Looking out the window and enjoying your popcorn

This is a symbolic story of many Christians that never or rarely speak to those around them for the sake of the Gospel.

You just got on the bus and sat down. You have a nice bag of popcorn just purchased before boarding. You settle down for the journey home. You look outside through the window and see the beautiful sunny day. You start eating your delicious popcorn.

The bus makes another stop and several more people get on board. One man sets in the seat next to you. All the time you take little notice of him. You are enjoying the ride, looking out the window that is next to you. The popcorn is quickly disappearing as you get involved in the passing of different sights.

This man that has just sat down next to you hasn’t eaten in two days. He not only sees the popcorn that you are eating, but smells the wonderful aroma. Oh what he would give for just one handful.
Finally you look over at him and say, “Isn’t it a beautiful day?” He says, “It sure is”. You grab another bite and look intently out the window.

This is a picture of a life that is saying, “I got mine”. Oh how many times do we go through this life whether at work, school, at the grocery store etc. and never take the time to share with those God has placed in our paths. I always say, “God doesn’t make any mistakes”. “He is always about people”. He places people in our way for one reason. You have something that they need. We are suppose to be “light” shinning that not only attracts, but gives bread to those in who are hungry.

God saved you to work through you, to reach the lost.(period)

Someday we will have all eternity to “worship” to “praise” to “fellowship” to “sit in His presence” or to go to another “conference”. But now we must be as Jesus said, “about my Father’s business”. “Night will come when no man can work (in His Kingdom).

May God help us all to be aware of those around us. Our neighbors that we quickly rush by carrying a bag of grocery’s as we yell out, “how ya doing?” Never taking the time to “stop” and say something to them that means something. Give them at least something to “chew” on.

The bottom line is, we should “love our neighbors (someone that is close to you) as ourselves”.
You love the fact that you are “saved” right? What about them? You are eating at the table of the master, what about them? You have what they need.

What if you are the only way they would ever come to Christ? Sober thought, but I’m sure that you don’t want to “camp out” on that one, right?

Get out there with a fresh outlook as to why you are saved. Start noticing people more than things, stuff etc. People, the apex of God’s creation! “For God so loved the world (people) that He gave? If we love, we will give also.

God bless you all as you go out!


10 Responses to “Looking out the window and enjoying your popcorn”

  1. Born4Battle Says:

    I’m reminded of Christ, who looked at the crowds and was ‘moved’ with compassion! We need that compassion for the lost ones all around us! I remember some years ago there was a young lady who came to a Bible study in which we were discussing compassion. She mentioned that something had not been right with her Christian walk and she finally figured out that she had lost her ‘weep’. She took a leave of absence for a few days to just get alone with God and got it back!

  2. rjperalta Says:

    Amen Brother!
    Yes, dear Lord may we receive your compassion for the lost.
    Thank you.

  3. surrenderisfreedom Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Yeah, regarding your post as well, I think it’s very sad and scary to see how people twist things. We aren’t saved in order to receive a great and pleasant life. The gift of life and life more abundant is NOT about God fulfilling all the dreams we have as an unbeliever, or believer either actually. It’s about learning to understanding true life, life in Christ and obediant to the King. but that’s a hard concept for most. and it wasn’t until the last year or so this became true for me. It’s humbling, but without this awareness I think most of us sit around treating God like a genie, right?

    Just something else to keep in mind regarding sharing the truth.

  4. lionelwoods7 Says:

    Great analogy my man. You ever see the tracts at Irish Calvinist blog? I use the “Why is Jesus so Narrow Minded” I also use http://www.readthisbeforeyoudie.com for my more urban population. Another great site and resources at http://www.ccwtoday.org . Love your heart.

  5. rjperalta Says:

    Your welcome!
    I agree with your comment.
    Be blessed as you go!

  6. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks, praise Him!
    No, but I will check them out.

  7. rico7 Says:

    I really like that article. Thanks for your kind comments in my blog too.

  8. rjperalta Says:

    Hey bro. it’s good to hear from you. I have enjoyed following your blog and listening how God is working through you. Praise Him!
    Thanks for stopping by,
    May you continue to be blessed as you go out.

  9. JC Smith Says:

    I think that the refocusing of the church in regards to their obligations to the world will be the major earmark of the true move of God in our day.
    If there is healing, that’s great but does it lead to souls being saved?
    Lately, as I have refocused all my efforts towards souls, I found that the healings went off the charts. People are being saved because they see God moving.
    This that you wrote is the heart of God in this and every age- compel the lost at any cost.
    Glad that you are yet holdin’ on, Richard. Be blessed, brother!

  10. rjperalta Says:

    Amen! JC,
    “that’s great, but does it lead to souls being saved?”
    So true!
    God is in the saving business!
    Be blessed bro. as you go out.

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