Ouch!… Having to go back, to learn something new

Isn’t it amazing how God sometimes allows us to go back or revisit in order to learn something new?
That has been my case, for the last four weeks.

Our son Dan, who works in the chimney business that we formally owned, broke his leg and Dad (me) has had to step in where I left off some two years ago. At first, I was shocked because I knew that I was the only one who would be able to fill in (I started the business 19yrs ago). Our other son who owns the business, is a silent owner and has another job that he works in.

God’s grace has been sufficient for me to be able to do this physically demanding work. However, yesterday I was totally beat after having to clean a large boiler and chimney at a local police department. I was feeling a bit discouraged at the end of the day.

This morning it was made clear to me as to why all this has happened. Up until this point, I couldn’t quite figure it out.
I have been doing full-time street ministry for the last two years and it has been wonderful. However, I have a tendency to become lackadazical and thus loose a little drive and desire after a certain time. I believe this is what has happened and it is why I have had to go back and revisit something God has called me out of. And yes, He can and will do it if he sees we need to learn something or also be more thankful. Both of which I needed.

So by God’s grace, I will re-enter the streets with new passion and desire. I will be more thankful for the awesome ministry he has called me to. I will do more follow up work with those He has led me to (this is an area that I have a tendency to procrastinate on). I will do what he has showed me, regarding gathering up young people to meet together regularly. By His grace, I will do whatever he has showed me to do.

Praise Him for His faithfulness !


3 Responses to “Ouch!… Having to go back, to learn something new”

  1. faithwalk Says:

    AMEN Richard, Yes and Amen!
    To the streets! To the Parks! Gather them in; the lost into the Kingdom and the new believers into fellowship, discipling and being a father of the faith to them. I’m right here with you…
    Bless the Lord!!!


  2. pasturescott Says:

    I will pray for His renewed passion to lead you out, brother, and for this much-needed follow-up to flourish! What a blessing you are! One day, I would pray the Lord could let me learn from you in those streets.

    God’s best to you!

  3. rjperalta Says:

    Thank you, brother.
    I need your prayers and do hope that I might be able to share what God is doing out there. It is truly awesome to behold. At times, I just have some difficulty as to how and what to share it. Pray.

    His Rich Grace be upon you,

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