Share The Gospel with simplicity

I am convinced that The Gospel when shared in The Spirit, will be with all simplicity and clearness. It will be like a clear, crisp sound of a bell ringing into their hearts.

When sharing the word with the lost, it is very important to put it into plain English so that the hearer can understand what you are trying to say. All the “thou’s” and the “ye’s” and the “saith’s” etc. must be put into modern English. (if you really want to confuse a young person, use the old English).

Recently, I was passing out a tract that has King James verses quoted in it. The man kept asking me what certain words meant. Then he would say, “oh, old English”. I would then break it down into words that he could understand.

The following scripture is an example of what I mean. I have put it into words that they can understand. If I was talking to a person one on one, or standing on the street corner preaching, they would be able to hear what is being said. Now we all know that it takes The Holy Spirit to illuminate these words, but first it must go forth with simplicity and be easy for them to understand.

This is taken from 2 Corinthians, chapter 5, verse 21.
“God made Christ to be sin for us. He knew no sin, yet he became sin for us. Why? So that we may be made right (righteous) before God. Through Christ only can one be made right.”

May you be blessed as you go out and declare The Good News of Christ today. Do it with all simplicity in the power of The Holy Ghost (oh, I mean The Holy Spirit. They can understand that better.)


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  1. Jason Says:

    “first it must go forth with simplicity and be easy for them to understand”

    Absolutely. The problem I see, and once was guilty of, is that once people are “Saved”, they stop studying. Of those few who do continue to study, they rarely go beyond the surface. Those few who go beyond the surface, often leave “tradition” Christian congregations because of what they find there.

    Might I give you an example or two?

    The Hebrew letter ‘Vav’ (ו) has the typical “Vee” sound but can, on very rare occasions, have the “double U” sound (it’s very rare in Hebrew words, but English transliterations sometimes use it as such incorrectly). ‘Vav’ has the distinction of being the 6th letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet and, since the Hebraic language does not have numbers (much like Latin), it’s value is 6. So ‘Vav-Vav-Vav’ (ווו) would also be 6-6-6. Or, another way to put it, would be “W-W-W”. Can you think of anything that uses those three letters in combination? 😉

    Here’s another interesting tidbit:

    The first letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet is Alef (א). It’s value is, as I’m sure you suspect, 1. But it also has the value of 1000. Alef (spelled: אלף) can be pronounced “A-lef” (long A) which is 1 or “E-lef” (short E) which is 1000. The spelling is the same (אלף), it is only the pronunciation that changes. So when G-d said (paraphrased) “one day is like a thousand years” it would literally be “‘A-lef’ (א) day is like ‘E-lef’ (א) years”.

    Those are just two examples of Gematria, a form of study based on the numeric values of letters and words. It is but one of five primary levels of study that is students of Torah (those who are laymen like myself and those who are learned like Rabbi).

    When one stops their study at the plain meaning, they miss 4/5ths of what G-d had to tell them.



  2. rjperalta Says:

    I agree with your comment that after we are “saved”, we should daily study the scriptures. However, as we progress in our understanding, we also need to be actively walking out what we have learned. Otherwise, we become “overweight” in knowledge. Just as it is true in the natural, it’s also true in the physical.
    Also, another thing I have seen a lot of in “Christendom”, is a “I know more than you attitude”. Usually that is what you see in your typical “bible study” group or “home fellowship”. I am all for studying and sharing our knowledge with others, but we must be very careful that we don’t get “puffed up”. We all need to humble ourselves daily before God.
    Thanks for your comment,
    May you be blessed as you go out.

  3. Born4Battle Says:

    I grew up with King Jimmy, and began using the NIV working with teenagers in Sunday and as a youth group leader in a Chapel overseas. We need to make it clear but not compromise the gospel. most of what passes for the gospel these days never gets there. It sure fills seats though! Great post.

  4. Born4Battle Says:


    It is difficult for me to ascertain your exact point concerning study of scropture in your comment. We all need to study Hebrew, or numerology?

    Although thanks to technology, we have a LOT of great reference material from which to study, I have found something interesting over the years. Simple reading of the Bible with the aid of the indwelling Holy Spiritis is most of the time sufficient for walking down the path of spiritual growth. I say that because many times I have found out that what the Holy Spirit has put in my heart is what I find out when I get into commentaries and other references, including original language concordances.

    Also, when I listen to a preacher or teacher, I find it essential to apply the Berean principal and read, guess what, for myself. There is a veritable plethora of self-centered (instead of God-centered) spiritual ‘junk food’ out there these days. The state of plain Biblical ‘illiteracy’ in these last days is staggering, if not a cancer eating away at the fabric of out faith.

    Again, what exactly was your point concerning study? I ask that respectfully.

  5. Jason Says:


    Walking out or, as Sha’ul said, working out, our salvation on a daily basis is inordinately important. I agree with you wholeheartedly in that area.

    The same is true when dealing with an overabundance of knowledge and very little practice. The problem then is that we are not “practicing what we preach” as the saying goes. I find that, for myself, it is actually easier to “walk the walk” than it is to “talk the talk”. And I have to examine my motivations daily to be certain that I am walking in Torah because of a genuine love for G-d and not out of a legalistic obligation.



  6. Jason Says:


    My point is that when a person stops at the plain meaning of the text, they are missing out on many important lessons that G-d has to teach us. Think of G-d’s Word as an iceburg. If we miss 4/5ths of the iceburg, we are going to “pull a Titanic”, run aground, and sink. The same is true of G-d’s Word. If we only get 1/5th of the message, then we are missing out on the things of G-d. Indeed, we may even be misinterpreting what the plain text means!

    Should we all study Hebrew? Well, I refuse to answer that question for everyone. All I will say is the G-d gave the Hebrew language to Adam and Hevah. G-d chose the Hebrew language to give to Avraham, Yitzhak, and Ya’akov. G-d created Moshe to speak Hebrew and gave the Torah to Moshe in Hebrew. And the Messiah, Yeshua, spoke and taught in Hebrew. It appears to me that Hebrew is an inordinately important language and that G-d has gone to great lengths to point this out to us.

    Also in regards to studying Hebrew, in many ways it is necessary. The simple fact is that there are massive textual errors in every translation of the Bible (regarding Hebrew it’s specifically the “Old Testament”). This is simply unavoidable and incontrovertable. It is realtively easy to translate names of physical objects (cup, pen, phone, blanket, etc). but when you get into the abstract (thoughts, dreams, ideas, etc) things often get muddied quickly. While there are thousands of textual errors in bible translations, these are unavoidable and, in the vast majority of cases, do little to change the core (<– key word) meaning.

    There is an entire field of study known as Textual Criticism that has been seriously dealing with this problem for about the last 400 years or so. Needless to say, they haven’t solved it. Each year there are revisions and even new translations put out that correct some of the textual errors. By studying the original languages (Hebrew for “OT”, Ancient Greek for “NT”), we can actually do our own translation as we go.

    Most people will refuse to do so and rationalize their refusal based on “no time”, “no resources”, “too hard”, etc. While I can sympathize with these issues, it becomes a matter of priorities. Which is more important to you (rehtorical question): Watching T.V. or studying G-d’s Word? Most people will say one (study) and then do the other (watch the tube). It’s all a matter of priorities.



  7. Dan Says:

    Is there an English translation you find suitable for study? I have several and consult them all, inaddition to original language study resources. However, I believe that with the help of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and daily reading of a good translation with some good commentaries, sufficient for spiritual growth in discipleship of the individual believer toward becoming an effective witness and mbassador for Christ.

    I am not asking for your advice, just your opinion.

  8. Jason Says:


    Well, none are perfect. I have over 80 different translations available through the e-Sword ( program, plus my Chumash (Stone Edition), Torah (Hebrew-English Intralinear), NIV, NLT, KJV, and CJB bound Bibles. I use them all.

    Personally I find the CJB (Complete Jewish Bible) to be the most useful English translation because it comes at Scripture from a Jewish perspective. Even it has some issues though. Which is why I also have my Torah and Chumash (Torah plus Rabbinic commentary).

    But as I have already stated, when you stop at the plain language you lose 4/5ths of the message. The gematria is very important for understanding some issues such as the mark of the beast.

    This is where wisdom is needed; those who understand should count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person, and its number is 666. – Rev 13:18 (CJB)

    Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. – Rev 13:18 (KJV)

    The wisdom needed here is gematria. See my example of gematria in a comment above. That, btw, is only a partial part of the whole “666” issue (and no, I don’t understand ALL of it myself). I can tell you that in addition to the information above, the value of Vav (ו) is ‘6’ which is the number of man (as man was created on the 6th Day). In part, the ‘666’ or ‘Vav-Vav-Vav’ (ווו) is referencing 3 men. There are further references to both the sun and the Son (both of which are spelled: שמש).

    As you can see, the value of the hebrew letters is exceptionally important to understanding some passages.



  9. Dan Cartwright Says:


    Using your example(s) (I read the previous comments also), while the exact meaning of ‘666’ is of interest, what does that knowledge have to do with the salvation of the souls of men? (you don’t have to answer that). BTW, you are the first person I have met that actually said that ‘walking the walk’ is EASIER than ‘talking the talk’. You must be an extraordinary person!

  10. Jason Says:


    “what does that knowledge have to do with the salvation of the souls of men”

    Are you trying to say that G-d takes the trouble to tell us something, detailing so much information that men have spent lifetimes trying to fully understand it, and you DON’T believe it has something to do with salvation?? Incredible.

    “BTW, you are the first person I have met that actually said that ‘walking the walk’ is EASIER than ‘talking the talk’.”

    You are implying that I said it was easy to walk the walk. I neither said nor implied any such thing. I merely stated that it is easier for me to follow Torah than it is for me to speak about it.



  11. Dan Cartwright Says:

    The specific meaning of ‘666’ is related to the gocpel that Paul preached that Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected (according to the scriptures) how? That’s what I was asking. Paul, with the equivalent of probably a couple of doctorate degrees, kept the message he preached farly simple – “Christ and Him crucified.” If anyone could have spent a LOT of time explaining the Torah in great detail, it was him.

  12. Born4Battle Says:

    Jason, I didn’t imply anytning, just repeated what you said about being ‘easier’ to walk the walk and I still have never heard anyone else say that. I also think that just the ‘plain meaning of the text’ is sufficient for spiritual growth. Missing 4/5th by stopping there might be stretching it.

  13. rjperalta Says:

    Amen! “we need to make it clear, but not compromise the Gospel”. That’s good that you used the NIV for the young people.

    I agree with your comment that we need the bible and the Holy Spirit, that is sufficient. After all, He is our teacher!

    Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed as you go out.

  14. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks for you comments. They have generated some discussion.
    I have seen the benefits of having The Holy Spirit teach me when studying the Bible. The easy way would be to gather others opinions. If I did, then that would not be personal revelation or understanding for me. He shows me what I need so I can go out and win souls and disciple them.

    Thanks for stopping by. May you also be blessed as you go out.

  15. rjperalta Says:

    Amen! “the indwelling Holy Spirit and a good translation” is sufficient.
    What for? “for spiritual growth and to become an effective witness and ambassador for Christ”. That’s good stuff!

    Thanks, and be blessed as you go out.

  16. rjperalta Says:

    “Christ and Him crucified” That’s what it is all to be about!
    Thanks for the reminder.

  17. Dan Cartwright Says:


    Check out this link Click on the video clip “8 Reasons I Don’t Share My Faith” It’s pretty good. I still have to check out the rest of the material there. I just found the site.

  18. EvangelismCoach Says:

    do you still use KJV tracts?

    While the KJV may be useful for bible study, and your own reading or church, i guess for tracts, its may not be very helpful if you have to explain it as if it was a foreign language.

    (I once saw a YouTube video that we should all use the KJV to have unity in the body of Christ. Well, that rules out all non-english speakers.)

    Also, your right. Holy Ghost doesn’t translate well into Spanish, as I work in both languages.

    Pastor Chris

  19. timbob Says:

    Greetings. Sorry for missing out on the lively discussion. The need to reach the lost is so imperative that direct language is a must. The seriousness of the situation and lateness of the hour requires that we be led of the Spirit and direct in presnting the gospel.

    Sorry for not getting by here sooner. I’m keeping you and your family in prayer. Have a blessed day in Jesus.


  20. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks, I did check it out again today.
    Have a good day in Christ.

  21. rjperalta Says:

    Pastor Chris,
    Yes, it is what I have. I am always looking at other’s out there. Tracts to me, are personal. What you might like to pass out, I might not like to. And vise verse. I am slowly working on writing another one.
    I agree with you on the KJV.

  22. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks for checking in. Sorry for not communicating very much. Both Susan and I have been very busy with this whole working thing. Praise God, looks like He has opened a door for me to work days so I can get to bed like a normal person and get my energy back. Praise Him!
    Blessings of God as you go!

  23. Dan Cartwright Says:

    Glad to hear about that open door!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks. It has been awesome to see the door open. Still waiting on Him to change the schedule to days. I am now working in a different department with some new people. Looking forward to watching God work through me there.
    Praise Him!

  25. Loretta Says:

    hi Richard, I agree with timbob above, that it is so important to use direct simple language
    as much as possible, while being clear and true to the message. I also tailor my vocabulary to different people I am talking to when sharing the gospel. We should be sensitive to different people and not talk “high” or “down” to people but use appropriate words that can be understood. The gospel is simple to tell and understand; in this God is thus very kind to us.

  26. rjperalta Says:

    I agree also. We should try and stay away from “christianize”. They are quick to pick up on that one and if they do, off they go.
    Thanks for the blessed words.

  27. lionelwoods7 Says:

    I use the bible terms, justification, imputed, propitiation, reconciliation, atonement, but with the immediate follow up of what this means. Usually with word pictures (being credited with Bill Gates bank account, being declared not guilty after committing a mass murder but only because someone took your punishment). My favorite verse to use is 2 Cor 5:21, John 3:16-18 and 36, Romans 3:21-27 and finally Ephesians 2:1-10.

    BTW what are your thoughts on the Way of the Master. I usually beat those guys up over at my blog (but in love) I love what they do and their hearts and zeal for evangelism, but their use of the moral law to “break up the stony ground” versus using the power of Spirit and preaching the Gospel saturated with the beauty of Christ frustrates me at times. I typically like to be led by the Spirit and not methods. Just curious, not tearing the brothers down jus didn’t see anything about them you being huge on evangelism they got the market cornered.

    I am trying to bookmark this blog.

  28. rjperalta Says:

    That’s great! Backing it up with an explanation and word pictures sounds good to me.
    As far as “The Way of The Master” goes. I agree whole heartily with letting the Holy Spirit direct each encounter. We should always try and stay away from a “canned” method. If we take the time to listen to them then the Holy Spirit will show us what they need and thus how to share Christ to meet their particular need.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    May you be blessed as you go out.

  29. MK Mason Says:

    From my book, “Prepare Before All Hell Breaks Loose!” by MK Mason.

    When witnessing the gospel, most Christians approach 21st century man with the same message their forefathers spoke.” You’re a sinner and need to be saved, through faith, accept Christ’s blood as payment for your sins, trust Him as Savior and you’ll go to heaven.”

    While this is true, 21st century man doesn’t understand that message, it’s all Greek to him. He simply can’t comprehend it because in the last twenty years there has been a bedrock shift in man’s worldview. He has grown up in a world void of moral absolutes, replaced by relativistic morals, situational ethics, of atheistic evolution, of humanism, a world where hideous sin is commonplace, as men’s hearts wax cold. This generation’s definition of “God” can mean any one of a hundred things, or it can mean nothing at all. Humanism has removed God as man’s reference point for all of life and has replaced Him with himself. Modern man becomes his own god and therefore words like “sin” and “evil” and “goodness,” can have almost opposite meanings, whatever man chooses as the truth in his own head. In man’s descent, he has perverted God’s moral absolutes; his worldview/God view reflects the magnitude of man’s descent. This has never been truer than in this generation, the last generation.

    Christianity is usually portrayed by Christians as a simple message, easy to understand, where a pastor can stand in the pulpit and in a mere three minutes give the salvation message. But Christianity is not simple, it is complex. God is complex and man is complex, and mankind’s history is complex. 21st century man has walked so far down the road of destruction that the light in his hindsight is gravely dim, he can’t even be certain of what light is anymore.

    With few exceptions, we can no longer speak to 21st century man as we once did 20 years ago. In the past twenty years mankind has had a bedrock shift in thinking. Before this time Americans embraced a Judeo-Christian worldview. Even though perhaps some may not have accepted Christ as Savior, most unbelieving Americans would certainly have understood this worldview and lived within its framework. This is no longer the case. America is now a humanist nation. God knowledge has been exiled from our public schools, our universities and our courts, and relegated into extinction.

    Man has moved from critical care, to the intensive care unit and is now under hospice care. Now near death, he can hardly even make out what you are saying.

    A perfect solution is meaningless and impotent to an invisible problem.

    Modern man has a desperate need for complete “God knowledge,” to answer the big questions all men need answered. In order to obtain this knowledge man must go back to the beginning, to Genesis, to fully understand the how and the why of God’s plan of salvation. There are nine essentials man must understand, for without complete knowledge a perfect solution is meaningless and impotent to an invisible problem.
    1. The creation of Lucifer.
    1. Lucifer’s narcissistic pride.
    2. Lucifer’s deceives the angels.
    3. The war in heaven.
    4. Man made in God’s image
    5. The necessity of man’s choice for love to exist.
    6. The tree of free will
    7. Lucifer and Eve in the garden
    8. The fall of man, man’s moral guilt and man’s spiritual death

    One afternoon a waiter frantically approached a restaurant patron and told her that she was deathly ill, and must go directly to the emergency room and get a blood transfusion ASAP or she would die, but that’s all he told her. The woman said she felt just fine, but the waiter continued to insist she go to the ER.. The patron looked around and saw that everyone around her was fine, eating and drinking, and no one appeared sick. So she asks the waiter several questions, but the waiter only repeated the same story, adding, “Don’t you get it?” But she doesn’t get it. This doesn’t make sense to her, although she clearly understands his solution, she is blind to the problem, and so in her limited knowledge she ignores the waiters pleas, discounts him as a bit flakey and goes on as before. She wasn’t given all the information that she needed to make an informed decision. She wasn’t given the past history that before she entered the restaurant every person who ate the apple pie, which she had just eaten, was poisoned and rushed to the hospital. The poisoned apple pie was the culprit and the lab results had just been given to the restaurant. The limited knowledge, though true knowledge as it was, wasn’t sufficient knowledge to make the right decision, to convince her of the gravity of her situation, and could not save her. Her decision had been a deadly one, and now without a blood transfusion she would surely die.

    The scriptures say, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Knowledge concerning God’s plan of salvation must start at the point of the beginning of what we know. For what we know by the scriptures, He deemed necessary that we should know. Not a word of scripture lacks value and every word has infinite purpose. Before modern man is asked to believe by faith, he must be able to understand why it is God requires him to have faith. This is not a cheap blind faith we’re talking about, easy believism or religionosity. God’s knowledge, given in the Holy Scriptures answers all of man’s” big questions” of life. It answers not only the “how” but the “why.” The gospel message needs the whole man, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and morally to discern it’s authenticity. Man must see his “need.” Then and only then when one understands these things can one discern the true reality of his “life or death” need for salvation. If he cannot see the urgency of the need, you mind as well talk to the wind. Modern man needs to see the whole picture, understand God’s entire plan, therefore one must start at the beginning, the universe before man, to the time of angels. Grasping first the universe before Adam, man can then and only then be given the story of His incontestable justice, the price, His merciful grace, the awe, the gift, man’s freedom from death, and His beautiful Bride dwelling in His indubitable and inexhaustible love, Thy kingdom to come.

  30. MK Mason Says:

    From my book, “Prepare Before All Hell Breaks Loose!” by MK MAson

    Chapter God’s plan in 21st Century speak
    This story, though not an exact Biblical account, but my interpretation of the Biblical account, contains the history of the universe, as I perceive the scriptures in 21st century speak. I want this story to enable one to imagine how things “may” have transpired logically. Biblical history is logical, it is rational, it makes sense. It isn’t some way out mythological world of make believe or a walking stick for mental cripples, or a fantasy mind trip, nor a diabolical method of enslaving the masses. I’m certain that this account can’t possibly be exactly as it happened, but only that it is feasible and reasonable attempt to describe history and God’s plan for man eternally in 21st century speak.
    ~In The Beginning~
    Once upon the heavenlies, in the most holy place, a place without time or limits of space, a place of all things of dazzling beauty, dwelled the Most High, Elah Sh’maya, the “God of Heaven.” In His love, the Beautiful One made angel life, whose purpose was to receive God’s love and to freely love, honor, praise and worship Him. These angel beings were not created in His image, nor according to His likeness.
    The Beautiful One made one angel above all others, the most exquisitely unique being ever created. This angel had great intelligence and knowledge, second only to God Himself. He had brilliant wisdom and more superpowers then all the rest of God’s angel life. He stood in radiant panoply of sardius, topaz, diamonds, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphires, emerald, inlaid in gold. Elah Sh’maya called his most beautiful angel Lucifer, which means “light bearer.” The King of All placed His “Light Bearer” Lucifer in charge of His heavenly hosts, the “Chief of Staff of the Angelic Air Force,” the supreme position before the Beautiful One.
    Ezek 28:13-14, “You have been in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of your tabrets and of your pipes was prepared in you, in the day that you were created. You are the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set you so: you were upon the holy mountain of God; you have walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.”
    Heaven was beautiful, God was beautiful and angel life was beautiful. And then it happened.
    Once upon a timeless, Lucifer stood before an angel, speaking a command. Looking into the angel’s eyes Lucifer beheld himself. Stunned by his own breathtaking beauty and magnificent form, he stood statuesque, transfixed on his sterling radiance. Following that moment, with each infatuating glance, Lucifer’s pride filled vanity swelled with a malignancy.
    As his imposing stature hovered over the multitude of heavenly hosts, he began conducting the praise worship. A whimsical dreamscape suddenly danced before his eyes, as endorphins exploded in his brain, he heard a symphony of praises being lifted up … in his name. As he stood in all his magnificence before the heavenly hosts, Lucifer suddenly had an epiphany. The birth of a greater god was on the horizon. The universe radically shifted that moment, but no one felt it but God.
    Lucifer’s obsessive desire for adoration, praise and worship became as an all consuming fire, praise after praise, and song after song. His jealousy fueled a raging determination as he coveted the praises belonging to God alone. Soon intrusive thoughts of narcissism raced through his mind. Satan, deliriously smitten with each reflective gaze, was soon conquered by his obsession, distorting reality, and resulting in delusions of grandeur.
    Lucifer’s pride first consumed his infected mind in entrancing self-adoration and self-centered obsession, he could think of none other. Intoxicated in distorted reality, resulted in pride’s final end, the bondage of obsessive narcissism.
    The greater his pride magnified, the more intensely he obsessed, culminating in his declaration, “I am the Stellar One. I am the God of the universe!”
    Eek 28:15, “Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.”
    Isaiah 14:13, “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.”
    Satan’s reasoning now degenerated into delusions of supremacy. God’s ordained “second place” was now thought unworthy of his exquisite beauty, unique charms and superpowers. First place was better suited for his “magnificence.” In his new state of autonomy, independent of God’s will, self governing, subject only to himself, Satan imagined himself a god and imagined God as dead.
    Lucifer then surmised that angelic cohorts were necessary to overthrow the kingdom and worshipers necessary for his praises. Being more intelligent than the angel life, and the “Father of lies” he devised a plan and then the great orator’s campaign began.
    Lucifer called for the golden trumpets to sound, “The Chief of Staff of the Angelic Air Force requests your presence immediately.” Myriads of angels suddenly hovered effortlessly from every direction, as sounds of powerful wings swelled. Standing before them, Lucifer lifted his head, viewing the masses of snowy white wings, and then spoke these words, “Brothers, what I must say, I must say quickly, so listen carefully to my words for I may not be with you much longer. When He and I alone existed, there suddenly, in a microsecond, materialized as out of nowhere, an electro-magnetic zero point of light energy, caused by an unstable particle flux created through anti-gravitational geomagnetism. As we watched there suddenly came from within this minuscule particle, a colliding of cosmic energy and dark energy, causing bolts of cold and negative electricity to converge, splitting dark matter. A magneto hydrodynamic luminous star, Wormwood, was born. It began projecting billion and billions of photons through the universe, scattering gammas and inelastic gammas, causing energetic debris to enter the ionosphere, producing titanic ionization. This of course, resulted in morphing all angel life seedlings.
    This evolutionary transforming light energy, resulting in mutated zygote angel life seedlings, causing a metamorphosis, D.N.A., Divine Nature Angelics. These mutations have advanced angelic species, transmuting angel life to divine significance, transcending angelhood to godhood. As your evolutionary advancement progresses, becoming more complex, and more divine, His is dissipating. Entropy is hurling Him towards insignificance, and His final destiny, extinction. Yes, it’s true; the Great One is destined to die. He knows this ionization has not only created the elements necessary for angelic deity, but exponentially has accelerated the forces of thermodynamics. With His once all omniscient power weakened, his demise is now inescapable. He has chosen to hide this knowledge from you. He fears you will later torture Him for His dictatorship. He wickedly plans to cast you into the outer darkness of Tartarus, the black hole of the lost. I realize you are unaware of Tartarus, because He has kept it a secret, even from me. But as my god powers are increasing, I can now read His mind. And I tell you the truth; He has you in checkmate my friends. Realizing you haven’t yet reached the level of my powers, unable to see into the future, nor read His mind, nor comprehend the scientific knowledge I possess, I am compelled to swear my unswerving benevolence for my fellow angels. I must reveal to you my brothers, His tortuous plan … no matter what consequences I must suffer. Survival of the fittest is our victorious destiny if we subjugate His kingdom with all expediency, before it’s too late and He casts us into the black hole of the abyss. “We will not descend to Tartarus is our cry!” He declaimed. “As we must increase, He must decrease. Choose this day whom you will serve!”
    And so was born the scientific angelic progressive evolution revolution movement. Lucifer’s “progressive enlightenment,” transformed into a festering rebellious scheme for the title of “Master of the Universe. “At that moment, with Lucifer’s deception complete, he had convinced the many of his scientific arcane??? of the heavenlies. The angels, unable to fathom Lucifer’s complex scientific explanation, rather than appear ungifted, nodded in agreement, applauding his brilliance. The angels reasoned together, “It must be true for he is brilliant and comprehends all of science.” “We can see he is infinitely more intelligent than we.” Whispering, “Besides, why would he lie, he’s one of us?” Many swore unquestioning allegiance to him, believing his superior intelligence had no bounds. “We have faith in you O Great One.” Luring a third of the heavenly hosts to his newly formed government, he proclaimed the dawning of “enlightenment.” and an angelic “progressive evolution revolution movement.”
    According to Lucifer, as citizens of progressive angelism, angels could reign as demi-gods and Lucifer, of course, would evolve into God. These angels, one third of the heavenly hosts now adamantly refused their created positions as angels in God’s universe, rejecting God’s position as Final Authority, and began their insurrection, to enter the Holy of Holies and to mount the very throne of Elah Sh’maya.
    Lucifer’s calculated plan was a war for headship, to destroy the Lordship of God, and replace the Creator with that which was created. They then, being gods, would dwell in the Lordship of their autonomy. Lucifer’s unspoken desire was to murder God. “He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:4
    War of the Worlds
    Lucifer mounted his mighty horse Opium as throngs of mounted stoic angels, with faces as chipped from pale rock, followed behind, looming over the Holy Mountain. Great clouds of shimmering gold dust trailed behind as they thunderously galloped towards the City of Lights. Hearts pounding, and eyes blazing in the reflective light of the Great City, they clenched their reins with whited knuckles, crying, “We will not descend to Tartarus!” as they swarmed around the throne room of Elohim.
    But the war of progressive angelism was short lived. God’s faithful angels warred against Lucifer and his rebellious ones. At warp speed, God then hurled the gimpy one and his cohorts, marred and hobbling, towards the grey barren sphere of Earth. His mighty archangels, Gabriel and Michael, now stand at the ready, before the throne of the Almighty.
    Revelation 12:7-9, “And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.”
    Ezekiel 28:16-17, “Through your widespread trade you were filled with violence and you sinned. So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God, and I expelled you, O guardian cherub, from among the fiery stones. Your heart became proud on account of your beauty and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. So I threw you to the earth. “
    Prior to the war, God’s eternal foresight had viewed the condition of their hearts, and it revealed a malignant pride, which resulted in terminal unrepentance, forever refusing to place themselves in subjection to the authority of their Creator. The angel’s chosen unrepentance had hardened their hearts and seared their conscience resulting in a reprobate mind. Had they humbled themselves, they would have then had the ability to sense their moral guilt, and then repentance would have been possible. Then and only then could God’s forgiveness and salvation have been accepted in their hearts. Therefore, no salvation was provided, for their hearts were eternally unrepentant. Hardened, there was now no escape from their poor choice of total autonomy. Choosing their autonomy they chose a total separation from their creator and King. Just as their free will demanded, God turned them over to their chosen will … no relationship, no fellowship, and no salvation returning them to God. This was their choice. God is always faithful to honor one’s free will; He will never interfere with one’s choice to love Him. No one will ever abide in heaven against his or her will.
    Progressive angelism, the choice of autonomy and self-worship, could only have had one outcome, total separation from God. Their failure to honor their obligation of commitment, to abide in the structure of who they were and who God was, lead to their eternal separation.
    Most would be compelled to ask the perplexing questions, how could Lucifer, being such a brilliant being be so oblivious to the obvious futility of his revolution and where did evil come from?
    Choosing to exist in a state of narcissistic pride, resulted in Lucifer’s delusions of grandeur, blinding his heart and mind, and culminating in a rebellious nature centered in autonomy. Satan’s free will choice was to refuse God’s proper place as Lord, resulting in losing his position as the most beautiful and powerful angel, exchanging his eternal “life” for eternal death and forfeiting his pure, godly nature. Lucifer now named Satan, meaning “enemy,” was then left with his “self willed” dark nature, his chosen ways apart from any godly attributes. His once magnificent superpowers began to entropy as the law of thermodynamics was activated, as “the wages of sin is death.” Cast from heaven and sentenced to eternal death, Satan, God’s enemy, is now eternally separated from God.
    The existence of the concept of evil exists in the antithesis of good, as light’s antithesis would be darkness, as the antithesis of hot would be cold. Darkness or cold need not exist physically but the concept exists in it’s absence,” it’s opposite.”
    Hurled to a barren planet
    What would Lucifer do now that his government of progressive angelism failed to come to fruition and the battle lost? Was his only pleasure a sardonic dishonor of God and His majestic creation? And what would become of the rebellious angels? Aimlessly loitering in nowhere land, they had little choice but to continue placing their bets on Satan, their last dismal hope. Stripped of all godly attributes, they were now as Satan, left with their chosen evil nature and worse, they were left with their “Commander in Chief,” the universe’s biggest Loser.
    Now vanquished, Satan was bitterly angry with himself, not because he realized his rebelliousness and autonomy separated him from his God, refusing his proper place, or that his pride blinded him from reality but because of his miscalculation of power. Satan, though cast from heaven, continued the narcissistic delusion, wanting all of creation’s praises. Remaining obdurate in conscience, he hardened his heart all the more, void of repentance, he began to scheme, devising another battle plan against the Master of the Universe.
    One may question, why didn’t God cast Lucifer and the fallen angels into hell? God could have destroyed Satan and the fallen angels, and it would have been totally just. But Satan had changed the heavenly abode of tranquility and harmony to doubt and doubt leads to a diminished faith. Satan had convinced multitudes that he was just and that God was unjust. He portrayed himself as having unswerving benevolence, willing to suffer no matter the consequences, for the angelic brotherhood. We must remember that the angels were limited; intellectually Satan was their superior. Secondly they had not sinned and had no comprehension of being good because they hadn’t yet experienced good’s antithesis, evil. They couldn’t comprehend Satan’s true motives, nor comprehend his narcissistic pride, nor his scheme to murder God. They were deceived, persuaded by doubt and fear. The true reality of the rebellion was known to Satan and God alone.
    The remaining faithful angels may very well have questioned in their mind if it was possible that an all powerful God could use His power unjustly, witnessing Lucifer and the warring angels sent far, far away. Seeds of doubt poisoned Heaven’s perfection. Living in doubt with an all-powerful God who could be evil was a terror beyond imagination. But God dearly loved the faithful angels and refused to allow this deception to haunt them for all time. God’s imperative was to make His universe eternally secure in peace of mind and faith. Satan’s true nature had to be exposed. God’s good nature had to be proved unalterable, immutable, incorruptible, unmodifiable, and indelible. God, man’s true Father, desired to restore heaven to the home it was meant to be. The final outcome of Satan’s rebellion and rule over mankind would be witnessed and understood by all God’s creatures. Mankind would experience Satan’s kingdom, his world rule, and by embracing his damnable autonomy would result in world wide human carnage. The violence, the suffering, the brutality, and man’s finally reality, despair would result from Satan as the “god of this world.”
    The destructive aftershocks of man’s choice of humanism’s autonomy would be written across the pages of human history. When God judges Satan in the end, He will be acknowledged as a “Just Judge” and all creation will, on bended knee, praise and worship Him, not out of fear, but out of the witnessed knowledge of His perfect justice, and eternally merciful unconditional love. All of mankind will acknowledge His divine love in sending His only Son to ransom mankind, proving “He alone is worthy.” And so in order to fulfill God’s plan, and restore heaven’s confidence He postponed Satan’s judgment seven thousand years.
    In the Beginning…
    In Genesis 1:26 Elohay Kedem, the “God of the Beginning,” said, “Let Us make man in Our image according to our likeness.” And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.”
    In Elohim’s magnificent love, He created man, the loving creation of the King of all creation, born of a pure heart in His eternal love. This most beautiful being was unique in all the universe. Man was created in the personal image and personal likeness of God. This meant possessing a portion of His divine attributes, a godly nature of righteousness and love. This personal connection, possessing godliness, gave man personal insight into God’s soul, a knowledge and experience of the very essence of God, which the angels did not possess. What an incredible display of intimacy, sharing with man His soul, a beauty beyond words. His very essence, the King of the Universe, was graciously displayed before man and in man, clearly demonstrating His desire for an intimate personal relationship. God had lifted man to a place of extreme importance of all of His creation, for all time.
    His shared attributes were the conduit by which man could have a personal relationship, to communicate personally, intimately and lovingly. His communication with God was not designed to be merely mechanical, a complex conglomeration of organized chemicals which obey God mechanically, genetically, or instinctually, but personally, and intimately. He was not created to serve, as the angels, but to be the object of God’s unconditional love, to shower with blessings, all that He had.
    God has created and designed each person individually, uniquely, unlike any other, with the uniqueness of each snowflake, each star, every leaf on every tree, beautifully, wonderfully unique. Man’s uniqueness displays God’s relationship with man as one of a highly personal nature. We are not mere faces in a sea of humanity to Him, but each is individual, and His cherished treasure.
    “And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” Genesis 2:7-9
    Though man was cognizant of his actions in the garden, he couldn’t comprehend his goodness, purity and holiness, his state of perfection, as he had never experienced its antithesis, thus man had not the “knowledge of good or evil.” God placed Adam in His mind-blowing garden in Eden and said to him, “Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest there of thou shalt surely die.” And so Adam was given knowledge concerning the tree of life and the tree of death, both is full view in the middle of God’s garden, the Garden of Eden. Of the tree of life, Adam was told he may freely eat but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the tree of death, he was commanded not to eat.
    The existence of the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” demonstrated man’s gift of choice. The choice of disbelief, lacking faith in God’s word would bring death and the choice of disbelief resulted in the act of disbelief, eating its fruit, which brought spiritual death. Its antithesis, the “Tree of Life,” brought life if man would choose it by faith, to believe God’s word that if eaten, it would bring eternal life. “Without faith it is impossible to please Him.”
    I must say this with great emphasis; in order for love to exist it must be given within the framework of free choice. And so God established the provision of choice, to choose to accept God’s love or to reject God’s love, to love God or to choose not to love God. Man was to think freely, and to act freely, free to self-determination, and free to love God. Had God not given them a free will they would have been perfect people, in a perfect place, obeying God merely out of their state of perfection, no different than programmed robots, incapable of love. In Eden God gave this knowledge and understanding of choice, He planted the “Tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” the tree of choice and so Adam knew he was a free person.
    This was man’s first great gift; his free will of personal choice and it existed in a relationship with his God. When God spoke to Adam concerning the tree of good and evil, {as Eve had not yet been created} He said, “In the day you eat of it you shall surely die” God demonstrated Himself as a caring God who’s warning was meant to protect him from the harmful consequences of antithesis, disobedience’s resulting death. Death was not a punishment from God, but the consequence of antithesis, sin. But if Adam chose to trust God, to live in a state of faith, to choose “the tree of life” he would live eternally.
    God is a God of absolutes and with the existence of an absolute is always the existence of its antithesis, an existing opposite, as love and hate, good and evil, hope and despair, freedom and slavery, etc. These exist as absolutes exist. Thus God is not the author of evil, but evil resides in the antithesis of godly absolutes. They are equally available choices within man’s free will choices. The warning was out there, with the consequences spelled out clearly, in black and white and in full view, “…. You shall surely die.”
    The scripture then states, “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.” So God then made woman. Gen. 2:23. Since Eve had not yet been created when God warned Adam of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, she never heard those words of warning directly from God, but learned God’s instruction through the headship of Adam and Satan knew it. This little fact will play a major role in the plan of The Loser.
    God gave the command to Adam, forbidding the fruit to be eaten. Now Adam and Eve understood that there existed in their relationship with God their own personal free will, a free choice, to obey or disobey. The tree, man’s tangible symbol of choice, had been placed there for man to comprehend God’s gift to man, his inalienable freedom to choose. In man there existed the ability to think freely and to act freely on those feelings. Man was not a machine, but a uniquely free being. But with personal freedom came personal responsibility and with choice came consequence.
    And then God said, Genesis 1:26 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” Man was given dominion to rule over all the earth, man became earth’s ruler.

  31. rjperalta Says:

    MK Mason,
    Wow! Did you ever think of writing your own post on the subject? Do you have a blog?
    Your thoughts, how have they worked for you out there as far as witnessing?
    The fact still remains that man is still sinful at heart. The heart is still not right, even in the 21st century. His only way for him to be accepted with God is through the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
    Through the Holy Spirit we can help man see his heart condition.
    I am very thankful that the message is simple, even today. We can complacate it with too many words and trying to convince him in an intellectual debate. That is a never ending road that many are still trying to find God on, and always will be.
    God bless you as you go out,
    Thanks for stopping by.

  32. MK Mason Says:

    Dear rjperalta,
    I know that the simple gospel message can be effective on some with a Christian background. But how many people have you led to the Lord in this past year with this simple message?

    If God didn’t want us to understand the war in Heaven and fall in the garden, He wouldn’t have included it in His word. WHen we tell men that they are sinners and Satan is the ruler of the Earth how do we explain this truth?

    My point is that modern man has moved away from the Christian worldview. They don’t accept it anymore. Therefore we must provide the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. More information is always better than less.

    Coming to Christ God wants us to bring both our heart and our mind, the whole man. Too many people are accepting the faith of emotionalism, and easy believism.
    I believe we comprehend salvation with our mind and accept salvation with our hearts.


    • rjperalta Says:

      Mk Mason,
      Well, I’m not keeping count but I know several have.

      I do believe with the help of The Holy Spirit we can show man that he has disobeyed the commandments of God and that his heart is not right with God. It does not have to be complex or difficult. God designed the Gospel of His Son Jesus Christ so that all could easily understand it. Man has always tried to complicate it and also has attached many hoops that man has to jump through. This gives man pride and accomplishment.

      The Holy Spirit convicts of sin and a lot of times it is through the sound of His Word. The Word and The Spirit, there is nothing like it!
      I don’t buy into “emotionalism” or “easy believism” either. If that is what you received from my post, sorry that’s not what what I was getting at.

      Again, with the help of The Holy Spirit we can know what to say at a particular time to a particular person. He knows what they need to hear. I have seen it happen on numerous occasions.

      If your understanding of presenting The Gospel has worked for you, GREAT! Keep it up brother! God bless.

  33. MK Mason Says:

    You said: “Man has always tried to complicate it and also has attached many hoops that man has to jump through. This gives man pride and accomplishment.”

    You totally misunderstand. I attached no hoops, no good works, tithes, deeds, etc.

    Complete knowledge, the whole story from the very beginning is what I advocated for modern man. Complete Bible knowledge. God gave knowledge for a reason.
    If sharing more scriptures helps someone to better understand the gospel, why wouldn’t you be supportive of that?


    • rjperalta Says:

      MK Mason,
      I did not mean necessary that you were “attaching many hoops”. I was using that as a general observation of what I see out there that complicates the Gospel.
      Usually when out there sharing the Gospel, you don’t have time to take them through the whole Bible. If you did, and they would listen, great. However that is not the real world out there.
      I agree with sharing scripture. There again, you usually don’t have hours to do this. The Gospel must be precise and to the point.
      Thanks for the input.
      P.S. This last comment was much better as far as length goes. I actually read all of it. Sorry, I’m not into real long posts or comments. Just being honest.

  34. Richard Says:

    MK Mason,
    This morning I actually sat down and read your comment (the long one above). I particularly like what you have said about “love” and “man’s free choice”. Also regarding the fact that man must see his need first before coming to God. This is key. If he doesn’t know that he needs to be saved, and what from, how will he be interested.
    Let us also remember that God must draw him first, before he can come. This should not prevent us from sharing, but in the end it is all God and him doing the work of salvation. He works through us though, let us not forget.
    Thanks bro.

  35. Mary Kay Mason Says:

    If anyone believes they are seeing the four horsemen on the horizon and desires to witness to their family and friends but doesn’t feel confident they know how, please visit my website. {I hope I can post my site here, if not I’m sorry.}

    Preach the gospel….. “while it is still day.”

    Mary Kay Mason

  36. alef bet Says:

    Hello, i believe that i saw you visited my weblog so i came to
    return the favor?.I am attempting to to find things to
    improve my site!I suppose its ok to use some of your concepts!!

  37. Richard Says:

    alef bet, thanks for stopping by. I hope you have been blessed! What do you mean by “some of my concepts?”

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