Instant in and out of season

“Immediately I heard the Spirit say, “put that down!”

I had just finished meeting with some brothers at our regular gathering on Tuesday’s at a local mall. I was tired as usual and boarded the local train to head home. I had just finished talking to my wife on the phone regarding some personal things, and decided to text my son regarding tomorrow.

As I switched trains, I sat down and pulled out my phone. But first, I noticed a man sitting across from me. I stopped and put my phone down and said, “How was your day?” He pointed to his ear and shook his head. Well, then I knew that he was deaf.

I was impressed to hand him a tract, which I did. He smiled and handed it back and put up his thumb. I smiled back and put up my thumb also. So I went back to my phone and started texting. Immediately I heard the Spirit say, “put that down!”. I paused as to wait to see what was next.

Then I remembered that I had a tablet in my pocket and also had a pen with me. I use these quite often in ministry to write down people’s names and numbers and other stuff.

So I wrote to him and said, “so you know Jesus?” I handed him the tablet and he wrote on it, “yes, I found Christ while I was in college”.
We spent the next 30 minutes writing back and forth. We shared what was going on in our lives. Some personal stuff about each other etc. He wrote on one occasion, “my name is Stephen, what’s yours?”

Now I had done some of this with some deaf people before, but never quite like this. This was all God working through each of us as we shared. He was so blessed, I believe to have something like this take place. Who knows if he had ever had this type of conversation with a complete stranger. He smiled quite often, and so did I. This was heavenly to say the least.

Once again, “It’s all about people”. People that God places in our life for reason and purpose. There is no happen chance with God, no way!

Now I could of easily turned a deaf ear to The Spirit. It would have not been the first time, that’s for sure. I was reminded again how important it was to remain in the Spirit even though I was tired and wanted to take care of some family business.

Just think. If I would have not listened and kept texting, all this wonderful experience of partaking in what God is doing through people would have not taken place. I would have missed out on being a blessing to another person, and also receiving a blessing through someone else.

I hope to see him again riding the bus or the train someday soon.

Once again, I would like to encourage others to ride public transportation. If your not, your missing out big time. Some of the most awesome times I have seen God move, have been on a bus or local train. Use it, you will be blessed. And of course, be listening and watching around you as you go. And say “hello” to the person next to you, you might be surprised at the outcome.
God bless you!


2 Responses to “Instant in and out of season”

  1. fireball3316 Says:

    i love the divine appointments you have. i think your life is really rich – and you make others richer as you encounter them on trains, in malls, on streets. and i reckon God so smiles at you and about you! your blog always makes me smile and ignites the fire to share about Jesus more in me! blessings, claire

  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks so much!
    This is the only reason that I love to share about what God is doing. It is my only hope that others like yourself will be blessed and encouraged to get out and do the same. It doesn’t have to be the same, but it should involve people wherever He calls us to go.
    If God is truly first place in our hearts, his love will motivate us to love others, IE be concerned about them, have God’s compassion for them. It’s all God’s love working through us to reach others.
    I’ve known what it is like to live a selfish life for yourself. It’s empty. It’s not fulfilling. There is no real contentment there.
    But praise God I have tasted the real life and quite frankly, I want more just like you.
    God truly bless you.

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