The two different realms

The realm of God’s Spirit and the realm of this world. Two kingdoms, two realms (one of the original meanings of “kingdom” is realm). We know who is the ruler of the kingdom of this world, and that is indeed Satan.

In recent month’s, because of someone who is very close to me, I have thought and seen the vast difference between these two realms. When you have had the opportunity as I have had, to see someone go from operating in God’s spiritual kingdom, to the kingdom of this world, it’s contrast becomes very evident. You see the big differences between the two.

Some years back, I also operated in the kingdom of this world. Even though, it was a few years ago, I still remember what it was like. I remember the influence of the world and how it took me for a ride very quickly. After a while I became so engrossed in it, I didn’t even know that it had me by the tale and it was swinging me around and around.

Now,  having a walk with God in The Spirit, is knowing Him and operating in His Spirit. Hearing from Him. Obeying Him. Living for Him. Not just a profession of being a church going Christian, but a life that is controlled by The Spirit. The majority of your day is consumed by and in, His Spirit.

Having a life like this, and then falling back into the realm of the world is possible, believe me! I have been there. And, I have known others that have gone the same way.

This is Satan’s trap for the believer. What did Satan temp Jesus with? “I will give you the kingdoms of this world”

It’s so deceiving. Why? Because you will not even know that you have been took. You have been lulled asleep. Only (hopefully) to wake up and be shocked one day as to how far you have drifted into the realm of this world.

Now here is the real shocking part. Are you ready for this? YOU ARE EITHER IN ONE KINGDOM OR THE OTHER AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT IN TIME. I said “moment” in time.
That’s it. It is a moment by moment decision to chose to operate in God’s Kingdom or this world’s kingdom (which is Satan’s kingdom).

Each morning you are blessed with another day, is a day to chose to be led by His Spirit. Then as you go through out the day, you are going to have to chose. And guess where it all starts? IN THE MIND. THE BATTLE FIELD. This is where Satan starts his bid to get us to go back to the world and it’s way of thinking.

If Satan gets you thinking worldly, acting worldly, then guess what, you been seduced and no longer being led by God’s Spirit. No longer having every thought tried by The Spirit. You can get to a place after awhile, that your conscience won’t even be pricked. If that’s the case, then hardening has taking place.

The only hope then, is for God to pour out His love in such a way that it will bring you back to your spiritual senses. It may take some tough stuff to bring you back, but in the end it will be well worth it. We have eternity to gain!

Well, it a good time to take spiritual inventory of your own spiritual condition. We can no longer blame someone or something else for our own spiritual state.

And as the magnifying glass of God’s Spirit falls upon us, where do we stand? Which kingdom do we presently (this moment) abide in? Forget 20 years ago when you went up to the altar and gave God your all. In the balance of this moment, it doesn’t matter. Where are you now? Where has the majority of your thoughts been today? What about you actions? Your speech today at work? These all tell us where your heart is. Which kingdom it is in? It is in one or the other.

It’s not too late to repent (to turn, change) of following this world and it’s ways. Today is the day of salvation. Salvation from the realm of this world, from Satan’s kingdom.


12 Responses to “The two different realms”

  1. ProdigalKnot Says:

    Brother I hear uou and I am glad I am not alone in realizing that when Jesus said “He that endures to the end shall be saved” He meant “ENDURE”! Scripture constantly reminds us to “not give up”, “hold fast”, “keep the same confidence”, “keep a clean conscience”, and so on.

    It is a battle and we must run as if we intend to win, not settle for second or third place. Jesus said, “‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” (Luke 19:26 ESV) Scary stuff, but it is Jesus’ admonition to “watch and pray”.

    Hang in there brother! The threshing has already begun, I think.

  2. timbob Says:

    Wow! Is this ever a timely post. I don’t know if I’m being over-critical sometimes concerning my local fellowship, but it often seems as though the situation in the world has too much dominance. For example, a number of people are currently laid off and prayer is being made for this to be remedied. I look at such a situation as “Woo hoo, I have more time to pass out tracts.” I pray for layoffs. I shouldn’t really comment on this situation as my observations are most likely lop-sided, but many saints appear to be joined at the hip to the worlds system. Their prayers always seem to focus around a reinforcing of the institutions of this world. The Lord can, and often does, bless with employment. But he doesn’t require a solid economy to sustain those who love him.

    Maybe I’m insensitive, but it seems to me that few really undertand what “to live is Christ” means. To just be steadfastly faithful to him, be about the Fathers business, and trust him in take care of the lesser matters. If we can just grasp the truths that jesus mentioned in Matthew 6:24-34, we would have such peace that none of the worlds dramas would shake us.

    This is definately a post to link to. Thanks. Have a blessed day in Jesus.


  3. Richard Says:

    Yes brother we must endure to the end to make it. And I agree, the threshing has well began, and here we go.

  4. Richard Says:

    No, it sounds like like your right on to me. Lets get ready! We are well into preparation time.

  5. Department 94 « Grace County Says:

    […] THE TWO DIFFERENT REALMS Please read Richards post; it’s definately one for the “urgent” catagory. […]

  6. Carol Says:

    Hello Richard,

    I came to your site through Timbob. I appreciate this post. I want to be diligent about taking inventory often on where I am at in God. Thanks for this exhortation.


  7. Richard Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you were blessed.

  8. ProdigalKnot Says:


    I’m with you. Far too many Christians are more patriotic than they are believers, I’m afraid. At least that’s the impression I get with most. I know that far too many voted their pocketbooks last November and it doesn’t look like the choice was a good one.

    I agree, too, that time off by any means should mean more time for God and doing His work. Thanks for the comment. It encourages me to know I am not the only one who thinks that way!

  9. Peter Says:

    Bless you and yours, Richard.

  10. Richard Says:

    Thanks bro. May you and your family also be blessed. Give my love to them.

  11. John Munshya Says:

    Am encouraged and ignited with this special word. I would need to have the share of it whenever it’s available.

  12. John Munshya Says:

    Remember me whenever this articles are available plz.

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