Losing focus on The Kingdom of God

It can start out small and seemingly unnoticed. A little here and a little there, before long you can look way off into the distant past and only memories remain.
I remember a time in my life when I lost focus of God’s Kingdom. I became focused on starting a business. Before long it was all that mattered. It became first place in my life and everything else, my family, my walk with God and all relationships went by the way side.
So it is with those who have lost focus.

If God and His kingdom are not first in our heart then something else or someone else will be. We cannot serve two masters. One will be lord, and that’s the bottom line.

If God and His Kingdom are first, it will be evident to those who are closest to us. Our speech and our actions will confirm where we are at. What’s in the heart comes out.

There are two kingdoms. The kingdom of this world (which is Satan’s) or God’s Kingdom. You are either in one or the other and have allegiance to one or the other.

Now, I hear the distant cry of those who say, “wait just a minute!”. “I am saved and I go to church”. “I’m in God’s Kingdom!”
Well, it does sound good. The words sound convincing. But where is the heart? Where is the daily thoughts? What consumes us most? Our time and thoughts, where are they to be found in a given day?

What or who gives us the most pleasure? Where do we find approval? Who are we trying to please?

Answer these questions and they help show us where we are in relationship to The Kingdom of God. It helps to show us where our heart is.

Many have started out with pure motives and desire, seeking first The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. But where are they today? Do they look back and say that it was all foolishness? Do they claim to now have a better walk with God now, then they had before?

One thing is for sure, if you once tasted of the goodness of God and followed in His ways and have since turned another direction thinking that God is still blessing and that you still have his approval, guess what? You have been deceived. Like all, you just don’t know it.

The beautiful thing about God is that He is always pursuing his wayward children, wither they realize it or not. He pursues them with His love which works in ways that are way beyond our comprehension. That’s the good thing about God. He is love and look out He is coming after you, like it or not.


7 Responses to “Losing focus on The Kingdom of God”

  1. fireball3316 Says:

    great post richard! so relevant! a great wake up call! rev 3:15-16 has been on my heart this week as i prepare to speak to our young adults at church on sunday night… i know they love Jesus but i know some have lost focus… got to be hot for God!

  2. Elián Maricón Says:


  3. Jerald Says:

    The word kingdom in the Bible comes from a word that means reign or the authority to rule.
    In your post you wrote, “Now, I hear the distant cry of those who say, “wait just a minute!”. “I am saved and I go to church”. “I’m in God’s Kingdom!”
    If this person was talking about kingdom as a place they might be close but if you were to use the real meaning of kingdom in a question to them it might go something like this, “So you say that you’re saved and you go to church so you are under the reign of Christ? Are you saying that Christ Jesus rules over your life?”
    If you ask that sort of question you might get a very different answer.
    I love this post. This is good!

  4. Richard Says:

    Glad you were blessed. Hope it went well Sunday night.
    Have a blessed week!

  5. Richard Says:

    Well put, thank you.
    May you also be blessed this week.

  6. timbob Says:

    Hi Richard. This is so imperative to understand. I was in a backslidden state for several years because I allowed my focus to shift toward things of the world. The next thing I knew I was way off course. Praise God for bringing back this prodigal son.

    This is something that few of us understand the dangers of. The drifting is ever so slight that one will not notice it from one day to the next. It’s so imperative to keep our hearts with all diligence.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


    • Richard Says:

      I also know what it is like from experiance. And yes, it can be ever so slow, an inch at a time.
      Thanks for stopping by

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