Engaging God

We are people of choice. We can choose to move with God or not. He uses us if we make an effort to want to be used.

I will use my most recent testimony to explain what I mean by “engaging God”.
One of my most difficult times to share Christ with others is when I am tired. Usually towards the end of the day when I have been out working for Him or finished working at my secular job.
Today after working at my secular job, I walked to the bus stop and sat down on the bench. As I sat there, the air ran out (tired). I leaned back on the glass behind me, spread my legs forward and let out a sigh of relief.

As I sat there, I looked across the street and saw a guy sitting down on his luggage waiting for the bus going the opposite direction. This is a four lane busy road with lots of cars zipping by. As I sat there staring at this guy, The Spirit said, “you can run over there and hand him a tract”. I thought, I’m tired. Run? Across this busy road? And what about my bus to go home? What if it comes while I’m on the other side? All these questions came to mind.

I said to myself, “I’ll go”. I looked and there was no traffic. It was as though everything stood still for a moment. I looked both ways to make sure and ran, pulling out a tract as I ran. I got to the other side and handed it to him. He looked at it and smiled back and said, “Oh I believe”. I said, “Jesus Christ is your Lord and Saviour?” He said that He was. He mentioned that He was raised in a Baptist family. I said, “that’s good, but where are you today?”

We talked for a minute and I encouraged him to read God’s word daily, and related it to food for the spiritual man. He said he did have a bible.

About that time I looked and no cars were coming. I said “God bless you” and bolted across the street, sat back down and prayed.

Now, this is what I want to share. I could have remained sitting in that seat and waiting for the bus. Instead I chose to go over there. By doing this, or making the move, putting one foot forward, I engaged God. It just that simple.

By deciding to move out for Him, he blessed this man with a reminder to seek Him. Not only that, but here’s the part that really blessed me and others.

As I got on the bus, I was “engaged”. No longer tired like I was. Why? Because I believe that God “quickened” me to the point that He (not me) illuminated me to the point that the next 30 minutes on the bus brought several opportunities my way for Him. Things like, coming to a bus stop and finding that the next bus ahead of us had mechanical problems.

Long story short, myself and some other people got to get out of the bus and help this older man in a electric scooter get out and get into the other bus. This one man and I helped the man walk along and get back into his scooter. This is a man that received a tract earlier, and said “thank you”. I could of easily sat there and said to myself, “I’m too tired”. Now the bus had all kinds of people on it. It was two buses in one now. Two young guys were blessed also by the tracts that they received. One guy mentioned that he had been inquiring about the “many ways to God” mentality. I assured him that there was only one way and that was Christ. He didn’t deny it.

I say all this to give you an example of how God works. He is all out for people. You or I make the effort for Him, and we will be blown away at the opportunities that come our way. UNLESS WE SIT BACK AND GET COMFORTABLE, RIGHT?

Just think about all these people that would not have been touched by the Spirit of God, if I would have chosen to remain in that seat and relax. I believe if I would not of stepped out, the Spirit would not of engaged within me. Oh it was there, but not “quickened”. There is a big difference.

May God help us all to step out and move out for Him more. Time is getting real short for all of us……
On that day, there will be no excuses.


8 Responses to “Engaging God”

  1. timbob Says:

    Good morning. It’s all too easy to take the “I’m tired” attitude and feel justified in doing so. I’m all too guilty on this. There are times when getting into the streets is a seemingly insurmountable task as exhaustion, resistance from home, and other obligations jon forces in an attempt to keep one tied up. But everytime I get out there, the fatigue seems to just go away and the Lord meets me there right on time.

    This is another great reminder to be aware of the opportunities that continuously arise and to not dwell on our situation. Blessings always in Jesus name.


  2. Richard Says:

    Good evening. I know what you mean about “getting into the streets” and the difficult task it may be. Anymore it’s not as difficult as it use to be. Different stages in our life have a lot to do with that.
    However, I still have to leave out the front door and go through a process of clearing out the mind from all distractions. In order to get into the spirit of working out there for Him, it takes effort and discipline. Not easy, but what a blessing when you get there.

    Thanks and God bless you!

  3. Rachel Says:

    A great reminder for us all to always be listening to our Lord’s voice.


  4. Richard Says:

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Yes, listening is the key. Also of course, obeying after we have heard.
    May you be blessed this weekend!

  5. Prodigal Knot Says:

    I confess I have become so busy doing benevolent things for believers, that I have been excusing myself from reaching out to the lost. I’ve been dog tired lately, working hard at the job, getting calls way too early in the morning and fulfilling my commitments at church.

    It is so easy to say, “Sorry Lord, I’m too tired.” Thank you for reminding me to look to God for strength instead of trying to do so much on my own.

  6. Richard Says:

    You are welcome! I know what you mean about being tired. He does renew our strenght. Praise Him!

    Bless you bro.

  7. Loretta Says:

    Very convicting, I can relate! Thanks for the nudge to push past the tiredness– we can rest “later” when we are done with the work the Lord has for us…………

  8. Richard Says:

    Oh so true! “we can rest later”. And as you well know, He does have work for us to do.
    Keep it up, sister

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