Obedience is huge

It was required first in the garden as Adam and Eve were told to not eat of the tree of knowledge. All through the Bible we see how God required obedience. We also see the consequences of disobedience.
It is the same with us today. It is just as important now as it was then. God requires obedience.

Through His Spirit he speaks to us and lets us know what is required. What He is requiring is for our good, whatever it may be. Though we may or may not at the time completely understand what He is requiring, if we will just trust Him and obey, then it will be made clear in time.

Disobedience will stop the flow of anointing on your life. It will stop the blessings of God. The bottom line is, if we choose not to obey what God is continually telling or showing us, it is sin.

What he might be telling you may be personal. If so, it is between you and God. What He is requiring of you is not for the person next to you, your neighbor or your spouse. It is for you only.

Some examples may be as follows:( these are just examples to get my point across)
He may be requiring that you start waking up every morning at 5:30am and spend a hour with Him.
He may want you to visit every Wednesday evening at the rest home.
It may be something that seems so little such as, stop eating a certain food. Maybe stop drinking a certain drink.
Whatever it may be, He is faithful to speak to our conscience and tell us what is required. It is for our good.

If the anointing in your life is missing, take inventory. Are you obedient to His still small voice?


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