A living example of commitment

Today I was blessed to listen to a lady as she gave me her testimony of commitment.

In today’s quick and throw away society, little is found out about marriage commitment. We live in a society that accepts divorce as a throw away option to commitment, if necessary. In many cases the couple stands before a minister of God and they recite their marriage vows. In some cases they still say vows that have the time-tested words, “through richer and poor, through sickness and health, tell death do us apart.” All these vows are said before witnesses, the minister, and most importantly, God. (Although, in a lot of cases now days,  there is no “minister of God” who believes in the Bible anymore. And the “vows” have little to do with real commitment such as the above)

What about commitment?

Here is her testimony as the best I remember it:

She was married for 40 years before her husband passed away with his final heart attack. In the last 10 years her husband had four strokes. Each one set him back farther and farther. He became more abusive, angry, bitter, and aggressive with each one. He made continued threats to her life on a regular basis. The family no longer wanted to be around him because of his aggression. In the last year of his life, his wife slept out in the front room with little sleep each night because of the fear of what he might do. She told me, “I had to guard my back at night”.

She also shared about how he became like a little kid out in the yard always getting into trouble. He would be working on things like his tractor, and then get himself caught in a bind and have to yell to his wife to get him out. She would always come to his rescue and help him and get him inside for help.

I was so amazed to listen how, as she put it, “God gave me abundant patience through it all”.

Not only was this a real trial for her, but they also had a physically challenged child to raise. This had its own requirement of much grace and patience, let alone a husband who was no longer the one who she married years ago.

About three-quarters of the way through our conversation she said, “through richer and poor, through sickness and health”. That jumped out at me big time. Wow, I thought to myself. Where has commitment gone in today’s society? Does it mean anything anymore?

Here was a lady that had way more reasons than most to “divorce” her husband. Most would have left long ago and would have put their husband into a rest home for someone else to deal with the mega problem. She admitted that there was a time when she checked into it, but could not get herself to make such a big move and separation.

Her love ran deep. It was not based on circumstances. Most love today between husband and wife is based upon circumstances. Things like finances, status, looks, and figure enter into the basis of keeping that relationship going or not. True love runs deeper than any earthly or physical circumstance.

I could not help but think about our laws today that grant divorce based upon “irreconcilable differences”. How can this be even in the same ballpark as what this lady went through? Or, others that have gone through much worse. You can’t even compare it to “differences”. Or how about this one, “we no longer have anything in common?”

This story has an awesome ending:
She told me that three days before he passed, he made his peace with God and also apologized to her. From that time on he began to change and to smile the remaining three days.

AND GET THIS: (this one blew me away)
HE DIED WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE! Yep! She told me that when they came to get him to take him to the morgue, that she demanded that they not cover up his face. She said that he went out the front door in the stretcher that day for all to see that he was smiling as he went.

Now she lives with such joy, peace and contentment, knowing that he is at peace, and that she will see him again someday. Her testimony is living proof to what true love, commitment, and forgiveness is. Also to what it can do.

God bless her richly! For her testimony is powerful and it has God all over it!

3 Responses to “A living example of commitment”

  1. Rose Says:

    The Two Shall Become One Flesh…

    She knew “Marriage is for Life!”

  2. Richard Says:

    Amen! It should be and is supposed to be “for life”. I agree.
    Thanks for stopping by. I will check out the sites.
    May you be blessed as you go out!

  3. Commitment Comes with Dedication | The Warrior Says:

    […] Peralta, R. (2009, August 24). A living example of commitment. Retrieved from WordPress.com: https://rjperalta.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/a-living-example-of-commitment/ […]

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