Thoughts on “time and strenght”

We are given a certain amount of “time and strength” while here on earth. Yesterday while I was at work I was thinking about this life and how hard I have worked at different jobs over the years and also having my own business. My thoughts were running along this line. Think about how hard and devoted we are to our jobs. How hard we work at them. How much of our time and strength is spent in our lives on them. Sobering I find it.

But what about God’s Kingdom? How much time do we directly invest in His work? Do we treat the Kingdom of God like our jobs, as far as our devotion to it? I know what most our thinking now. “But I am a testimony on my job.” “I do live for God on my job etc.” That’s right, and we should.

But my thoughts are running deeper than just that. I am addressing our time and energy being spent upon the Kingdom in relationship to the time we spend on our actual jobs. How do we treat God’s work in relationship to the harvest? In a given week how much of our time and strenght is actually spent for Him? I am talking about being involved with a soul that needs Him. I am talking about spending time and energy out working in The Kingdom of God. Such things as visiting someone, calling them and talking to them about Christ etc. Actual time being devoted to winning a soul over from darkness to light. From Satan to Christ.

It is time to take inventory of our lives! Where is all our time and strenght being spent. We must be reminded that we will give an account on that Day, of where did we spend our “time and strenght?” while here on earth. They are both precious gifts from God.

Am I as devoted to the work of God, as I am to my job? Good question that we must answer before our life is spent.


8 Responses to “Thoughts on “time and strenght””

  1. ProdigalKnot Says:


    As usual your words are thought provoking and conscience pricking. I think a big part of why so many of us don’t work as hard as we should for the Kingdom is because many are doubtful or not sure they actually belong to that Kingdom. Like you, I try to always be on the lookout for an opportunity given me by God to touch someone’s life. But, I wonder if sometimes we look so hard for what we “think” that we miss the obvious person(s).

    God help us to use out time wisely and profitably.

  2. rjperalta Says:

    That is it, what Kingdom do we belong too? There are only two kingdoms out there.
    That is true, thinking is a problem. The natural mind does get in the way.
    Thanks for the good reply, brother

  3. timbob Says:

    Good evening. I fear that many get so worn down by the daily grind that they’re just spent. They may sincerely desire to do more, but the baser elements take everything out of them. Then there are, of course, those who simply fail to see the seriousness of the issue. Either way, too little is being done by too many and souls are slipping away by the hour.

    I’m guilty in this area. My heart desires to be about my Fathers business, but it seems that obligations in the natural keep me tied up far too often. It drives me nutty if I’m not careful. I keep thesituation in prayer and continuously seek the Lords will and direction. Because I have absolutely no desire to seek promotion or gain as the world defines it.

    All of us can be doing more; regardless of where we are planted or what our circumstances are. May we all strive to be about the things which have eternal significance and let go of the stubble.

    Have a blessed evening in Jesus.


  4. After the Fire « As Eternity Approaches: Says:

    […] the post that I alluded to earlier, which explains this much more adequately. Thoughts of Time and Strength We should all take inventory of what we catagorize as important compared to where the heart of God […]

  5. rjperalta Says:

    Sorry for the delay in reply. We have been moving. Today is my first day back online.
    Your comment is very true. We need to take inventory and change what we can. What we can’t change, we need to pray and allow Him to do the change or make it possible for us too.
    By God’s grace we will not go “nutty”.
    Bless you.

  6. rjperalta Says:

    After the Fire,
    Thank you. Good words.
    I invite you to check it out.

  7. fireball3316 Says:

    ooooh, i am a newbie to reading your blog – you commented on mine so i came to read and am stirred for sure! meaty and real! blessings, fireball

  8. rjperalta Says:

    Glad you were blessed. I will do some more of checking yours out.

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