“There he is”

This is what I heard being yelled out, as I stepped off the train.

James and I were headed to the local mall to see if some guys were going to show up for a bible study. We left downtown on the local light rail and proceeded to the shopping mall about a mile away. We were doing the usual talking out loud about Christ, and praying that someone would be listening. Nine times out of ten, we see first hand evidence of God moving through his Spirit when this takes place.

The train stops at the mall stop and we step off onto the platform. All of a sudden James yells, “there he is”. I looked straight ahead off to my right, and my eyes made quick contact with a man. He looked straight at me also. Right then I knew that God was up to something. I made my way over to the man and said, “excuse me, but are you seeking after God?” He smiled and said, “well, I have been trying to find him”. I said, “good, we are off to the mall, would you like to go with us?” He said, “well, I think so”. So off we went the three of us.

Now, what I found out later about this whole encounter was that James was yelling to another guy that he had noticed as he stepped off the train. I was oblivious to that at the time, all I noticed was this eye contact with this guy we had met.

I want you to see how God set this whole thing up, and how God is working today. He chooses to work through people like you and me, if we desire to be used. He is drawing people, speaking to them. He is giving them another opportunity to come to him. He is working through people. The hour is late.

Now, I could of easily been so focused upon our meeting at the mall, that I could have missed this guy (come to find out, the two guys that we had hoped to show up, never did). I could have been looking else where, or had my mind on the meeting etc. But no, praise God he was moving and I was in the Spirit enough to be able to be apart of what He was doing. Praise Him!

We walked along with him, talking about his life and trying to help him see how God was after him and that this was just another opportunity for him to come to Christ before it was too late.

We got to the mall, found the chairs, and spent the next hour listening to him and talking to him about his eternal soul. Long story short, he had been running from God all his life and he was in his seventy’s. Not only had he been running from God, but from others also. He had told us of how people where out to get him. Because of the many circumstances in his life, he had always been looking over his shoulders.

God knew just what would get this mans attention as he stepped off the train. How about, “THERE HE IS” When he heard this, he stopped dead in his tracks. God knew what would get his attention.

Now the day did not end up like we had hoped it would. He did not turn his life over to God, yet. However, both James and I believe he is very close and soon will. He told us how another girl had invited him to a local bible study the following day. Please remember him in prayer.

Once again it was so awesome to watch God work. This is how our young people of today want to see God move. They are not interested in playing church. Going through the same routine. I have had numerous occasions with them and have shared with them how God wants to use them. When they are in relationship with God through his Spirit, they also will be out there doing some of the most awesome things this world has ever seen. I can hardly wait to see them doing what God has created them to do. His power working through them will be so magnificent, we will be barely able to stand it. Guaranteed. Sad to say, some in the church will miss it all together.


6 Responses to ““There he is””

  1. timbob Says:

    Greetings. Indeed, this testimony highlights the need for us to be always atuned and to the Holy Ghost and not be consumed by our agenda. Thanks for sharing this. I just linked to your previous post.

    The hour is so late. May we all lay aside our itineraries and say to the Lord “Here am I; send me.” I have such a burden for this but I seem so confined by my family situation. Yet when we’re in Christ, we’re never confined as he can move mountains with just a word whenever he sees fit. Things are moving and I know that what he’s placed on my heart, he’s bringing to pass. My problem is that I like to look at the map and see it before it happens. Thanks for another most needful post.

    have a blessed day in Jesus.


  2. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks Timbob,
    I have found out that it might only be an hour here and there that we can completely devote to His service, but He does honor what we can give Him. He understands our situation better than we ourselves do. Praise Him! “He that is faithful in little”
    Bless you brother.

  3. nouveaucode Says:

    it was a great story. it’s so life. things like this occur in the moment. it’s never how we expect them to unfold. God is funny like that.

  4. rjperalta Says:

    Yes, it’s life in the Spirit, and we need to be in the Spirit and ready.
    True, “it’s never how we expect them to unfold”.
    Thanks for stopping by, and may you be blessed as you go.

  5. wordforit Says:

    Always such good and encouraging stories, Brother!! As you say, every little bit counts and we may never know that we’ve touched someone—I’ve had people that I wouldn’t have even expected to remember me come back and say “this or that” (hope you know that’s a good “this or that” ;-). Remember the sailors who threw Jonah overboard? They became believers but, as I understand it, Jonah was busy with other matters by then.
    Please allow me to shout out to timbob, YOU HAVE BEEN HELPING ME EVER SINCE I STARTED BLOGGING IN SEPTEMBER!! You have made a difference in my life and how I appraoch this opportuntiy. You have led me to sites where I could learn and grow…just like this one, where Richard keeps us all lifted up in witnessing to others.

    Sorry, Richard, I feel confined as timbob does, for different reasons, perhaps, but you both have a marvelous work going in the blogosphere.

    There was no reason except God’s divne intervention for me to find you.

    I am the shut-in you are reaching, not b/c of disability but a hindrance I need to be rid of, God willing.

    Thank You for always encouraging, Richard, and I Love You!

  6. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks. I’m glad you have been blessed.
    Yes, it is awesome to watch how God connects people together. He is truly about people.
    May He bless you in your desire to get out,

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