The people of the streets

First off, I would like to explain what I mean by, “The people of the streets”.
Most would say, “you mean the homeless people?” Well yes, that is part of my definition. However, there is another part I would like to bring up. Quite literally, they are people on the street with both feet (if indeed they have both). People who are on the street for one reason or another in a given point in time. For an example, people who aren’t in their house, in the work place, in a car or in a building.

I find not all, but most people on the streets usually are by themselves. This makes for good one on one evangelism, as the Spirit leads, of course.
One of the interesting things about people out on the streets, is that what you see is what you get. There is no car, no house, no building for them to hide in. They are exposed, out in the open.

Most use public transportation as their way of getting around. If you have never spent time using this form of transportation, I urge you to at least try it sometime. It’s certainly not for everyone, but you might be surprised with what God can do when you are around people in this type of environment. If nothing else, ride a bus or a train, and pray for the people on it as they come and go.

Your world view definitely opens up when you get out into the streets. You notice how people live outside the box, outside of their comfort zone and the norm. You see a completely different side of life. In short, you would see, hear, and smell people.

People are what God is all about. “For God so loved the world”…. That’s the people of the world. He gave His Son as The Sacrifice for the sins of the people. Not the dogs, nor the cats sins, but the sins of the people.

God’s ultimate business is, restoring humanity back to himself.

This is how He expresses his love to people, “In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation(atonement) for our sins”. (1Jn.4:10) If this be so, that people are His main concern, then what part do we play?

People were created in the image of God, all people. So when we look out upon humanity, upon the streets, we see all those who God has created. I can not help but see many times, people who have let sin run it’s course upon their life. The affects of sin show up in many ways. I try and remember that at one time they came into this world as a newborn baby. Most had a mother that held them, that fed them, that cared for them at one time. What happened? Sin ran it’s course in one form or another.

This is all the more reason to get out and get The Gospel to them before it’s too late. While there is still time.

In the end, I believe God loves the streets, why? Because the people that He created are there, and a lot of the times they are alone and lost.

3 Responses to “The people of the streets”

  1. Shadow Wings Says:

    I am homeless and would like to say it can happen to anyone at any time. I like to believe God is guiding my steps, even through this experience.

    I would also like to say we are all children of God, He has loved us even before the forming of the world–and with great love He has called us by name and will draw us to Him. It is not for man to judge or blame someone’s situation but rather, we have been called to love one another, to have compassion and to help each other. I never wanted to be homeless, especially with children. I never wanted to fall in love and start a family with someone who would hurt me so terribly. I never wanted to loose my whole life–in seconds–and be forced on the street. But if I had not gone through all this, I would not have seen how mightily God has blessed me. I also have seen, and experienced firsthand, how your own words and actions do affect the lives of others for good or for evil. Even something so simple as a smile or a hug can be so powerful. And for someone who is homeless–maybe we don’t have all the material things but we have just the same opportunity and ability to give. And we all have God, and He is more than enough.



    Isaiah 54:14 (NKJV), “In righteousness you shall be established; You shall be far from oppression, for your shall not fear; And from terror, for it shall not come near.”

  2. rjperalta Says:

    Shadow Wings,
    Thanks for sharing your testimony. May God be with you as you go through this life.
    I would like to add that “we are all children of God”, if we have received Christ. “We all have God”, if Christ is our Lord and Saviour.

    May you be blessed as you go out and share Christ.

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