To God be the glory, for great things He is doing!(Part#4)

All of this four part testimony took place in one day. It just goes to show you what God wants to do through all those who avail themselves and want to be used of God for His glory and His Kingdom.

After Dan stood up, we all hugged on him and such joy was in our hearts. Now here was a man who just a short time before, was totally intoxicated from drinking wine. Now he was sober and in his right mind. Praise God!

I have tried to do my best with God’s help to describe what took place, but words do have a limit.

He then asked if he could sing another song, we all said “by all means, let her go”. It was awesome to hear him sing every verse with passion and clarity. By the time he finished, we all knew something was about to break loose.

He yelled out, “DO YOU MIND IF I PREACH?” We smiled and said, “GO FOR IT”. First he started out with his testimony about how God had just delivered him from alcohol. Then he went into The Gospel. It was right on, every word. He shared also about seeking God while He can be found. He told the crowd how that God had said to him, “will you just seek me, I am here if you will seek me” It was awesome!

About that time a lady starts shouting and she walks over and tries to stop the flow of what God is doing. (this is almost standard procedure, the devil does not want things like this to take place so he fights hard.) This other brother goes over to her and finally gets her to go somewhere else.

Out of nowhere, walks up this lady and she says, “can I buy you guys some coffee?” She had been watching all that took place. She takes out her tablet and takes our order. Off she went, and returns with four large coffee’s. What a blessing she had been to all of us. She smiled and hugged us all, and off she went. God bless her richly!

Dan(the brother that just received Christ) continues to preach several times. Many were listening as they waited for the train. About that time another brother walks up and recognizes Dan. He said that he was with the local rescue mission. We then proceeded to tell him all that happened. His eyes began to water. He was very thankful. He said to Dan, “Are we now going to see you in church on Sunday?” Dan said, “You Bet”. Thank you God!

It was time for me to leave and catch the last bus out for the night. All six of us gathered in a circle and lifted up prayer and thanksgiving to God for what He had done that evening.
As another brother was finishing prayer, I heard the sound of Satan again. I looked over across the way, and sure enough his messengers had come to try one last time.

There stood three of them all dressed in black with their long coats, yelling out loud about Satan and saying all their usual junk. They had known what just took place, and they were there to stop it. TOO LATE. THE WORK OF CHRIST HAD ALREADY BEEN DONE. PRAISE HIM!

I pleaded THE BLOOD OF JESUS and we finished prayer and went on our way.

I trust this testimony was a blessing to you. This is just a drop in the bucket of all that God wants to do in these days. If you are not yet a part of what He is doing in the earth today, you need to be. Pray and ask Him, he will show you. He is about people. People are the apex of His creation. He loved them all so much that He gave His Son to redeem them back to himself.
May you be blessed also as you go out and do your part for Him and His Kingdom.


6 Responses to “To God be the glory, for great things He is doing!(Part#4)”

  1. timbob Says:

    Wow! AMEN and AMEN! You may have broke it into four posts, but I read it as one at midnight. This was so needed and quite an encouragement for things down the road. As you mentioned earlier, we’ll see awesome things when we simply avail ourselves to God. Thanks for the incredible report. Our God is real; a very present help in trouble. He’s not on vacation and he never dozes off. I’m keeping you, James, Dan, and the others in prayer.

    Have a most blessed day in Jesus.


  2. rjperalta Says:

    It is truly awesome to praise God with you!
    I will be also praying for you as you go out this week for Him also.
    Be blessed as you go!

  3. Scotti Says:

    I am just speechless and in awe of what our living Lord Jesus has done, can do and is doing!!! Praise His Holy Name!

    I also was struck by Dan immediately wanting to preach the good news! This should be everyone’s reaction! Just like the ‘woman at the well’ who immediately went to her town to tell all the Lord had done for her! The only qualification needed is the touch of the Holy Spirit! We are all called to be ‘in ministry’ and preach the gospel.

    Thank you, Thank you for your faithfulness and witness.
    May the Lord recompense and richly reward you, brother.

  4. rjperalta Says:

    Just a speck of what He is doing. He is moving out there. Praise Him!
    I believe we are going to see many more get instantanly healed, saved and start right on the spot preaching The Good News.

    Thank you for your faithfulness and witness also.
    May you be blessed and provided for, sister

  5. faithwalk Says:

    I wish everyone who reads this could have heard you tell the story in person. What a blessing, and how faithful is the Lord! He even sent a brother from the rescue mission to be sure this new believer had a place for fellowship and accountability.
    What an AWESOME GOD we serve!!!

    Blessings to you all in Christ our Lord!


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