“No Bama”

As I was walking along the road today, I saw a minivan up the way that had this sign covering the complete back window. “No Bama” it read. I also saw a small sign on the lower corner that said, “vote for McCain”.

As I approached the van, I noticed that there was a driver in the seat. I went over to him and inquired about the “No Bama” sign. He went into a 10 minute speech about McCain and why he was the one to vote for. I listened and when he was through, I smiled and handed him a “why do you need Jesus” tract. Now I said, “what do you think?” He said that he wasn’t sure about it and that he wasn’t there yet. As he went on, I could tell that God was surely after him. What summed it up was that he said, “I’m think I’m getting closer”. He went on to say that in two weeks him and his wife were going to a Christian marriage seminar. Joy had come over him as he recalled the upcoming event. He was truly hopeful as we parted. God has been at work. This was just another seed coming his way. Praise God!


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