Are you living in the past, present or future?

Others find the answer to this question by listening to you.

The past is history and the future is yet to come, and the present is now.
Where are you living? You say, “I don’t know?” Well, out of your mouth you tell the story. If someone is going to listen to you long enough today, they will soon find out where you are living.

Now I want to extend mercy and understanding to all those who might be reading this who are physically or mentally unable to do much today. Maybe because of your age, health etc. you can’t get out. This message is certainly not intended for you.

This is for all those who for whatever reason (besides health and age) have quit trying to live out their testimony for God today, and are living on their past experiances. It is their only motivation for living today whether they realize it or not.

How about those of you that have a calling of God on you life, but you sit around and wait and all you can talk about is what God did in the past. It may be well and awesome to hear about your past testimonies, and many may be encouraged by them, but the truth is it’s history. You are still living today and God wants to do powerful things through you today.

Present day testimonies are in my estimation, more powerful because it is testifying to what God is doing today, right now in this present day.

Many times I will ask someone out on the streets after they have told me that Jesus is their Lord and Saviour, “What is God doing through you today?” Many will pause and think. Some will say, “well, really not much”. Some will go back years ago and start talking about what God did then. I will listen for a while and then remind them, “that’s great, but what about today?”.

WHAT ABOUT TODAY? How are you allowing God to work through you today? What are your current testimonies? By current, I mean within the last week?

Are you living in and for the future? Many talk about what they believe is going to happen in the future days to come. That’s great to imagine what might take place, and it is exciting to hear, but it is yet to come and may never happen or get here. It’s future.

In my estimation, future talk is somewhat empty or void. It is missing a past testimony and or a present reality. It is yet to come. We haven’t experienced it yet, unlike the past or present.

If there is any real benefit to listening to the past or present talk, my hope is that it will spur us on to fulfilling God’s will today in our lives. May we take inventory today of our life and ask ourselves, ” What can I do today for God and His Kingdom”.

May God help us to face the reality of today and not live in the past. May we have hope for the future, but not live there. God has given us this day as a gift to give back to Him.

Christ came to do the Fathers will here on earth, may we also.
May you be blessed as you go out and live today.

10 Responses to “Are you living in the past, present or future?”

  1. Peter Says:

    Well, heh, sometimes I find myself in the future, or at least talking about it, or our response thereof. Occupational hazard though 😉

  2. brotherjohnny Says:

    All we ever truly have to embrace is right here and right now.

    There is something to planting seeds in hopes of a future harvest, but to sit around, staring at the ground waiting for crops to grow is an exercise in futility.

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

    Let’s do the work today, and enjoy the fruits as they come!

  3. rjperalta Says:

    Yes brother, talking about the future too much can be a hazard, I believe.
    May you be blessed as you live in the present.
    Good to here from you.
    Continued grace be upon you and your family,

  4. rjperalta Says:

    Yes, I hope also in the future harvest. Awesome it is going to be!
    May you be blessed of God as you work today for Him.
    By His Grace only,

  5. jdodson Says:

    If we conceive of the past and future in biblical terms, however, the present will become all the more urgent. The past death and resurrection of christ demands and develops a new forgiven, accepted person. The future return of Christ is guaranteed to all who hope in Him. We are to set our minds on things above, to consider that we will be like him when we see him just as he is….which, in turn, motivates us to live out of radical love and faith in the present!

  6. brotherjohnny Says:

    Forgiven and accepted!!!

    And YES!!!
    The Work of Christ DEMANDS this!!!

    Good word, brother, good word!!

  7. rjperalta Says:

    Well said and true.
    Thank you,

  8. healtheland Says:

    Heard an excellent message one time that spoke of how Jesus Christ specifically instructed us to live in the present in the sermon on the mount. I also wonder if Christians who show an unbalanced interest in endtimes/eschatology/prophecy etc. do so because their daily lives are so painful and difficult that they are using those doctrines as escapism. On the other hand, there is the psychology/psychiatry that has seeped into today’s church that demands that people backward think and backward live; you know that old “unresolved issues from the past” thing. A lot of the more prominent female TV preachers like Juanita Bynum, Joyce Meyer, Paula White, Darlene Bishop, etc. Then again, fellows like gospel artist Kirk Franklin are always talking about their past experiences too. But I can honestly say that my life finally began to start getting on track when I started living in the present. I think that the reason is that if you live in the present, then you are relying on God for everything! (This is not to be confused with living FOR the present or otherwise irresponsibly or self – indulgently of course). I think that was what Jesus Christ meant with His “ye are worth more than many sparrows/consider the lilies of the field” portion of the Sermon on the mount.

  9. Are you living in the past, present or future? « Primitive Jesus Christology Says:

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  10. rjperalta Says:

    Sounds to me like you totally understand what the post was about. Praise God!
    May many more be blessed to the glory of God.

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