It is one of my favorite words. But even more important than the word, it is watching a person “turn”.
Today out on the streets, I got to see first hand, a young man turn from the way he was headed and turn to God.
He was walking along and I handed him a tract and said, “Are you in Christ”. He said, “well not as close as I should be”. As we talked, the Spirit of God began to speak to him about sin and how it separates him from God. It prevents a relationship from either starting in the first place, or it stops growth if one is in Christ (which was the case with this man).
He was heading to do something that he knew that he should not do (he did not elaborate, but said that it was wrong). I have a strong hunch that it was probably drug related ( as is the case with most we deal with).
After talking with him about the seriousness of where he was headed and how God desires him to change, he said to me, “wow, I can’t believe what is happening here, I was headed off to do something that I know that I shouldn’t, but God has met me here today and now I choose to “turn” and go back.
He gripped my hand firmly and gave me a big hug, and headed back in the way he had come from. He had decided to “turn” from the way he was headed. He was headed to sin again, but the power of God met him and he yielded to it. Praise God for the power of His Holy Spirit! It can cause a man to stop in his tracks and “turn”


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