A Street Testimony

His name is Tim. (not his real name) We originally met at a bus stop. He was sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. What struck my attention about him was that he was talking out loud, and was very angry. I listened a little closer and heard that he was very frustrated about the cops following him that day, every where he went.(weeks later he would tell me that he had just come off of Meth that day, and that he hadn’t slept in four days. One of the side affects of using Meth is paranoia)

I encouraged him that God was his only hope. Shortly after that the bus came and we parted. I put him on my prayer list which I had in my coat pocket, and prayed for him daily.

One week later, I’m getting on the bus at my local depot and I sat down and noticed that Tim walked down the isle pass me. I said, “Hey, How’s it going?” He nodded his head and walked by.
About 15 seconds later he came up and sat in the seat in front of me. “Good to see you” he said. He went on to explain that he had remembered me from the last time we met. He told me all about what had happen that day, the drugs, the cops etc. He felt really bad for acting the way he did that day.

Again, I encouraged him to turn to God through Jesus and that was his only hope. After sharing The Gospel with him (he had heard it before) we parted at the next depot stop.

About four days later we ran into each other again at the local bus depot. We visited, and he told me that he was staying at a local shelter in a major city about one hour away from where we live. He was receiving drug counseling there, and special classes etc. He said that the environment there was good, and it was helping him. He heard some good things about God and Jesus, and found a bible there.

I noticed this time, that there was a change in him. He was talking about God and his whole attitude was different. I could see the change in his eyes and on his face. He had found God.

During the next two weeks our paths crossed twice. Just like the first time we met, God had divinely appointed each time. Each time Tim would tell me how God was working in his life, and that God was so good.

What a blessing ! To see and hear his testimony. No more drugs (he told me that he had used Meth for four years). He was now clean in more in more ways than one.

One time we where on the bus and we had been talking about temptation. I told him to be aware of the enemy and his temptations. Two minutes later a guy gets on the bus and sits next to me. He had this small case with him, so I asked him what was in it. He opened it and it was full of glass pipes, used for smoking pot and other drugs. Tim looked over at me after seeing the pipes and smiled as if to say, “temptation” Later, I told him that is just the way the devil works.

This morning when I was heading out on my bus, I sensed that I would be seeing Tim today. Later that day around 3pm, I was downtown passing out tracts on this corner, when I looked up who do you think was there?, Tim was. Happen chance, I don’t think so. No way.

I had yet to see him downtown before than, let alone on this corner. There is just a few corners in a big city, to say the least.

He saw that I was passing out tracts and said, “I didn’t know that you did that”. I told him him that it is one of the things I do to share The Gospel. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out some tracts of his own and said, “I didn’t have anything to do today, so I have been passing these out.” I said, “Awesome”.

So we spent the next 30 minutes together on the corner passing out tracts. Now here was a guy, that just a couple of weeks ago was strung out on Meth. Now he was passing out tracts for God. I was so blessed today to see how God had performed a miracle in this man’s life. There is nothing like seeing a changed life!

What a testimony to what God can do. How He can change a life so quickly. Praise Him, for He gives the increase. All we do is plant the seed through prayer and sharing The Good News about Jesus.

Also, God uses many different ways to reach people. I’m sure there has been many people that have planted seed into this man’s life. Without a doubt, The Salvation Army where this man is staying has planted much seed also.

To God be the glory! Great things He has done!
The Angles have been rejoicing!



8 Responses to “A Street Testimony”

  1. mcalmond Says:

    Richard I am so excited to hear how the Lord found this man and open his eyes to the truth of the gospel of the Lord Jesus. I pray that in and through it all, he continues to lean upon and grow forward in Christ Jesus, the Lord Jesus leading him closer and closer to himself and not in an empty place of shallow religion.

    Anyway, before I get to afar from the post, thank you for sharing this. Keep posting as the Lord directs.

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  2. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks Phil,

    Yes, may Jesus be his all in all.

    Susan has suggested that I pray about writing some things that God is doing on the streets. So I did. To God be the Glory!

    Many things happen daily out there.
    Pray that I will only share what he wants me to. What He is doing on the streets.

    Be blessed today,

  3. Michelle Says:

    Yea**** Good news! That is so awsome, I am blessed to read it!!

    Keep planting those seeds, I will keep praying for you (and Tim).



  4. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks, Shell (two L’s?)

    I’m glad you were blessed. Praise Him!

    Loves, back at ya,


  5. Scotti Says:

    Praise the Lord! What an amazing testimony of the transforming power of Jesus!

    May the Peace of the Lord be with you today,

  6. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks Scotti,

    And yes, Praise God for what He does through us.
    Jesus is awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by,

  7. Daniel Chapman Says:

    I like how you keep a prayer list close and handy. Great idea.


  8. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks Daniel,

    Yes, the prayer booklet is essential. It helps me to remember each one and pray for them.
    As I’m sure you are aware, prayer is the key.
    Thanks for stopping by,

    Grace to you,

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