Evidence of change

Sometimes change in ones life is gradual but it is indeed change. So it is with this young guy that we have been working with over the course of the last six months. Originally when we met him, he was far away from God and did not mind telling us so.

He was raised in a Christian home. His dad is a minister. So it is with some of the young people out there today. He is not the first we have met. For what ever reason besides rebellion, they have decided to check out of typical church and religion. They don’t want the usual status quo that comes with organized religion.

In one since, I can’t blame them. I do tell them that it is not all about “church and religion”. It’s more than that, a whole lot more. They are not interested in going through the motions of playing church. They want the real deal. If God is real, show me. Let’s see the power of God, they would say.

I believe the day is coming soon when many young people are going to be coming to God through Christ. I’m afraid it might be in a way that most are not familiar with. Could it come in a way that has never been seen before? Unusual ways, with unusual people? God truly only knows.

We are seeing some get on board, glory to God. However, until the church in the four walls begins to open it’s doors to all types of people and also get out to the people on a regular basis, it will remain stuck within the walls of religion. Also, some other good advise would be to minister to them right where they are at. Don’t just invite them to church, do some ministering on your own. Pray with them. Befriend them. Love on them right there. They may already have a church that is close by them, that’s OK. It is not all about numbers or bringing them to church.

Back to our brother who is soon going to get on track with God. Today, I walked into the coffee shop where he works and said hello. Just Hi, and asked him how he was doing. Nothing more. After about a half an hour he stopped by the corner where James and I were ministering. Now, he could have taken another route once he left work. There were several ways he could have gone to avoid us. But, praise God he didn’t and came right over to me as James was preaching.

He asked about James preaching. He asked if we were seeing any good things happening from his preaching. I assured him that if he would stay for awhile he would see. It wasn’t long before a whole group of young kids showed up to wait for the bus. As they waited, most listened, they got to hear The Gospel (these where kids around 8-10). James brought it right down to their level. Our friend smiled. He knew what was going on then. Who knows, it might have brought back memories when he was with God and his family.

He began to ask questions regarding his relationship with God. I could immediately tell that he was seeking after God. The beautiful thing was that he was now opening up to God. Where as before, it was obvious that he was running.

God can do something if their hearts are not shut and He is indeed drawing them. This is the case with Steve (not his real name, to protect the guilty). I am believing, that as we continue to pray for him (I’m sure there are family members that have been praying a lot longer than us) he will turn back to God.

All to the glory to God!


6 Responses to “Evidence of change”

  1. timbob Says:

    Greetings. It’s so incredible when the Lord brings back one of his own in such a way that only he could have done it. I’m reminded of my own season of rebellion and how the Lord supernaturally restored me. The Lords ways are indeed past finding out and as you mention, he can work in ways that we’re not expecting. Thanks for another update of things that are transpiring in your area.

    Have a blessed weekend in Jesus.


  2. rjperalta Says:

    It is indeed awesome to see how He works. Nothing brings the joy, satisfaction and contentment as does working in His harvest. I wouldn’t trade it anything!
    May you also have a blessed weekend.

  3. Chris Says:

    Wow, i’m really glad i found your blog. Great stuff. I read several entries just now and I will have to come back to read more when i have the chance. Thanks for the encouragement and reminders that i found here. God bless.

  4. rjperalta Says:

    I’m glad you have been blessed. I hope to post some more soon.
    God bless you as you go out also.

  5. anonymus Says:

    read the part about Joel where old men dream dreams and young men prophesy
    and Google these two things
    Hand of Help
    Thomas S Gibson
    I’m feeling lucky

    discernment prophecies for the two
    August 31#2, 2002. A prophecy received by Thomas S. Gibson.
    – The Prophetic Word, 1125 – 6 Ave, Wainwright, Alberta T9W 1G2 Canada.

    The Lord says: George Bush

    shall not leave his office
    before the end of his second term,
    but rather shall be killed
    before that time.
    Dimitru Dudamann/Michael Boldea Jr.
    Look up the eagle and the serpents
    if Bush dies and America gets killed than I’m singing hallelujah
    if not, then I apologize

  6. rjperalta Says:

    “If Bush dies and America gets killed than I’m singing hallelujah”?
    What spirit are you of?

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