The house that God dwells in

The Lord says, “Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool. What kind kind of house, then, could you build for me, what kind of place for me to live in?” (Isa.66:1)
Should we make a magnificent building for God to dwell in? Is that where He wants to dwell?

God says, “I myself created the whole universe!” (vs.2) Why would I need anything else?

Ah, but here is the answer to where God dwells. The “house not made with hands”.

“I’m pleased with those(to this man will I look) who are humble and repentant,(poor in spirit, and of a contrite spirit) who fear me and obey me” (vs.2)

These are the ones where God dwells. Are we humble and repentant? Do we fear God? Daily?
How about our obedience? Daily?
God help us!


4 Responses to “The house that God dwells in”

  1. ProdigalKnot Says:


    I honestly thought you were going to get into why churches shouldn’t spend so much money on buildings! I would have agreed with that idea. Truly, though, the buildings really don’t matter if the people inside aren’t “humble and repentant”!

  2. brotherjohnny Says:

    Good post, brother.
    To be turned back around towards God through the Person and work of Jesus Christ (repentant) and, through that relationship, to acknowledge the One True God for who He truly is (humble), is what it takes to make a ‘living stone’ a living stone.

    May His house be built unto eternity!

  3. rjperalta Says:

    Brother Johnny,
    Thanks bro. and amen to your comment.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. rjperalta Says:

    Now that a subject all it’s own. Amen, it is the people inside.
    Thanks bro.

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