Save the children

Today a young person was saved and became a child of God.
He works for the “save the children” foundation. Little did he know that morning when he set out that he would be saved from sin and become a child of God. How fitting was that?

James and I had just finished ministering for the day and we were walking along the sidewalk downtown to my bus stop, when the Spirit of God caused me to stop and talk with him regarding repentance and how important it is in the plan of God for salvation.

We had just started to talk about this guy who appears to be in deep sin, when this young guy crosses the road and comes right next to us. James interrupts me and says to the guy, “what about you, do you have a relationship with God?”

Well, that opened up into one awesome conversation. One that lasted for about 45 minutes, as we explained to him the kingdom of God. He had believed that all were going to heaven, all had the Spirit of God etc. He listened, as the Spirit of God began to move upon his heart and draw him.

Just like with most people, Christ was the stumbling block. James said how Christ was like a sword that cuts and divides. The Spirit was moving big time. I grabbed his hand, as I knew that this was the time for him. It was intense. God was moving. God was dealing. It was powerful to behold.

Soon James asked him if he would like to confess on Christ. He prayed and received Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Praise God for his divine appointments. Praise God, for He has added another into the Kingdom of His dear Son.

For He is good and greatly to be praised!


2 Responses to “Save the children”

  1. brotherjohnny Says:


  2. rjperalta Says:

    Blessed be the name of The Lord!
    He alone is Wonderful!
    Grace and healing to you and your daughter,

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