The Root of the problem is Sin

In the beginning it was the problem.
All through history it has been the problem.
It is still the problem today.

Oh how big a problem it is, but how little it is acknowledged as “The root of the problem”.

Question : “When was the last time you heard anyone talking about sin?”


4 Responses to “The Root of the problem is Sin”

  1. shimlavala Says:

    not heard anyone in a long while as in a formal lecture/discussion. The real cause, in my opinion is really expectation,fear,moral turpitude and relativity. Sin is the effect and the aforementioned is the cause.

  2. rjperalta Says:


    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I also haven’t heard it in a “formal lecture/discussion” also. But what about “anyone talking about sin?”
    Well, I would have to say that sin in the heart is the cause. Without that we would all be back in the garden.

    Grace to you,

  3. forgiven for life Says:

    I am so grateful that the Lord has shown me that He has paid for all my sin(s). It is for this reason I no longer have to focus on my sin(s) (or the sins of anyone else) and therefore am able to freely love and accept others as He did while He was here. Can you imagine what the woman caught in adultery might have experienced if Christ had said to her, “Hey lady, now that you have been exposed, go and focus more on oyur sin!” Please don’t close your email with the word “grace” in your slautation if you don’t TRULY believe in His unimaginable grace – His total forgiveness. All sin(s) have been forgiven except one – the sin of unbelief. Think about it – since Christ died on the cross, every person is basically back in the garden – forgiven – there to choose the other tree, the tree of life, or to continue to live by the knowledge of good and evil (which was the choice of their forefathers, the founders of legalism). May God allow you to see His truth concerning freedom in Christ. There is not one person who can stop sinning (in order to GET or STAY right with God. Tha is why God gave Himself – His own DIVINE blood – which is the only blood that can wipe away ALL SIN FOR ALL TIME FOR ALL PEOPLE.

  4. rjperalta Says:

    forgiven for life,
    Amen! I also am grateful for Christ and the forgiveness of sins!
    May hearts desire in writing this short post was “to bring to mind” that the problem with mankind is sin. I totally agree with all you said about Christ and The grace of God.
    God has called me to talk about sin, preach about it etc. It’s OK. Many today get real offensive even at the sound of the word “sin”. God’s word mentions it quite often. His Son went to the cross for it, should we try to hide it?

    God be with you, and His grace,

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