the person on the street that we pass by who has a need as illustrated in the parable of the Good Samaritan.
When we think of love, we must consider God’s love which is the ultimate love. God is love. How about His love for us?
One of my favorite verses on love is the Apostle John’s definition of love. “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation (atonement) for our sins” (1Jn.4:10)
Now That’s Love !
So, what about our neighbor? (remembering what a neighbor is). If God’s love is so great for us, to send His only Son as a sacrifice for all our sins, and to give us eternal life, what about our neighbor? Does he or she have a relationship with God?
When I think of “loving my neighbor as myself”, what comes to mind is God’s love for me. I am thankful for my salvation. How much I love God for what He did for me. I didn’t deserve it. When I consider my neighbor, that person who is “near me”, I can’t help but think if I truly love them as myself, love them as God would love them, would I not be concerned about their eternal welfare? Considering how important it was to God in the first place?
I’m saved and on my way to heaven, what about my neighbor? Where is my love for them? Do I have any? Am I concerned? Does the thought even cross my mind? What if they are not saved? What if God placed them as a “neighbor” to me, so that I might show them the way? What responsibility do I have if I’m supposed to be “loving them as myself”?
Why has God placed “neighbor’s” in our lives? I don’t believe God makes mistakes, when His Son said, “For God so loved the world”. God loves the world through His people. What greater love is there than sharing God’s love, sent to us through His Son Jesus Christ who died that we and our neighbor might live.
May God help us to “love our neighbor as yourself”. One aspect of that love just might be, opening our mouth and telling them the Good News of Jesus Christ.

May God truly bless you all,


2 Responses to “Love your Neighbor!”

  1. Michelle (Your darling daughter) Peralta Says:

    Awesome, I really think that is something everyone needs to read. I will repost that….

    Love you 🙂

  2. rjperalta Says:

    Hi Shel,

    Thanks for stopping by me blog! I hope you are encourged in the world of blogs.
    God bless you. Miss you darling daughter.

    Love Dad

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