“Thank you Jesus!”

Today was my turn to face the reality of working a secular job again. It seems that a swing shift job will be in order for now. I will still be able to get out on the streets during the day. This is something that was a top priority, and I believe God will honor that.

I have watched Susan make the transition over the last week, and today it hit me. It was close to lunch time and I started to think about working again, and I felt like I was going back in time when I was a lot younger. I had a sort of down feeling come over me as we broke for lunch. (today was 9 to 5 orientation)

I picked up some things to snack on and went out and stood by the front doors of the store. It was pouring down rain and it was cold as I stood underneath the overhang. ALL OF A SUDDEN, I HEAR SOMEONE SHOUT “THANK YOU JESUS!”. I turned and looked to my left and saw a lady with all smiles. I said out loud, “AMEN SISTER, THANK YOU JESUS!” To me she was a complete stranger.

There it all dawned on me as to what really mattered, JESUS! Such thankfulness began to flood my being. I was changed. God had sent at just the right time, a sister (I would like to believe she was an angel) to deliver the words of His Son. I was so blessed and encouraged. I love how there is NO happen chances with God. He is completely in control.

Two minutes later my cell phone rang, and it was my brother James (the brother that I minister with) and what an encouragement he was. We shared about the goodness of God. What timing He has! To send it at just the exact time.

I checked the time on my cell phone and I had 10 minutes left on lunch. The thought came to me, I could do some prayer walking around the inside of the store. So off I went. Now I will certainly guarantee you that if God would have not sent that angel to encourage me with His Son, there would have been no prayer walking that day, that I know for sure.
Praise God! Thank you Jesus!


12 Responses to ““Thank you Jesus!””

  1. micey Says:

    i really enjoy your blog! it is so good to hear people praise God!

  2. macjr Says:

    The Lord is forever faithful, even when we are not at our best. It is so very good to know that our hope genuinely rests upon He who never has a bad day, is never late nor ever lacking. Now, that is great news! šŸ™‚

    I am so glad that it is His triumphant life that we are to walk out and not our own.

    Be Blessed in the Rest of the Lord Jesus Christ!

  3. Oldtimer Says:

    I took your advice and just opened up a conversation with a fellow that was doing an inspection on a house we were looking at, hoping to talk about Jesus with him. It turned out his mother had died just 2 days ago and this was the last appointment he was planning to keep before her funeral. I asked him if he was religious and and then told him about the angel that spoke to me about a timeless Heaven. I hoped it would encourage him.

    He looked me very strangely, but then opened up that he had seen two angels himself, once when he first met his wife (told him they were chosen to be married) and another time when she had come back from surgery and told her she was healed (and she was). Praise the Lord! We both reassured each other and we both grew stronger in the faith.

    Then he proceeded to bless the house and all its future owners and all its future occupants. He and I and the sales agent who had come up had a little prayer meeting on the front steps with the neighborhood watching us through their doors. I was more blessed than he. A sign I think.

    Grace and Peace


  4. macjr Says:

    Totally off topic, but Richard, I just wanted to drop in and say, May you and yours have a glorious Thanksgiving in the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Every Blessing in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  5. timbob Says:

    Greetings. The Lords timing is always perfect in a way that only he could have worked it out. Have a blessed thanksgiving in Jesus.


  6. rjperalta Says:

    Thank you! And we will praise God, for He is good!
    His blessing be upon you!

  7. rjperalta Says:

    Yes, The Lord is faithful!
    Thanks for stopping by,
    God’s grace to you.

  8. rjperalta Says:

    Awesome testimony!
    I am always amazed when we put one foot forward, say a few words for Him, and BOOM! He opens the door and we behold the presence of God.
    Bless you brother.

  9. rjperalta Says:

    Thank you! And may you and yours also be blessed!

  10. rjperalta Says:

    Yes, His timing blows this boy away all the time!
    May you and your family be blessed this day also!
    Thank you.

  11. brotherjohnny Says:


    Amen, brother, amen.

  12. rjperalta Says:

    Brother Johnny,
    Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life!
    Hope all is well with you and your family.

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