Are we moved to action?

Today is still the day of God’s Mercy, Grace and Love!
There is still time for repentance. People need to “turn”, “change”, “feel sorry for their sins” while time is still afforded them.
We as God’s people, should be sharing the message of the Gospel which includes “Repentance”.
We should not be sitting back and saying, “Oh well, God is going to bring destruction soon, I hope they make it”.
“I’m glad I’m saved and ready”
Our actions should not be saying, “well at least I know that God has had enough, he will soon bring judgment”. All this should move us to action, concern for those who don’t know Christ. We believe many will die when God unleashes his wrath and judgment, right? Does that move us at all? If so how?

It’s still the day of God’s mercy. There is still time for them to get right with God. May His spirit move us to action!
“Well, I got my God”. “I’m saved”.
Our actions show our concern, our love for them. Talk is cheap. Our actions should be, prayer, talking to them, letting them know our love and concern.

Most people know that our world is about to change, big time. So if they know that, how should they prepare? The old scripture, “prepare to meet thy God” is true now, more than ever. Today is preparation time, there is still time left, still time to get right with God.
Our friends, co-workers, and neighbors, if they don’t have a relationship with God through Christ, how does that move us? If we know destruction is coming, how does it affect us towards other’s? Christ said, “to love your neighbor as yourself”. Do we? The word “neighbor” here means, “near” or “close by”. How often do we have someone “near” or “close by” us in a given day?
May God help us all.

We must be looking for the “hungry”, the “thirsty”, the “stranger”, the “naked”, the “sick”, “those in prison”. We do not want to be one of those who will say, “when did we see thee”, Lord?
Christ will say, “In as much as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it unto me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous (those who saw the Lord in the need, and did something about it) into life eternal”.

By God’s grace, may we be the “righteousness of God” in action!


6 Responses to “Are we moved to action?”

  1. mcalmond Says:

    Richard a good post on an important subject. One that is all too often not only over looked but is under defined and taught as to its powerful meaning and thus importance.

    Genuine Repentance is crucial for all who would truly profess Christ Jesus, yet it is often taught as simply being sorry for what one has done that is wrong. In truth repentance is much deeper than this and I believe apart from the work of God’s grace and empowering presence of God the Holy Spirit, is not actually possible for mankind. Repentance is the moral reorientation of ones heart and soul.

    Repentance is therefore grounded in a understanding that our hearts and minds are turned in the opposite direction of the Lord God’s, thus operating out of a set of moral values that are not in line with the Lord’s. It is these fundamental core moral values that must be changed, thus moving us in an entirely new direction of life and living.

    This takes place because we come to see, by the grace of God, and the empowering presence and work of God the Holy Spirit, that not only what we were living and walking out was wrong morally, but that we are called to live out a completely different set of moral values than we have been, the Lord God Almighty’s.

    Without this moral reorientation of our heart and soul, there isn’t true repentance or the God empowering evidence of His righteous change. Let us not sell Repentance short either because we fail to call for and contend for authentic godly change of hearts and souls but also because we fail to truly understand the depth of what Repentance is and needs to be for a true Godly Life to be made manifest.

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  2. faithwalk Says:

    The two of you, make that three of us, are all on the same page here!
    Godly sorrow and repentance produces life ,and good fruit, and is necessary for any real lasting change.
    I’m sorry is so often said but so rarely meant.
    Keep preaching it guys!

    Happy Birthday Richard! May this be a blessed and fruitful day in the harvest fields!
    I love you! And Jesus loves you more! 🙂

  3. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks Phil,
    For your true response. I say Amen to repentance! It has been hidden for some time, but it’s starting to resurface again, praise God!
    May it sound forth today !

    By God’s grace,

  4. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks Dear,
    “Wherever two or three are gathered, their will I be”, He said. Praise Him!
    Even in cyberspace!
    Hallelujah !


  5. mcalmond Says:

    Richard, a very happy birthday indeed. Have fun on those streets! I wonder who else will have a new-birthday to day 🙂 ?

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  6. rjperalta Says:

    Thank you, Phil
    God bless you

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