Angel Action

I have always been blessed by the passage of scripture in Acts that tells the story of Phillip and the Eunuch (Acts 8:26-40).

The other day while reading it again, I was blessed with this thought about “the angel of the Lord”. Many people today have awesome testimonies of seeing angels. All I can say is that it must be truly wonderful to behold them. I personally have not had the experience, but I am looking forward to being in heaven someday and seeing them then. I am content to wait until then, if the Lord so chooses.

What intrigued me about Phillip and the angel was this.
Phillip heard the angel’s command to “arise and go”. Now this was not the Spirit talking to him, but an angel talking to him. He must have seen the angel to know that it was indeed one, right? Then not only seeing the angel, but hearing him and obeying it’s command? Now to me, that is truly awesome! And all he was given was where to go, and that was it!

Has anyone out there had a similar experience? You have not only seen them, but heard them? And did they give you a command to go somewhere? Did you know why you were going there?
If so, that’s faith in action!

Once Phillip arrived there, “then the Spirit said to him, go near and join yourself to his chariot” (vs.29). Now, it is the Spirit of God that is speaking, not the angel.

Being the action person that God created me as, I was blessed in this story with the fact that the angel giving Phillip the command said to “go”. Isn’t that what Jesus told his disciples? And why did he? Why did the angel say “go”? BECAUSE THERE WAS A SOUL WAITING TO BE CONVERTED!

The angel had an active part in all of this. Phillip was obedient to him and also the Spirit of God. And oh, what did he preach once he got there? “and he preached unto him Jesus”.

Amen Lord, so be it!


11 Responses to “Angel Action”

  1. Johnny Says:

    Praise the Lord that JESUS can be preached.

    I recently was given an opportunity to preach Jesus, but instead I preached being “born again”, and “the church”, and the importance of having “brothers and sisters”.

    I failed the opportunity.

    Thank and praise the Lord, that he is the God of Mercy, and Grace, and may He give me more opportunities.

    When we are ashamed of Him before men…
    But when we are PROUD of Him before men, then HALLELUJAH!


  2. rjperalta Says:

    Yes Brother!
    I know what you mean “I failed the opportunity”. It does happen, if we are honest.
    May we continue to be led of His Spirit and obey Him.
    Thanks for you comment.
    Be blessed in Jesus name,

  3. Will Phillips Says:

    Hey Richard,

    Glad I found your site! I’ve never personally experienced the ministry of the angelic, but my hope and prayer is to one day – as long as it leads to peoples’ lives being impacted for the Kingdom.

    I know my general tendency in regards to the supernatural (or perhaps, just the natural – and our experience on planet Earth in our lives is simple subnatural!) is to want to experience them much like I would a traveling circus: for the sake of awe and wonder rather than for the expansion of the Kingdom in my life.

    And that’s a shame.

  4. rjperalta Says:

    It’s good to hear from you! I will check out your site soon.
    Oh how I like your comment, “as long as it leads to peoples lives being impacted for the kingdom”.
    “All for the expansion of God’s Kingdom!” Amen!
    Hope to see you soon,

  5. Brother Johnny Says:

    I’m not totally sure what an angel is.

    Messenger, for sure…but what that looks like could mean different things I suppose.

    Different from Cherubs, etc.

    My mother has seen cherubs, and also has visions and “premonitions”.
    On one account, gold came from the pores of her skin…
    she was just laying in bed with my dad, and they were both amazed!

  6. rjperalta Says:

    Brother Johnny,

    For sure, angels do take on many different forms. We may or may not recognize them for the moment. We must remain in the spirit to see, hear and do the things of the spirit. For they must be spiritually discerned.

    Re: your Mom and Dad, if that is what they saw, then praise God.

    Be blessed as you go forward,

  7. Joshua Allen Says:

    Ok… I was just searching the internet and found this entry. I don’t even know if anybody will see this but, yes, I have seen an “Angel” and I was even blessed as a human to see our Lord Jesus Christ. Personal history is what provided these insights from the Host of Heaven and as so I am now in eternal dept to God. Angel’s are not special, they are just different and the people who see them are not special, they are just different and have been called to do work. The two Angels that spoke to me said more in one second then a human could say in a thousand lifetimes and I am still deciphering the message. They didn’t tell me to “go” but rather gave me a choice to do so and in that I recognized my potential as a human being. I will tell you that it is a scary thing to know what is possible of a single individual, I mean look how much Jesus did in one lifetime. His message grows even after two thousand years. I was also showed what will be granted to those who follow the truth of the light when they die. Earthly war is nothing compared to what good and evil really touches. You say a person is blessed to be brought out of ignorance by the grace of God, but when that Angel does come, a mountion follows on it’s back and is dropped on top of you, and if you chose to climb it, when you finally reach the top to enjoy the view you must figure out a way to fly away from there, otherwise you will fall right back down to the bottom and begin to roam the plains of a stagnant existance again. I am only twenty-two and scared to Hell to have this responsibility. Your minutes feel like days and your days feel like years and so on until you decide to take action. I can’t imagine exactly how I will touch the world, but I know I have to if I want happiness and I pledge my allegiance to the One who came before me. If you get this and would like to know more, I would be happy to talk about it…. Otherwise God bless and good luck with your own personal journey.
    Peace out motha truckas
    lol get it…. motha truckas, God he cracks me up sometimes!

  8. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks for sharing you “angel” testimony.
    You said, speaking of people that have seen angels, “they are just different and have been called to do work”. What work has God called you to do? In what way is God working through you? Do you know yet how “you will touch the world”?
    May God be with you as you seek Him out,

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