Usually no problem mentioning God, but try Jesus and see what happens

I have found that it is usually easy to talk to people about God. After all we live in America, and everyone knows about God, right?

You will get a smile, a comment, a nodding of the head etc. But try and talk about Jesus Christ the next time you are out in the public. Christ separates the men from the boys, so to speak.

I have also found that the devil doesn’t necessarily mind, if all you talk about is God. Remember. he believes and trembles also. The demons rise up when you preach Christ in the open air, guaranteed. All the religious devils come out also.

What I am seeing more and more, is that it is past time for us as believers to lift up Christ. We should be talking to all we meet about our Saviour and Lord, shouldn’t we? Are you ashamed of Him? When was the last time you told somebody about Christ?

What is wrong with walking up to a perfect stranger and saying, “excuse me, but is Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour?” Is that love for your neighbor? Telling them about Christ? (I can here some say, “oh we must be tactful first”)

This is just an example saying something like, “excuse me, but is Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour?”. Use whatever God lays on your heart for the time. But you must mention Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father God, except through him. period!


27 Responses to “Usually no problem mentioning God, but try Jesus and see what happens”

  1. godalone Says:

    This hits home. I’ve found that saying “God” rather than “Jesus” makes it more palatable to non-Christians, but I now realize it is but a cop out. Thanks for the reminder to mention Christ!

    Blessings –

  2. Julie Says:

    Hi Richard!

    This is so true. I remember a time years ago when I came to the realization that I hardly ever mentioned Jesus’ name. It hit me like a ton of bricks, and I even felt the urge to audibly say His name right then — just between Him and me. Purposefully saying the name of Jesus lifted a burden I never realized I had been carrying. What a relief it felt like to just simply say His name. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

    Great post 🙂 Have a blessed week in the Lord JESUS Christ!!


  3. timbob Says:

    Greetings. It’s amazing thaty when mentioning the name of Jesus, the name above all names, one can physically “feel” the resistance from others; even before they respond verbally. Nobody has a problem with mentioning God, but mention the only name under heaven, given among men whereby we “musty” be saved, and the enemy gets upset.

    May we all ovecome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony daily.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.

    timbob (Whoa! Someday I’m going to mistype my name and not catch it and be really embarrassed)

  4. macjr Says:

    Great Post and so Amen to all you have written!

    Every Blessing in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  5. rjperalta Says:

    Yes, this is true. A lot of the times, I will say, “Do you have a relationship with God?” After they reply, I will say, “Is it through Christ?”.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  6. rjperalta Says:

    Yes, there is power in the name “Jesus”. I have found it’s really powerful when you mention it out loud in the public arena.
    Be blessed, thanks.

  7. rjperalta Says:

    So true, the enemy rises up at the name of “Jesus”.
    On so sweet is The Name!
    Good day, brother.

  8. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks. I trust you are standing strong in the battle.
    By His grace and strength only, may you be blessed.

  9. brotherjohnny Says:

    ‘Jesus Only’ is not a very well received statement!
    I thank God for your faithfulness to the Name which is ABOVE ALL other names!!!

  10. Les Says:

    Blessings to you brother! Proclaim the Name!

  11. inspiredword Says:

    Good one, so true. We need to present the person of Jesus.

  12. rjperalta Says:

    Brother Johnny,
    Amen! “Jesus only” way to The Father.
    Yes, He is above all. Great is His name!
    God bless you brother.

  13. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks. May you also “proclaim the Name”.
    Thanks for stopping by. May you also be blessed, in Jesus name.

  14. rjperalta Says:

    Yes we do! He was a real person, sent from God. At the same time He is God manifested. Try and figure that one out.
    Oh praise Him!
    thanks for stopping by, be blessed in His name.

  15. Oldtimer Says:

    You hit it on the head. I’ve noticed something else. Often when someone ends a prayer in public, he or she will be thanking God in the name of His Son. Seldom do they add “Jesus”, or use Jesus in place of the word Son.

    It is understood who the Son is of course, but it is obvious that “Jesus” is far too often not mentioned by name in these public settings. That needs to change. No one should be uncomfortable using Jesus’ name in public.

    Grace and Peace,


  16. Oldtimer Says:


    What an embarrasing typo in my previous comment. Can you correct it for me?

  17. rjperalta Says:

    That is so true. We must mention the name above all names. God The Father is well pleased when we do, this I know.

  18. cbgrace Says:

    No kidding… Jesus was controversial in His time and He still is. Even in the book of Acts the religious leaders of the day told apostles not to minister “in that name”.

  19. rjperalta Says:

    Yes, very true!
    I like the fact that if today you mention Him, the results will be just like yesteryear.
    Thanks for stopping by, and may God bless you.

  20. Loretta Says:

    I’ve had conversations where I’m talking to them using the word ‘God’ and they are fine with that, all smiles, and then in the course of talking, i begin to talk about Jesus and you can just feel the tension in some people. ‘God’ is general. Jesus is specific. Some people don’t want to hear or talk about Him. Religious people are fine with ‘God’ but Jesus makes them uncomfortable.

  21. rjperalta Says:

    So true. “God is general. Jesus is specific.”
    Be blessed.

  22. Andrew Chapman Says:

    About going up to strangers and diving straight in to talk about salvation through Jesus Christ: don’t know, don’t think so. I have done it and was led this way for a short season, but I don’t do it now. Pray for opportunities. The scripture says to make use of every opportunity and always be ready to give an answer for the hope we have within us. So now I try to stimulate a question by offering a little bait – it’s like fishing after all. I have a friend who is constantly going up to strangers and trying to persuade them to become Christians. I have known him for years and do not know of a single soul he has won in this way. People usually find it annoying and I think it puts them off to be honest. If that’s what Christians have to do then they would rather not thank you. We need sustained corporate prayer and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and miracles, signs and wonders to win a lost generation for Christ.

  23. rjperalta Says:

    Remember that the “gist” of this post is that we tell others about Christ, not just about God.

    As far as going up to perfect strangers and mentioning Christ. Try it. You might be surprised as to the results. If the Spirit of God is in you and you are listening to His Spirit, it’s OK.

    I agree, many times we offer the “bait” so to speak at first. The old saying, “start in the natural and then swing to the spiritual” works good.

    Your one example of your friend who hasn’t won a soul to Christ should not be a “blanket” example. Maybe he has done much good by getting “the seed” out there. God will give the increase. We just need to “do” what God is wanting us to “do”.

    I find that most people aren’t annoyed, if it is done in the Spirit and love.
    I agree, it must first be backed with prayer. Not only corporate prayer, but in our own prayer closet.

    And yes, “miracles, signs and wonders” are coming just as soon as the church (all of us) gets the world and sin out of our lives, then it will break forth.

    Thanks for stopping by, and much of God’s grace to you.

  24. Andrew Chapman Says:

    Hi Richard, I thought you wouldn’t mind me taking you up on something other than the central message of your post, since your main point had received many comments and I had nothing to add to them. (I agree).

    As I said, I did do this for a season, and it was a blessing. It’s different in England than it is in the States for sure, but my main concern is to look for the biblical teaching on this. The world was won for the gospel through apostolic men sent out in the power of the Spirit by the church after much prayer. You are an evangelist so you evangelise. It may be OK then and especially when you are in a team of two or more – which has been sent out – that seems to make a huge difference as well.


  25. rjperalta Says:

    I have been to the UK on several occasions. Yes, it is different. However, I still find it good ground for The Gospel. I have had some awesome one on one there. If we keep The Gospel simple, it’s powerful.

    All are called to evangelise, some are called to be an evangelist. Yes, it is powerful in “two’s”.

    May God bless you as you sow the seed in England.

  26. Andrew Chapman Says:

    Thank you. The way the Lord has led me is to make friends with individuals from broken and (as they say accurately enough) dysfunctional families, and meet the whole extended family, which in the North East where I live may easily be a hundred or so people and take them to church and pray with them and give them worship music (which they like) and so on. Desperate people are more open to the gospel in England than those educated and wealthy. The Lord is touching people in prisons also very powerfully. Bless you too.

  27. rjperalta Says:

    Sounds awesome!
    So true, “Desperate people are more open to the gospel”. That’s usually the case now and also in the time of Christ.
    Keep up the good work of Christ.

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