“How can this do any good?”

She came up to me as I was preaching and said, “How can this do any good?”

This is a common question that we hear out on the streets as we preach the Gospel. Many times it is the believer that questions us. Some will get in our face and really manifest the wrong spirit. It makes you wonder. Most have not been around long enough to see what takes place before and after the word has gone forward. They are just quick to judge.

Today was an awesome chance to see God move on a heart.

She came up to me as I was preaching and said, “How can this do any good?” I didn’t get alarmed, because I have heard that comment before on more than one occasion.

So I said, “Well, if you would have been here earlier, you would have seen three different young guys come up and would have been able to see God work upon them as I ministered to them”.

All because The Gospel was going forward. God through His Spirit drew them and then ministered to them.

She began to open up as God was moving upon her heart. She shared a little about her pain and difficulties that she has been going through. She admitted that she was away from God, and that He was trying to get her attention.

She was raised in a Christian home and her Dad was either a youth pastor or was one at one time. I sensed that there was some pain there and that had to do with some of the difficulties that she was experiencing.

Tears began to come to her eyes as she talked more about her need to get back to God.

This is why God places people in our path. With God working through me, I was able to relate to her on a level that her parents were maybe not able too. Many times God has to use other people to reach the kids of parents in ministry. I have seen it on several occasions.

All in all, God was moving. I asked her if I could pray with her, so we did. I also invited her to a bible study that we have on Tuesdays in a local mall, and gave her my contact information. She seemed to be really blessed and encouraged as she went. I hope to see her soon.

How can this do any good? She found out because she stuck around. Little did she know at first that her question would be answered. She yielded to God and He answered in the end. Praise Him!

Pray for her, her name is Jennifer.


8 Responses to ““How can this do any good?””

  1. snoo124py Says:

    if this is true it’s good. When you said the spirit came upon her heart was that literally or just a way of saying she opened up about her thoughts. If literally that doesn’t register to me.

  2. rjperalta Says:


    If this is true? It sure was. I was there. 🙂

    I use the term, “the Spirit came upon her heart” because I realize that it is God’s Spirit that does the work. We get to see the evidence.
    I believe it was literally because there was “literal” changes taking place as we proceeded.

    When you first see the person and listen to them, then see and hear of the change that takes place from beginning to end, that’s “transformation”. “Out of the heart, the mouth speaks” So in the end, if the person that you are ministering to, expresses things different than what they did at first, that’s change.

    Praise God! He is in the “changing” business. To conform us into His image.
    That’s a life long process.
    Thanks for stopping by,
    and may you be blessed of God as you go out.

  3. timbob Says:

    Greetings. I will keep Jennifer in prayer as the Lord is truly doing a restoration. His timing is always perfect and his word never returns void.

    Have a blessed evening in Jesus.


  4. rjperalta Says:

    Yes He is The God of Restoration!
    Thanks for stopping by,
    and may you also be blessed.

  5. timbob Says:

    Greetings. Just stopping in to wish you a blessed weekend in Jesus.


  6. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks Bro. May you and yours also be blessed!
    “This too will pass”

  7. kschaub Says:

    Richard, thanks for commenting on our Elect Exiles article on the manner in which we should preach the gospel. FYI, I plan on taking that further in the next couple of days, so I hope you’ll read it again. Anyway, I have looked at several of your posts, and I can tell you are passionate about the gospel. I am praying for you, and the person in this post. Hopefully we will learn from the apostles in Scripture, more and more, how we should preach the gospel to those we meet!


  8. rjperalta Says:

    I have always been blessed by the book of Acts. There is so much we can learn from the early church.
    Thanks Bro.

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