A measure of death (part 2)

Even in the believers life, any unconfessed and unforsaken known sin will be a measure of death that is taken place in ones life.

If you are a student of the subject of sin you will be found in the book of Genesis on a regular basis. Why? Because this is where it all begins. Here we learn and study from a foundational point. We start with the foundation and then move on and learn from this point onward.

In the beginning when Adam and Eve sinned they did not immediately fall over dead after they committed the first sin. God made a statement that would run throughout the course of mankind, and that was, “for in the day that you eat of it, you will surely die.”(Gen.2:17) It literally means, “dying you shall die”, and it’s the “dying” process that we are addressing.

Yes, this did mean physical death, because there was no physical death before sin entered the world, only life. However, we must look at what really was God referring to when he said, “you will surely die.” What took place in Adam and Eves life immediately after they had sinned?

Now, I won’t take up the rest of this post talking about the “conscience”, but you can visit a post that I wrote sometime back regarding this subject.
What I want us to see here is how “death” ran through their lives after they had sinned. It is important that we get this because it lays the foundation for sin. We can go no further in our study on sin until we clearly understand “sin and death”.

How did sin first manifest itself after they had eaten of the “forbidden fruit”? Their eyes were opened and they knew. They had knowledge of their sin. Why? Because remember what tree it was that God told them that they could not eat of? Ah yes, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The key word here is “knowledge”. Knowledge of their sin.

Once they knew, what did they immediately do? They “covered up themselves.” Sin brings “cover up”. When one sins, they immediately want to cover up or hide. Shame and guilt from sin brings about this. It is a measure of death. There is truly no life to be found in this.

What took place next? They “hid themselves from God.” When one sins, they want to hide. Can you imagine, these two who walked with God in the garden, in the perfect place with God. They walked and talked with the God of all creation. Now, because of sin they are found hiding from Him. Oh what sins does! It reeks of death at every turn!

Running throughout these two incidences is “separation from God”. Can you see it? If you get nothing else from this post, you must get the fact that sin separates us from God. It is in it’s very form “a measure of death”. Separation from God is death!

I will stop here because I try not to write long posts.
I part 3, we will come to more of an understanding of sin and death.
Thanks for reading. I hope you are gaining some knowledge about sin.


6 Responses to “A measure of death (part 2)”

  1. fireball3316 Says:

    this is awesome richard! i love the way you are unpacking this. cant wait for part 3!

  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks, glad you are being blessed!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Richard – you made some great points in here. Sin is so damaging to our lives. Most just don’t understand what is really happening when they are engaged in sin. They think it is no big deal. But they are putting a barrier between them and God because they aren’t walking in His wisdom and they are bringing much affliction to their souls and lives.


  4. Brad Ailor Says:

    Amen Richard! I find a lot of people put sin in a broad category such as murder, theft, adultery, etc…that relieves them of theiir own sin or even thier need for Jesus. Sin is so deceptive and cunning, the only way of escape is through Jesus Christ. But do I really hate sin? Do I really see sin the way God sees it? I am glad the Lord has us studying sin from Genesis! Praise the Lord.

  5. Richard Says:

    So true Rachel. They don’t realize the seriousness of sin. They much understand that it is indeed “a measure of death”.
    May He be with you as you go out!

  6. Richard Says:

    So true! They also have a sin magnitude scale. Big terrible sins and little OK sins. Kind of like “little white lies”. Sin is sin in God’s eyes, and he hates it (period).
    It was sure good to see you Tuesday night!
    May He bless you at work this week!

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