A measure of death (part 1)

I opened the window and yelled, “don’t do it, the wages of sin is death!”

I had just got off the train and went to the usual area to catch the bus to go home. I went down through the crowd passing out the “why do you need Jesus” cards. I then noticed a girl down at the end trying to give herself to this guy. She was loud and trying to seduce him to go somewhere with her.

We boarded the bus and I sat in my usual spot in the back. At this time, I noticed that she had sat up towards the front and that she was sitting with a different guy. I knew who this guy was having talked with him on several occasions before about Christ. He is the one that has torn up my tracts every time I have offered them to him. In recent months, I have not offered them to him because of it.

Sure enough this time it was no different. I figured it had been months since he has received one, so I gave it to him and he tore it up right before he got on the bus. As he did, I said to him, “make sure you put it in the trash or you will be littering”. He walked over and did put it in the can. This was the first time he has. All the other times he just threw them on the ground and I would bend over and pick them up.

So this “tract tare upper” was the one who was falling for this girl. We in the back of the bus were watching and soon she got up and sat in the seat in front of him. The deal was over for some reason.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when I was boarding the bus, I walked passed her and she grabbed my hand and tried to pull me into her seat. God grace was sufficient and I quickly pulled it back and proceeded to the back of the bus.

Now the guy who she was originally after, was sitting across me as we proceeded down the road. He was talking so much about her and what was taking place, that I had just a few times to mention to him about sin and the consequences. He knew well what I was talking about. I also had talked with him before.

The bus came to the first stop at a local mall. The girl got up and asked him to come with her. I said, “don’t do it”. He smiled and said that this was his stop to get off on. I watched him through the window as he was talking to the girl. She was again trying to seduce him to take off with her.

I couldn’t help it as I watched this taking place. My heart was not wanting to see him go with her. He had told me on the bus how he had a wife and kids at home and that he knew better. Now she was trying to set the hook.

I slid open the bus window and yelled out, “Don’t do it!” “Remember that the wages of sin is death!”
He paused for a moment and then removed his hand from hers. The battle had been won. She cussed and walked off, flipping him off as she walked across the parking lot.

Praise God, another soul was saved from committing sin that day. While the chances were good that he probably would not have fallen over dead after committing that sin, but for sure “A measure of death” would have taken place within him.

Stay tuned for part 2, when I discuss what I am talking about in “a measure of death”.


3 Responses to “A measure of death (part 1)”

  1. Brad Ailor Says:

    Oh yes! How sweet it is to not fall into the chains of death! A clear conscience toward God is greater than all the pleasures of the world and flesh. Pulling those from the flames! The Lord is awesome and full of Grace and Mercy that He gave through your ministry… that is true beauty.

  2. Richard Says:

    I agree with your comment. Especially, “a clear conscience toward God is greater than all the pleasures of the world and flesh.”
    By God’s grace we can “exercise a conscience void of offence.”
    Thanks bro

  3. Richard Says:

    For some reason when you comment on my blog, your name doesn’t connect you with your blog. I other words, if I scroll up to your name on the comment received and click it, nothing happens. It should go to your blog immediately. Your name is also in black instead of blue which would make the connection. ???

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