The effects of sin upon the human heart

Satan’s tool is sin. His only power is sin. We see the effects of sin on a fallen world, fallen because of sin.
Everywhere we look in the world today, we see killing, murder, rape, drugs, crime etc. increasing at a rapid speed. All of them are byproducts of sin in the human heart. We must remember, sin is the problem, not people. Don’t get mad at the people committing such sins, get mad at the enemy of our souls and the tool he is using, sin.

Recently, all this was magnified when I read a chapter from the book, “It’s not O.K. with me” (see it online at After reading this some would say, ” How could a God of love allow this to happen?” Well, it’s a fallen world we live in. Originally created as a paradise, but sin entered man and thus the world has been on a downward spiral ever since.

Are you sick and tired of what you’re seeing and hearing here and around the world? Are you saying, as the title of the book says, “It’s not O.K. with me?”. Then get the Gospel of Jesus Christ out. One soul at a time that is truly born again through Christ not only changes our world, but extends God’s Kingdom for eternity, which is most important. This world is going to burn up someday, then what?

How wonderful it will be someday, to see all those who made it to heaven because you were faithful to share Christ with them. Talk about joy unspeakable !
Talk about rewards, crowns !
What could bring more joy, more rewards, more crowns than being used by God to build His Kingdom?
Does anything else really matter?
If we truly love God with all our heart, mind and soul, than we are going to love our neighbor as our self, aren’t we? We are going to ask ourselves the question, I’m saved, but what about them?

May God help us all,


4 Responses to “The effects of sin upon the human heart”

  1. Michelle (Your darling daughter) Peralta Says:

    How true is that : -)

  2. Richard Says:


    I’m glad you were blessed.


  3. Just a passing Christian Pilgrim Says:

    Huh. I’ve never considered that Satan’s only tool is sin. But it makes sense.
    Did you ever consider the fact that Satan got all of creation by that one fruit from the tree of Good and Evil? He decived Eve, and by doing so Adam as well (two with one stone). And by corrupting Adam, Satan was in charge of the spread of sin. And sin therefore spread to the Four Corners of the earth and everything man touches becomes corrupted. What a trully sinister enemy of ours! (But he has already been defeated by our Lord Jesus Christ)

  4. rjperalta Says:

    Christian Pilgrim,
    I would have to say that Satan’s tool is sin. However, he uses it in many, many ways.
    Interesting point regarding Satan. There are many ways to look at “The Fall” and it’s affects, but the outcome was sin.
    And yes, Satan has been defeated ! Praise God !
    Thanks for stopping in.

    Much Grace,

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