A prayer for all those that are struggling with unbelief

The Lord gave me this scripture today and I turned it into my prayer to Him. If you are also struggling with unbelief in any battle that you are facing personally, I invite you to pray this prayer with me.

We (both Susan and I) are in our biggest battle with faith in trusting Him for provision. We have seen Him provide miraculously, especially over the last two years. He wants to take us to a new and different level. It is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Your prayers are gratefully appreciated.

“I hold firmly to what I do profess. For I have a great High Priest, Jesus Christ who has gone into the very presence of God for me. He is my High Priest, and he is not one who cannot relate with my weaknesses, nor not have sympathy for me. But, on the contrary, I have a High Priest who was tempted in every way that I am. He was also tempted to have unbelief, yet he did not sin.”

“My desire then is, to have confidence and approach God’s throne where I will find grace. This is where I will receive mercy and find grace to help me in my time of need, struggling with unbelief.”
(Taken from Hebrews chapter 4, verses 14-16)

16 Responses to “A prayer for all those that are struggling with unbelief”

  1. brotherjohnny Says:

    His grace, His favor is yours!!!

    He WILL provide, as you two are so much more than the sparrows, SOOOoo much more!

    We stand together, brother!

    I will be praying for you both.

  2. beverlyshaffer Says:

    I too have been struggling with unbelief. My faith is so weak! God must be soooo frustrated with me! I’m so doubleminded! Sometimes He seems so far away…Lord, help me overcome my unbelief!

  3. rjperalta Says:

    Brother Johnny,
    Thank you for your prayers, and may God be with you and your family.

  4. rjperalta Says:

    My prayers are with you as you fight this battle of faith.
    Know this, at least you are in the battle, and that speaks for itself.
    Victory in Jesus!
    Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Scotti Says:

    Thank you for posting this prayer, it is very encouraging to me. You and Susan, through the words on your blogs, have consistenly helped me to not grow weary or lose heart. You both are amazing witnesses to me and my heart goes out to both of you during this trying time. All I can do at the moment is offer a sincere and heartfelt prayer:

    Father God, we love you and adore you and thank You for Your amazing plan of salvation and for Your precious Word. I thank You, Lord, for these two faithful ministering servants, Richard and Susan, who cherish Your Word and obviously live their lives to fulfill Your great commission. Lord, I know this fruitfulness in their lives comes from You and is pleasing to You. I pray, in the precious and holy name of Jesus, that You will encourage them and strengthen their trust and faithwalk in You and that you would pour out Your blessings upon Richard and Susan. Lord, you have promised that you will supply every one of our needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus and I pray for this promise to be fulfilled in the lives of your faithful ones, Richard and Susan, now and forevermore. Draw them closer to You, Lord, today and always. Amen.

  6. timbob Says:

    Greetings. I remember the saying “faith isn’t faith until it’s all that we’re standing on.” May we all learn to “take no thought for tomorrow” as we understand that God is in control and is able to do far in excess of what we ask. Your and Susan are quite an inspiration to me also.

    have a blessed day in Christ.


  7. rjperalta Says:

    Thank you very much for your prayers and encouraging words.
    God is so very good! He is Jehovah Jeirah!
    May you be blessed,

  8. rjperalta Says:

    Amen brother! Thank you!
    We are also so very blessed to have friends like yourself.
    Great grace to you,

  9. Oldtimer Says:

    I had an aunt in Houston Miss that at 98 had a retired preacher and his wife taking care of her. While I was visiting they told me a remarkable story about God providing. I asked the wife later to write it down and send it to me. I still have the letter. Her words follow:

    I think I can tell it like it was. It’s almost as plain now as it was then.

    We moved to Portland, Tennessee, (to the) Church of the Nazarene in 1952. The church building was just a basement and when it rained we had to dip water before having church. Two men and four or five women and children (attended) the first week or so.

    We visited every Sunday afternoon and knocked on doors. After about six months we were running 35 – 50 (members) so we decided to build (a new church).

    James was still driving to Nashville to school two days a week and working at a service station until closing time at night. We moved chairs into our living room and also the piano and pulpit, and had Church.

    One Sunday morning God was so real even while James was bringing women and children in for Church I knew something was about to happen.

    After he preached, seven of the young people knelt by their chair and gave their hearts to Jesus. Back then we had shouting and that morning I think everyone knew God and His Holy Spirit had visited. People began to give anything God lay on their hearts.

    After we had just the frame work up and it was the first of the month, we had no money to pay bills.

    This Saturday night he was so burdened he couldn=t sleep, so at midnight he went out to the corner of the hull of the church, he calls it, and fell on his knees before God and prayed.

    This is his prayer: He said, “Lord I know you sent me here and your word says you will supply all my need”, and he trusted Him to do it.

    About 5 O:clock that same Sunday morning a knock on the door and we both answered. A man friend from Nashville came in. We ate breakfast and visited a while.

    When he started to leave he gave James a check for $40. Just enough to pay Monday morning bills.

    James saw him at school one day the next week and asked him why he did it. Malcolm North said, “God woke me up and told me to do it and that’s all I knew to do.”

    I could tell you a lot of ways God has helped us.

    We visited Portland Church last summer. We had 202 attending in a nice larger church. The seven young people who prayed through that Sunday in the parsonage are still true to God and workers in the Church.

    Next time I write I’d like to tell you why I think God moved us in two years to Mississippi.

    Amyrae Lucius

    God heard James/ prayer and thought enough about it to wake up someone thirty miles away and tell him to get up and take some money to him.

    Malcolm had to leave before four AM to get there by five, but he heard the message clear enough that he obeyed immediately and without question. That is all God wants any of us to do.

    Grace and Peace


  10. rjperalta Says:

    Thank you so much Brother.

    Awesome testimony. Both Susan and I could write volumes about how God has supplied our needs, especially over the last two years as we have lived on totally what he has provided.

    He is an awesome God and He is Jehovah-jireh!
    Praise Him!
    Thank you, and may you be provided for this day.

  11. faithwalk Says:

    To all of you, thank you for your kind words, prayers and encouragement! It means more than you may know.
    Every blessing and grace to you in Jesus Christ; His love and peace abounding.


  12. Elzanne Says:

    Praise the Lord Jesus!! God is faithful and will never leave us nor forsake us.Thank You LORD for your prescious BLOOD. Amen

  13. Elize Says:

    How wonderful to be a child of the Most High. He ALWAYS provide to each and every need we might have. Ps 65 Our god, You deserve praise… Everyone will come to you, because you answer prayer. Our terrible sins get us down, but you forgive us. you bless your chosen ones, and you invite them to live near to your temple. We wil enjoy your house, the sacred temple. …..You give hope to people everywhere on earth, even those across the sea. You are strong, and your mighty power put the mountains in place…..all who live under the sun celebrate and sing because of you. You take care of the earth and send rain to help the soil grow all kinds of crops…..wherever your footsteps touch the earth, a rich harvest is gathered……..

  14. Elize Says:

    Is 30 The holy Lord God of Israel had told all of (us), I will keep you safe, IF YOU TURN BACK TO ME and calm down. I will make you strong if you quietly trust Me.
    :18 The Lord God is waiting to show how kind he is and to have pity on (us). The Lord always does right; He blesses those who TRUST Him……(we) don’t need to cry anymore. The Lord is kind, and as soon as He hears (our) cries for help, he will come.
    :23 The Lord will send rain to water the seeds (we) have planted – (our) fields will produce more crops than (we) need, ……..streams of water will flow fromhigh hills and towering mountains……… The moon will shine as bright as the sun, and the sun will shine seven times brighter than usual. It will be like the light of seven days all at once.

    (If you spend time in the Word of God, you will go from GLORY to GLORY. Renew your mind with the Word. To walk with the Holy Spirit is AWSOME!!
    God is faithful to His Word. If you have FAITH, GRACE is with you.. The WORD IS ALIVE, ACTIVATE THE WORD IN YOUR LIFE.

  15. rjperalta Says:

    Thank you!
    Grace to you,

  16. rjperalta Says:

    Thank you! Praise Him!
    Be blessed,

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