The Spirit of God, to understand the things of God

Many times if we are not careful, we try and persuade the lost without first stopping to realize that they first need the Spirit of God to be able to understand the things of God. Most of the time it turns out to be a debate, or a head knowledge battle. If this happens, believe me, there is no end.

First off, we must be continually reminded that the “natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness to him: neither can he know them,” Why? “because they are spiritually discerned”. (1Cor.2:14)

The person needs to have God’s Spirit in them to be able to understand. We may have good intentions to speak and try and convince them, but to convince a dead man that God is real, or to convince them regarding spiritual things, is like trying to convince a concrete wall that it is in the way and it needs to move.

“…even so the things of God no man knows, but the Spirit of God”. (1Cor.2:11)
Can you see the necessity of having the Spirit of God within them, so they can have life and began to understand the things of the Spirit?

They must be “born of the Spirit of God” first. A spiritual re-birth must take place. Can you see the necessity of The Gospel of Jesus Christ going out first to the lost, so that they may be saved ( born again ), and filled with the Holy Spirit so they can then understand the scriptures?

I know that this may seem strange, but I try and view people that don’t have God’s Spirit in them as dead people. Why? Because they are spiritually dead without God’s Spirit. It is just that simple. So don’t waste your time trying to convince them that this world was made by God, and that why can’t they see that it was.

The lost must first hear “The Gospel of Christ”. It is foolish trying to convince them of doctrine, the Bible, end-time prophecy etc. Instead ask them “Have you been born of the Spirit?” If there is any hesitation or lack of understanding as to what you are talking about, precede with sharing The Gospel with them. They will either listen, or interrupt you.
If you have taken the time at the beginning to listen to them, you can now say, “I have listened to you for the last ___ minutes, now will you please listen to me. Then proceed on with love and make it brief.

Get out there and do it. All power of The Holy Spirit will be with you.
May God bless you as you “Go”.


4 Responses to “The Spirit of God, to understand the things of God”

  1. Pastor Chris Says:


    I like what you have to say. Listening builds a relational context.

    However, I think the “have you been born of the Spirit?” question may in many cases seems like it comes out of left field. What kinds of reactions do you get when you put forth that question?

    I can imagine a few puzzled looks, a few “huh?” expressions, and certianly a few “I don’t know what your talking about.

    Pastor Chris

  2. rjperalta Says:

    Pastor Chris,

    I have only used the question “have you been born of the Spirit” a couple of times. The response has definitely got there attention, and has made them think. It opens up the discussion, and hopefully leads to sharing The Gospel.

    I find that young people in particular, really like to listen when I have mentioned about things of The Spirit. They, like all of us, were created as spiritual beings. Their spirit comes alive when the conversation goes spiritual.

    Blessing to you,

  3. Loretta Says:

    I’m not quite sure about asking that question (I’ve never done that) but for all the rest of your post, amen, and I thank you for the godly and helpful guidance.

  4. rjperalta Says:


    Regarding “have you been born of the Spirit”. Many times I use different starting lines, which makes for different replies. But I always try and listen to God’s Spirit first. And as always make sure that I share The Gospel with them.
    I’m glad you were blessed,

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