Jesus Christ was not his name

Jesus was his name. He didn’t have a last name like we do. Christ was his title.

I came across this as I was once again studying about Jesus the Christ.

I have known God through Christ for quite a few years now. However, I cannot get enough of studying about Christ. I don’t think any of us can. Once you think you have learned most of what there is to learn about Him, bam you discover more. He is The Word, and just like it, it is ever new and alive. It doesn’t matter how many years we have looked into it. He is new every day!

Back to Jesus Christ. “Jesus” in the Hebrew means, “Salvation”. The literal meaning means “Savior”. This goes along with Matthew 1:21. “And she (Mary) will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.” Sounds like salvation to me! Salvation from sin!

The Greek word “Christ” is “Christos”. It means, “Messiah” which means, “The Anointed One”.

This helps us when sharing Jesus as The Christ. The Messiah, The Anointed One.

What about, “Christ Jesus?”

The Anointed One who brought Salvation? The Anointed One who is The Savior from sin?

I am using these meanings/names out there on the streets. I believe they are powerful.

God bless you!


10 Responses to “Jesus Christ was not his name”

  1. mightbethewalrus Says:

    I love the whole “real Jesus” stuff. The white guy in the shining robe and perfect hair that we have all come to know and love is hilarious. It’s amazing how the regular typical Jewish man description in the bible changes to the glowing white perfect looking mascot.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Wow! I’m excited to find your blog. It seems there are so few people who care about sharing the Gospel, but it is is amazing what God does when we pray and allow ourselves to be used by Him.

  3. Richard Says:

    Yes, you said it, “real Jesus”. John in the book of Revelation got a look at Him. It was totally different then the pictures we see today.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    May you be blessed as you go out!

  4. Richard Says:

    So true and right on. Thanks for stopping by.
    Glad you are “excited”. Use that excitement to continue to go out and be a blessing for Him.

  5. timbob Says:

    Good evening. How deep is our God? So deep that even a lifetime of profound revelation would barely scratch the surface. He continues to become more awesome day by day.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


  6. Richard Says:

    So true! I can’t get enough of Jesus! Then again, why would I want to?

    Thanks for stopping by,
    and bless you also.

  7. brotherjohnny Says:

    Greetings, Brother!

    I just read you “Church on a bus” post….
    that is so awesome.
    I love it when that happens!

    “Jesus” also means “Yahweh is salvation”.

    “The self existing One is salvation”

    Just thought that I’d throw that in there…

    Peace to you, in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  8. Richard Says:

    Thanks, good to hear from you!
    Yes He is salvation! The Only!

    Blessings to ya brother!

  9. m Says:

    wow lets have a history lesson here about the letter j before we get into why his name wasn’t “jesus” first because the first two languages spoken from the beginning (english) translated (hebrew) “bereshith” the languages was aramaic and hebrew and in both alphabets there was NO letter “J” EVER till 1634 when some guy named Gian Giorgio Trissino made it up lets look at what scripture says about changing and altering the TORAH of YHVH it says hmmmm NOT TO change a word a name a law or add to or take away from his word or law right so lets get back to the real truth and stop calling on the heathen name he’sous/iesous/jesus(hail zues) read maccabees read the uncorrupted SCRIPTURES AND SCROLLS NOT YOUR INDOCTRINATED (BIBLES) and lets stop celebrating man man heathen holidays instead of the HOLYDAYS

  10. Richard Says:

    M Says,
    Wow, I sense a real attitude here. A religious one at that.
    My prayer is that you would come to Jesus and study his life and follow Him. Not all this religious stuff that only makes one divide himself and fall into an attitude against what Christ is doing.
    May God be with you.

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