Encouragement sent from God

He is a God that knows what we need and when to deliver it. He is exact and right on in all his ways. Man fumbels, hits and misses, but God never does. He is perfect.

Two days ago I sat out to do my usual, hit those streets for God. It is my joy and passion. This morning, I felt a little less encouraged. Like a lot of us, I have learned that we don’t run our lives according to our “feelings”. If we did, most of us would stay in bed. Before long we would be hopeless cases of depressed, lonely individuals striving for the next high that this life might give us. Only to find out that what it gives is temporary at best.

I went to town and did my usual prayer walk before knowing what He had purposed for me that day. Upon finishing, I was led to go out and visit a brother in the Lord. He is one that James and I led back to Christ after he had a bout with drugs. So I hopped on the bus and headed out to his place. As I got off the bus, it was raining a little so I popped open my umbrella and walked a few blocks to his place. Once there, I punched in his room number on the key pad and it rang and rang with no answer. I tried again with the same results.

So I called his cell number and still no answer. So I stood that wondering what to do next. After about 10 minutes, I popped open my umbrella again and headed of in the direction that I came. All of a sudden, it poured big time. Some hail was also mixed in with the rain. Boy was I thankful for the umbrella! I looked down the sidewalk and noticed a big tree down the way that was covering the sidewalk. So I sped up to make for cover.

Once there, I stood and hid under the umbrella and tree. I gazed out at the rain pounding upon the street. I seemed to be on hold, watching the rain come down. There was a lonelyness and a sence of discourgment that came over me. I stared out straight ahead.

All of a sudden, out of the corner of my left eye, a guy appeared. He walked in front of me and stood next to me on my right side. He was friendly and smiled. He also was very thankful for the tree. He had no umbrella like me. We stood there talking about the rain and weather. As he talked, I noticed that he had a pin on his jacket that read, “follower of Jesus Christ”. I smiled and said, “so your a believer in Christ?” He said, “you better believe it”. He held up is right hand and said, “and here’s my sword”. He was carrying his bible with him. There we both stood talking about the goodness of God under the tree as the rain came pouring down.

Now in the course of our conversation, I said nothing about feeling a little bumbed out, or nothing about my brother not being there. I was just rejoicing with him.

About halfway into our visit, he says, “I’m an encourger”. Wow! The light had went on big time! I said, “I know you are!” “God sent you!”

Once again, God was faithful to give me just what I needed. He had again encourged me to keep doing what I am doing. This was one of many times that He has sent someone along to bless me. To this I’m so thankful. There is nothing like God encourgement!

Shortly after he left, I proceided to walk to the bus stop. I looked down the road, and there he was walking along the sidewalk. I prayed that God would bless him richly that day.
God is so good!


6 Responses to “Encouragement sent from God”

  1. ProdigalKnot Says:

    That’s a great story Richard!

    I met a very nice Christian lady on the train Thursday. She, too, was an encourager from the Lord. I was feeling very stressed out about work and feeling very human. She helped me keep my eyes on what the Lord is doing. It was a real lift.

    God bless you in your faithful work!

  2. Joe Says:

    Great story ! Interesting that you set out to visit and encourage someone and wound up being encouraged yourself. Praise God for the work He does !

  3. Richard Says:

    Awesome. He knew just what you needed at the time. I love how He is perfect and exact in all his ways. And of course, He chooses to work through people. Praise Him!

  4. Richard Says:

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Yes, His work is awesome!
    God bless you as you go out.

  5. Loretta Says:

    God sent him to bless you –how awesome. What a wonderful God we serve. He cares for and comforts His sheep.

  6. Richard Says:

    Yes he does! and thank you.
    May this week be filled with pleasant surprises for Him!

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