The Truth stands all by itself

Many times those who oppose Christ will come up to me and speak what they think is the truth.

I have found that it is best to listen to them for a few minutes, then ask them if you can speak. This is usually necessary because they want to carry on for long lengths of time before you can say anything.

This is also important on our end. When presenting the Gospel to another person, stop from time to time to give them an opportunity to speak. You will have much better success if they can participate in the discussion. A one sided conversation goes nowhere. This is true in all forms of communication.

When someone comes along of another faith such as Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu etc., present truth to them as much as possible. The truth being, Christ and the Word. The fact of the matter is that His word never returns void. And quite frankly, it doesn’t need any help. It can stand all by itself. We can rest in that.

Usually after 10 or 15 minutes you can since if the discussion is going somewhere or not. He is able to give us discernment. If it turns into a back and forth debate where it is no more than cutting each other off before you can each explain yourself, then it’s done. You are wasting your time. It is particularly bad if others are watching and all they hear is one trying to out do the other. Chances are that someone won’t come running up to you and yell out, “I want what you got”.

If I since that the discussion is going nowhere after some time, I will say something like this, “I have to go, but can I leave you with this?” (Usually they will stop and listen when I say this). I will continue and say, “Jesus Christ said this himself”, (make sure that you look them in the eyes as you tell them this) “if you believe not that I am He, you will die in your sins.” And then I will say, “there you have it, pretty simple isn’t it?”

Smile and say, “gotta go, have a nice day”

Remember, His words do not return void as you go off praying for that individual. He or she is in God’s hands and He is pursuing them with His love.

God bless you as you go out!

11 Responses to “The Truth stands all by itself”

  1. fireball3316 Says:

    great post! i love that last bit – God’s words thru us have power and do what they are intended to do, draw people to the way, the truth and the life – salvation through Jesus! we plant seeds and God waters. that takes the pressure from us i think to “close the deal” or to push someone when they are still on the journey and need a few more seeds and thinking and such. i really love your blog and how you make talking to people about jesus so “normal” and not scary! blessings, fireball

  2. rjperalta Says:

    I’m glad you were blessed! Yes, and it should be “normal” for us all. He is our life, and if that be the case, should it not come natural?
    Blessings to ya sister!

  3. ProdigalKnot Says:

    Keep at it Richard!

    Your rewards are piling up brother! Great advice, too. You know I need to get better at the two way conversations myself! 🙂

  4. Peter Says:

    Hello Richard! How are you and Susan? I’ve tried to contact you guys from time to time, but not been able to get through. Hope you’re both well.



  5. rjperalta Says:

    It’s good to hear from you!
    I will see if I have your e-mail. Shoot me one there if you have ours.
    Hope to make contact soon,
    Big blessing to you all !

  6. The Tract Collector « Grace County Says:


  7. timbob Says:

    Hi Richard. An arguing match rarely gathers and the advice in this post is most needful. I hope that you don’t mind; I just linked to your last four posts as each one has much needed insight. The hour is incredibly late.

    have a blessed day in Jesus.


  8. rjperalta Says:

    Thanks bro. Yes the hour is very late. Most of the time when I’m out preaching, the Lord has me saying something regarding the lateness of the hour.
    May you be blessed as you go out!

  9. rjperalta Says:

    It sure is. It takes being aware of it as we speak then sit back and listen. It’s real disipline.
    Bless you too!

  10. Peter Says:

    I’ll send something soon Richard!

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