“How ya doin?” doesn’t cut it anymore.

Did it ever really?
A couple of mornings ago, I set out on my usual walk and the Lord led me to two different people along the way. I had an awesome time sharing with both of them. However, the third person that I came across, I said to him, “How ya doin?” He replied and said, “Fine, how ya doin”, and that was it. There again was the standard American greeting.
As I continued walking along, the Lord spoke to me and said, “How ya doin doesn’t cut it anymore”. I chuckled for a bit. He said, “no, seriously”. It is way past time that we get out of our comfort zones, our little boxes if you will, and share Jesus with them.

It’s not that we can’t and don’t use this standard introduction or greeting when we meet people in passing, but I believe this was a wake up call to realize what is taking place when this can become a general habit form of communication. Do we rush through life, never really taking the time to notice people and speak to them outside of the standard greeting?

I am realizing more and more, how God is wanting us to move out of our standard routines. Does the Holy Spirit always work in the routine? In the standard?

I spent years in my younger days rushing through life with my peddle on the metal all the time. I would say all the time, “How ya doing”. They would reply back, “Fine” or a lot of the time the reply would be a straight, “How ya doing”, and that would be it (period). It’s time we take inventory of our routines we have with people. Are we stuck in the usual?

We who are believers need to step out and take a few extra moments and say something like, “Hey you got a moment, do you know Christ?” or “Pardon me, but is Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour?”. Or, “What have you done with Jesus in your lifetime?”. The very least that could happen to you would be that they would just ignore you, or say some unkind words. Can we stick up for Him now? What will happen if and when the gun comes?

Come on now! It’s time to tell somebody! Step out of your comfort zone and experience a blessing from God. At least once a day tell somebody. You will find that huge doors can open up by you taking the first step. Who knows, before long you just might be telling everybody you meet. How awesome would that be?

Just do it! You will be blessed. You have everything you need, just use what He has given you.


10 Responses to ““How ya doin?” doesn’t cut it anymore.”

  1. EvangelismCoach Says:

    I too agree that “how ya doing” doesn’t cut it anymore.

    With people that I know, if i since the insincerty of the answer, I’ll pursue it a little more. I often follow up with “How’s the family?” That will often get into some areas of pastoral concern and lead to praying with them.

    With strangers, I’m not for answering “How ya doing?” with “Do you know Jesus?” There’s such an extreme disconnect between the ritualistic greeting and the shock of such a redirect.

    I might use answer phrases such as “I’m blessed” or “by God’s grace, I’m doing well.” I find that opens further doors to dicussions on faith.

    I’m all for urgency in doing evangelism. But I think something more tactful fits me better.

    Pastor Chris

  2. rjperalta Says:

    Good comment.
    Amen! I was just trying to get across the point of reaching out and getting used to speaking out about Jesus. Not being ashamed of Him. And please use whatever the Lord lays on your heart to use, by all means.
    Grace to you,

  3. timbob Says:

    Greetings. You are so right about this. In fact I’ver been thinking somewhat along these lines. So often, we’ll be running along and say “how ya doing?” Well, if they’re lost and undone, there doing terrible and playing a very dangerous game. I needed to read this because this has been on my heart also.

    Thanks for relaying that which the Lord has placed on your heart.

    have a blessed weekend in Jesus.


  4. brotherjohnny Says:

    This same thing crosses my mind all the time…this mode of simply speaking a pre-programmed greeting or response during a conversation.

    It’s like trying to get by in a mechanical auto-pilot mode.
    Even us believers do the same thing with phrases like ‘praise the Lord’ or ‘God bless’ and countless others.

    I have been trying to teach my children what it means to be truly thankful, rather than simply teaching them that saying ‘thank you’ is the right thing to say.

    And you are right, “How ya doin” has become a standard greeting rather than a genuine concern.

    ‘No really. How ARE you doing?”
    Like the phrase “What’s up?”.

    Years ago that was a common way of asking, ‘What is ailing you?”, it was a gesture of concern for the well being of others, however today it something of a programmed ‘command’, just the thing to say as a greeting.

    Your post, to me, is a reminder for us to be truly present, to not just be preoccupied with the cares of life to the point of reverting back to mechanical statements and responses, but instead to live fully present in the Life of our Lord Jesus, and to embrace every moment and each person as an opportunity to communicate the Love of God in Christ, rather it be in the preaching of the gospel, or the living it out.

    May we never be satisfied with the meaningless, stale and wore out traditions of the world!!

    Thank you brother.
    You and Susan are in my prayers!!

  5. rjperalta Says:

    Glad you also have been blessed with these thoughts.
    It is so true, “if they are lost and undone, their doing terrible and playing a very dangerous game” They just need to know it.
    Thanks bro.
    You also have a blessed weekend in Jesus!

  6. rjperalta Says:

    Brother Johnny,
    Right on! That’s good!
    Thanks for your prayers

  7. NDDude Says:


    I stumbled across your blog after Googling “How ya doing?”, and found this.

    First off, nice banner pic, where is it? Cause if you took it, great job man, it looks great!

    Secondly, I have to partially disagree with you sir. See I am an agnostic, and sometimes it feels like people have their religion everywhere. Not to turn this into a big online dispute, but sometimes I don’t feel like being questioned about my faith.

    Now I am only 15 (probably think I’m not old enough to make such decisions :)), but I was born into a Catholic family and chose this belief not to be “cool” or “trendy” but because I truly believe we do not know our creator, among many other reasons. Just as I would not come up to someone and tell them that, I would respect if someone would do the same to me.

    But no hard feelings, and good luck in everything man.

  8. rjperalta Says:

    The picture was taken when we were in Bangkok, Thailand.
    We love to tell people about salvation found through Jesus. It God’s love in us that wants to share it with others.
    May you soon find Christ, the gift sent from the creator God. He is the only way you can be made right before God.
    God bless you bro.

  9. terrileewilliamson Says:

    Years back when asked,” How are you?” in church I started replying. “I’m blessed!” Then three separate times in Walmart when asked by the checker, How ya doing? I replied, “I’m fine, how are you?” I heard in my spirit, “what happened to I am blessed?” to which I replied, “but Lord this is Walmart!” He got thru to me tho. Ever since then I have replied, “I am blessed!” to “how ya doing?/how are you?” It is a great conversation/witness starter!…
    Thanks for the Good Word!

  10. Richard Says:

    Yes, I like the “I’m blessed” also. I have never used it regularly, but maybe I should.

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