Losing our focus on God’s Kingdom

If this has never happened to you, consider yourself one of the few. Most of us at one time or another have drifted off course and lost our focus on what really matters.
I am not talking about a day or week or even a month, where you have strayed. I am talking about month’s and maybe even years. It starts real slow. A slow but steady drift from where you once were in God’s Kingdom.
I personally strayed for about five years. During this time I was starting a business and for two of these years, I was working hundred hour weeks. I was a true walking burn-out. I had become very cynical and arrogant. I was getting anywhere between two and five hours of sleep a night. I had no time for God or family. I was on a one-way track headed for destruction.
But God in his mercy saw fit to keep pursuing me with his love. His love worked in ways I could have never of imagined looking back at it.
If I have learned one thing in this life and that is, that it does not pay to be disobedient to your heavenly calling. Whatever plan and purpose that God has for you is to you personally and it is meant to be followed at any cost. If more Christians would seek God and find out what it is that they were created for, then we would see the power of God move here more in America.
When we loose our focus on God’s Kingdom and the purpose for which we were created, God is offended. He is a jealous God. He will continue to unleash His love upon us, and it may well come in ways that we never dreamed of. His love is often “tough love”. He sees all of eternity and desires that you and I do what it is that He has planned since the foundation of the world.
We were not just put here on this earth to eat, sleep and work. He is about people and His Kingdom. Whatever He has called you to, it has to do with people. If we get our eyes off people, we have done lost it. We have lost our focus. It then becomes about me and my kingdom.
The bottom line is, where is your focus? Is it my kingdom or God’s Kingdom?


2 Responses to “Losing our focus on God’s Kingdom”

  1. Jerald Says:

    Great questions at the end. If my focus is me, then it’s my kingdom that is being built and it’s all about me and everything that satisfies this thing (body) that I live in. But if my focus is on God, then it’s His kingdom, it’s His rule, and it’s His reign in me. Then He displays His pleasure by doing great things through me and with me.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. rjperalta Says:

    True words. Thanks for the reply.
    Blessings as you seek Him!

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