The power of three

God, my brother James and myself were present today to ward off Satan.
I have learned through experience, that it is powerful and helpful to be ministering with another person. I know that it is not always possible, but when possible, it seems to have more of an effect upon the enemy.

Two weeks ago we came across a man that was filled (to say the least) with demonic spirits. Working in a big city, you see demonic manifestations almost daily. You get used to people showing up that are possessed. Usually it is not a real big deal. They will usually challenge you on something regarding God or Christ, yell a little and then be on their way.

But this day he showed up big time. He had a huge mocking spirit. He quoted everything we said. He sang and repeated the words as if he was a believer. He had a very deceiving way about him. Honestly, he had me going for about a minute when he first showed up. He quoted scripture, knew the bible inside and out.

As time went on he became more demonic. His laugh alone would have had most people running.

At one point, I tried to step in when he was going at it with James. He turned and looked at me and did this sign thing and said, “this is between me and him” and basically said “you stay out”. Well, the nice and polite guy that I try to be kicked in and so I did. I stood off to the side and prayed out loud and pleaded the blood of Jesus. I also waived my “Lyon of the tribe of Judah” flag in the Spirit.

Sad to say that after this encounter, my brother suffered an attack that lasted for five days. Discouragement hit him big time. I lost all contact with him during this time. Finally God woke him up on the sixth day at 3:00am with victory. He sang and prayed and received The Victory. Praise God! I was worried.

When we finally met together, we prayed and talked about the whole experience. What we learned was that, never again by God’s grace will we let a person like this continue on in his demonic ways.

What I learned was that never again will I stand by and listen and obey the enemy. When he said to my brother, “this is between me and him”. That is when I should have not listened to him and by the power of God, stepped in and helped my brother.

Well, praise God we learned and got to practice what we learned today.

This lady came up to me while I was preaching and got in my face and said that she was against Christians. What was the shocker? She said that she was the Antichrist. She went on and on. Finally both James and I came at her in the name of Christ. We were pleading the blood of Christ. Lifting up Jesus Christ. She starting to back up and we slowly moved towards her. Finally she turned away and started to walk from us. All the time she was yelling at us. We could hear her as she disappeared into the park.

Praise God! “Wherever two or three are gathered, there I am”
The enemy fled at the sound of Jesus Christ and His blood is powerful.


7 Responses to “The power of three”

  1. billphillips Says:


    Good story. I have to ask what you mean when you said you waved the “Lyon of the tribe of Judah” flag?


  2. rjperalta Says:

    Somehow I knew someone would ask about that. It is a long story (of which I am not gifted in) but, sometime back the Lord had me studying about “the Lyon of the tribe of Judah”. Along with that, I was out on a prayer walk and the Lord had me doing some spiritual warfare in the park where I was. All of a sudden I visualized a flag with “the Lyon” on it and I was waving it back and forth. It was powerful in the Spirit. Since that time, it has worked in the Spirit to scatter the enemy. I am looking forward to the day when I can get a literal flag to waive. Until then, I am content to do it in the Spirit.

    Thanks for stopping,
    May God’s Grace be upon you,

  3. brotherjohnny Says:

    Great post, brother.

    It does make me wonder a bit…
    When the Lord clued the disciples in on the fact that they would be persecuted for His names sake…
    I wonder how much we are to ‘rebuke’ versus how much we are to ‘allow’.

    I suppose it is a matter of being led of the Spirit.

    Please let James know that (and his experience of ‘resurrection’ after a few days testifies) that he is BLESSED!!!

    Richard, I am so encouraged by your testimony, your boldness to preach the gospel.
    Thank you, brother.

  4. rjperalta Says:

    Brother Johnny,
    Well, we both knew in these cases we were to “rebuke”. And yes, it is “a matter of being led of the Spirit”. May God continue to help us.
    Thanks, I will let James know.
    Thanks for your encouragement.
    Father, bless our brother and his family this day, In Jesus name

  5. Oldtimer Says:

    There are no conincidences in God!

    Just today we had a training class in our church in which our pastor brought in a member that wanted to talk to us about spiritual warfare, something he wanted to share with us. He suggested that we are always at war with the enemy Satan on this earth who was always trying to do things to disrupt our work here. He suggested that in reality Satan has no power over us (he has already been defeated) and we should rebuke him whenever he tries and then move on with our task at hand.

    I was able to share with the others your experiences from this post. We all need to understand that the war has already been won but that Satan is still in the dark and so tries to get in the way but all he can really achieve is a momentary delay unless we let him deceive us. Rebuke and move on.


  6. timbob Says:

    Greetngs. Praise God for victory and for continuing to mold us daily into his image. I keep you and James in prayer as the darkness in the land is growing darker by the day. Yet the darker things become, the more the light of Jesus will shine.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.


  7. rjperalta Says:

    Thank you Timbob.
    Yes, The Light does shine brighter when it’s dark. I’ve seen the evidence.
    Be encouraged in Him,
    Thanks again

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