… And all the while, The Kingdom of God lies in want

What if God called you home today, and you would have to give an account of what you have spent your money on?

This message has been on my heart for years now. Today, I have the guts to deliver it. Many times in the past, I have chickened out. By God’s grace here it goes.

This is for the Church, not the world. The world doesn’t know any better, but God’s people should.

There are men and women out there, called of God to sacrifice their lives for His Kingdom. All over the world there are people laboring tirelessly in their calling. Most are relatively unknown.
The one thing that is severely lacking for them is finances. Money to get the job done for God and His Kingdom. There are people out there that are sold-out and don’t care about what this world has to offer. The only thing that matters to them is the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth. They know that time is short, and they are not interested in the things of this world. Many have tried it’s ways and found it very empty.

Many because of a lack of support from believers, are forced to find some way to support themselves or in a worse case scenario, get discouraged and give up on their calling all together for ministry. No or little support, cuts into their time for ministry in the field, let alone there concentration and focus.

As I look around and see and hear of Christians so caught up in the world and it’s ways, it grieves my heart. They are spending more and more of their time and money on things of this world, instead of investing in the Kingdom of God.

I say, where is your treasure? In heaven or upon this earth?

Many today are rushing out and buying like the world. They are getting new cars and trucks, when the older ones run just fine. They are just not brand new and the latest.
Are we trying to keep up with the world? If so, do we even know it? Are you stopping to take notice?

Are you building or buying a new house, when the older one would do just fine. Maybe a little paint? Or is it because it’s not new?

Come on people of God ! Where is your heart? Your treasure?
Are you investing in God’s Kingdom? I am not just talking about tithing to your local church. It’s much more than that. It’s living for God’s Kingdom. It’s investing in His Kingdom with your money.
We will give an account of our stewardship on that day. Take inventory today! How will you fare?

Many today are living on rice and beans as they do God’s will. Struggling to pay there utilities, bills etc. They have a calling and heart to labor for God’s Kingdom. Nothing matters more.
Many are foreign missionaries, and yet some live right here in America. It is common for missionaries to have to come home each year to beg for support. It should not have to be!

Now I know there are plenty of brothers and sisters out there that are reading this and saying, “Well we don’t have any extra money left. It’s all we can do to survive”. That may well be the case. But we still need to take a close look at where we are spending our money, and on what. It’s called accountability before God.

I hope the following will be thought provoking, and if “the shoe fits, wear it”.

How about instead of going out to dinner every weekend, chose to stay home two weekends a month and take the money you would have spent and give it to the Kingdom. Maybe $60.00?
Do you go out to a movie, say twice a month? Try once a month and put the savings into supporting someone in ministry.

Instead of that new car or truck with the payments and insurance around $500.00 a month, fix up the older one and use what is left for God’s ministers.
Or how about the newspaper? Lets say the next three month’s we are going to do with out and put that money into God’s Kingdom. What would that be $60.00? Brother Jim in Africa sure could use that, and it would go a long way there.

How about renting videos on the weekend? Next weekend just rent one on Friday only, instead of Saturday and or Sunday. Put the savings in a jar. How much in a month’s time? Six month’s?
Here is a good one. What about those “Lattes”? Instead of one every day, try once or twice a week. Use coffee instead. Same thing here, how much in a month’s time? Maybe $80.00? What could that sister that is living as God provides, do with that?

Are you investing in the Kingdom or investing in yourself?

What about that house remodeling? What if you decided that “this year we are going to paint the kitchen” instead of spending $20,000 to put in a new kitchen?
The list of savings could go on and on. We could all be shocked at the end of the year to see what we have saved and put into God’s Kingdom to support those called of God.

Again, I’m not talking about supporting your local church here. This is after that, above and beyond that. You give to your church and that’s fine. I’m talking about supporting those who are laboring full-time in God’s Kingdom that have so little money, so little support, and if they had more, the Kingdom would advance big time. The unknowns in the Kingdom of God that scrape by. If they had an extra $100 a month that would enable them to take the Gospel to the next country and start more churches there.

We consume more and more upon ourselves. Why? Because we think we deserve it. We have worked hard. And now it’s time to spend money on me. What is God saying? Have you asked Him?

Oh yeah, I forgot the lawn mower. It’s old but it runs just fine. I just saw a new one advertised yesterday for only $55 a month.
What about that sister in Utah who lives by trusting God to meet her needs as she ministers at the local rescue mission five nights a week. If she had that $55 a month, she would not have to work each Saturday to help provide for her needs.

Then there comes that “Harley” you have always wanted. You say, “but I deserve it”, “I’ve worked hard all these years”. That “Harley” with insurance is going to cost you $400 a month. Wow! what could that do for the Kingdom? How about that brother that has a ministry in Afghanistan that takes care of orphans? With that much money per month, he can feed and house 50 orphans, plus it supports him while there.

Can you see what I’m getting at here? We Christians have the money to get the job done, not only here, but the world over.
If we were not so, “me and my” centered just like the world, we could all be packed up and gone home by now (Heaven). We have the resources needed, but we all are way too selfish….. And all the while, The Kingdom of God lies in want.

May God have mercy on us all.


17 Responses to “… And all the while, The Kingdom of God lies in want”

  1. Loretta Says:

    I have been thinking about this lately also. I receive this message and thank you for the admonishment and challenge. God help us ……..

  2. rjperalta Says:

    I know you get it.
    Let us all take inventory with what we have.

    Bless you, Susanna

  3. rjperalta Says:

    God bless you for receiving this message. Many probably won’t. I know it’s hard to face this, but we must if we are to be blessed of God in these coming days.

    God’s Grace to you,

  4. timbob Says:

    Greetings. This is an incredibly needful post and I linked to it last evening. Most of us are largely removed from reality, having grown up in the west and never experiencing “want.” A serious accounting of things and appropriate adjust is imperative. When we find out where the money is going, the treasures of the heart is manifest. I pray that we would take heed to this warning as a day of accounting is coming.

    have a blessed day in Christ.


  5. rjperalta Says:

    Amen, “most of us have never experienced want”. Many believe that is going to change. May God’s will be done. He alone knows what his people need.
    Yes, may we take the warning!

    Be blessed,

  6. pasturescott Says:

    I’m with you, brother. This is a marvelously needful post. Thank you for telling it like it is. For shame on all of us for treating His Kingdom with such indifference when it is EVERYTHING!

    Many blessings and prayers you will continue to beat on this drum!

  7. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks for you reply.
    Yes, “His Kingdom is everything”. May we beat on God’s drum.

    Grace to you,

  8. Julie Says:

    Hi Richard,

    I found this post through Timbob’s link. –And so glad I did! You are Susan’s Richard, right?!

    What you wrote is so true. If God’s people would tune in to God’s plan a little better, what a difference that would make.

    It’s so nice to meet you! Praying that you both find a welcoming spirit in your new neighborhood!

    Many blessings,


  9. rjperalta Says:

    Susan’s Richard yes that would be true.
    Thank you! Nice to meet you also.
    This moving thing is tough. Oh thank God for His grace!
    We do hope to get out and about in our new neighborhood just as soon as we get unpacked.
    Thanks for your prayers,

  10. lionelwoods7 Says:

    You have moved me to go ahead and cancel that 24 hour membership and give it to Heartcry my man. I appreciate you.

  11. rjperalta Says:

    Well, praise God!
    May God bless your efforts for Him.

  12. Calvin R Says:

    Hi, just stopped by. Not what I was looking for, but good site. Take care.

  13. rjperalta Says:

    Calvin R,
    Thanks for stopping. God makes no mistakes. Hope you were blessed!

  14. lulu Says:

    thanks for this piece. of recent the holy spirit has being taking me through a school on kingdom investments and its benefits, this is just a confirmation.
    we need to let God’s children know this,
    lulu efange,cameroon

  15. augmedo Says:

    any changes coming ?

  16. Richard Says:

    Changes are always happening. The question is are we moving with them?

    Thanks for stopping by,
    May you be blessed as you go out!

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