Touched today by God

Today at work on my last break I went into the restroom as usual. Once inside, I noticed a little boy about 8yrs. old just standing there. I noticed that he did not have any hands. I said, “hey what’s up?”. He stood and looked at me as I went over to the urinal. I said, “so what are you doing?” He spoke in a speech that I could not understand. I figured that he had a speech impairment and possibly a mental disability. I continued to talk to him as if nothing was wrong. He still talked in a speech that I could not understand.

He went into the stall. I said, “are you going to go to the bathroom?” Again he mumbled out loud. I washed my hands and headed over to grab a towel. As I did, I felt impressed to mention God and Christ to him. After I finished, he spoke and I could understand him only when he said God and Jesus. Wow! I thought. He actually said something that I could understand.

I asked him, “do you know Christ?” He said, “yes I know Christ”. Wow! I was amazed.

Here was a boy that the only thing I could understand him say was “God and Christ” and now he said, “yes I know Christ”.

As I was getting ready to leave, I said, “God bless you”. He said from back inside the stall, “God bless you”. Wow again! I smiled as I opened the door.

Outside was another boy. I asked him if that was his brother inside. He said yes. I told him we talked about Jesus Christ. He smiled as to if he knew what the deal was.

I was smiling all the way back to the lunch room. Inside I had an opportunity to share it with a co-worker. Glory about God to God.
Praise Him! He is truly very awesome! He works through people.


4 Responses to “Touched today by God”

  1. Rocky Bishop Says:

    Awesome story. Thanks for sharing, its those kind of stories that give encouragement to others. I am a Reg. Nurse and have many many stories that have happened over many years of caring for people. Remember, CHRIST works in and thru each one of us.


  2. rjperalta Says:

    Rocky Bishop,
    Thanks for stopping by. I’m sure you do have awesome stories to share. It gives God glory when we do.
    May you be blessed as you go out.

  3. code Says:

    that’s awesome!

  4. rjperalta Says:

    Yes it was!
    Thanks for stopping by,
    and may you be blessed as you go out.

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