Defiant one comes to Christ

I stood there looking at him, trying to convince myself that it was him.

I had just finished preaching a couple of blocks up from the local town square. The theme today was, “how to be put right with God”. I originally got the term, “put right” for righteousness, from the “Good News” translation of the Bible. It’s really the only reason I like that translation. I like to read from Romans chapter 3 starting with verse 21.
“But now God’s way of putting people right with himself has been revealed.
Vs.22, “God puts people right through their faith in Jesus Christ”…….
There is some more, but for the sake of time I will continue with the testimony.

So as I finished a couple of blocks up, I walked towards the square to check out a place that I stand and share. As I approached the square, I turned left and went a short distance, then right. I saw a guy with a small “boom box” playing something. I got a little closer to try and hear what it was that was coming out. The guy standing by it looked very familiar. I heard, “God” and “Jesus” coming from the box.

I walked a couple of feet to my usual spot, stood there holding a tract out and staring at the guy with the boom box.

Then it hit me! No, this can’t be the guy that I have seen before that got “in my face” when I was preaching. I stood there staring at him. Then his eyes caught mine.

I immediately walked over to him to take a closer look. I said, “what are you playing?” He explained that it was somebody preaching. I said, “Oh yeah” Then I said to him, “Are you a follower of Christ?” He said he was.
All the time, I was thinking to myself, “it’s him, isn’t it?”

Then I asked him, “how long have you known Christ? He said, about three month’s. I said, Really, praise God!

Then I had to ask him, “do you remember me?” I was preaching one time at this square about a year ago or so, and you got real belidgerant with me. You got in my face and was real defiant with me. Do you remember? He said, “Yes, I do”. “But now I’m changed” He went on to say that I was not the only one that he came against. There were other preachers that he had did the same to.

I do remember that he had this evil presence about him at the time. But now my spirit was bearing witness that he had been changed by the power of God. He was out witnessing, playing these CD’s and passing them out.

God is so awesome! He even mentioned the Apostle Paul, as to how he was before conversion. Likening himself to similar circumstances.

With God all things are possible! Great things He is doing! He is getting ready those who are going to be part of the next great awakening that is going to take place out in the open, outside of four walls.

Are you getting ready? It’s coming.


6 Responses to “Defiant one comes to Christ”

  1. timbob Says:

    Good morning. I really needed this. There are folks around me who are so far from God that it gives the devil a place to instill doubt. I pray for them, but all the while there’s like a voice teling me that they are beyond reaching. Brother I was once one who would seem to be beyond reaching, but the Lord can reach even the most contrary of folks.

    This is one reason that CR is such an inspiration. He’s one that I would pray for and the enemy would try to cause me to abandon the effort. CR was a typical partier and womanizer. He made a lot of money buying and selling used cars; oftentimes manipulating things into his favor. Today he’s a new creature in Christ and is the most vocal witness that I’ve known in years.

    Such reports as the testimony of CR and the one that you share here encourages me to keep lifting in prayer those around me who seem determined to stay on their present course. Truly God gives the increase.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


  2. Richard Says:

    Yes, this is so true. We need to start believing bigger. This reminds me of the post I wrote a few month’s ago, “I went out expecting” and that day someone got saved.
    So the question I will put out there is, “how much does our faith play into the picture?”

    Bless you too!

  3. fireball3316 Says:

    YAY GOD! that is so awesome! i bet you were so stoked! that makes me want to *happy dance*….

    i used to preach on my uni campus when i was at uni. it was later on when i was moving city that i talked to teh group of guys that used to come and meet with me and preach too (from different churches) – one of them confessed that they had only come back to God in the last few months – and because of my preaching. it seemed that God was speaking to him and chasing him and drawing him to himself and htat no matter what the time or day he would have to go to a particur place that i was there preaching…. he felt “hounded” but in a good way in the end. i share this not to yay me, but to share the “wow its neat to see fruit and meet people who have come to God because God uses us.” i get that amazing feeling. it is awesome that God uses us. that is wow. that blows my mind. i’ve been really impacted by acts 20:24 at the moment – that we are called to share the good news of God’s wonderful kindness, and that this is my life goal. he is so good!

    again, big yays for God and for his work in you and through you!

  4. Richard Says:

    God bless ya!
    I love that “happy dance”. That brought joy to me.
    As I have said on many occasions, “nine times out of ten, God works through people”.
    Keep sharing God’s wonderful kindness!
    Big yays to God!

  5. Loretta Says:

    wow praise God and thanks to Him for letting you see some fruit of street evangelism labor. Let’s pray for all the laborers He is getting ready……..

  6. Richard Says:

    Yes, praise Him! We don’t always get to “see the fruit”, but now and then he shows us.
    “Let’s pray for all the laborers He is getting ready” I say Amen!

    Thanks sister

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