Power in the “highways and byways”

Healing and deliverance power from God is coming to the “streets” near you.

Yes, we are getting reports from one city in the U.S that is experiencing the power of God moving. We praise Him for the reports.

In Galveston, Texas.
A man was prayed for who had “severe blood clots”. He came back the next day to report they were all gone.
Several were set free from addictions.
A Spanish man brought his sick baby to be prayed for. He came back the next day to testify that she was all healed. The man got anointed also and went off praying for those who were intoxicated. A couple of them were instantly sober, crying out to God.
The local police are bringing addicts and prostitutes down to them in their cars.

One of the guys who is allowing God to work through him states:
“It’s our heart to see this spread all over the nation. If you are willing to live with reckless abandon of self, God will pour out the anointing. Remember, God is not looking for your ability, but your availability. There is nothing special about us, we are just willing.”


Well, what about your city? What kind of power is being manifested right out in the open?
I will speak for my city, as much I see and hear.
There is a big increase in evangelism. Most of the city is hearing the Gospel on a regular basis. God is raising up new “preachers” also. Lots of Gospel tracts of all kinds can be found all over the city.
Praise God for what is being done!

What is coming next? Instant deliverance and instant healing. By this I mean, instant deliverance from demonic spirits. Instant deliverance from addictions. Instance deliverance from homosexuality. And instant healing to those who can’t walk, talk, hear, see etc.
Praise God! It’s coming and all so He can be glorified through it all!

And your city?

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