“Would you like the good news?”

After he was delivered from unclean spirits, I invited him to come with me and engage the Spirit of God within him.

Today was an awesome day because God delivered a brother from some unclean spirits. I had been working with him over the past couple of months and yesterday he finally told me that he wanted to be set free. So I contacted a seasoned brother in the Lord and asked him if he could come with me today.

Through the guidance of The Holy Spirit our seasoned brother prayed and we (myself and another brother) backed him up. It was awesome to see and hear what took place. Such insight in the Spirit was heard through his prayers. He prayed for the unclean spirits to come out as he named some that the Spirit gave to him. When he finished praying and talking to our delivered brother, he asked me if I had anything. I said what the Lord gave me that morning. I quoted a scripture and told the unclean spirits (by name) to come out in Jesus name. They did not come out because of us, but because of what Christ has done. Praise God who alone delivers! To God alone be the glory! Great things he has done and great things he is doing!

In Jesus name this is the first of many deliverance’s that will take place here. All because The Father will be glorified through The Son (Jn.14:13).

After we finished, I invited our new delivered brother to come with me and pass out some tracts. He hesitated at first, then he picked up his pack and got ready to go.

I had shared with him how that one thing that the enemy of his soul does not want and that is for him to began to step out and share Christ. As an act of faith on his part, I encouraged him to step out and engage The Spirit of God within him. One good way and an easy way, is to stand there and hold out a tract. It might seem like a simple and non effective way, but I have seen on countless occasions how the Spirit of God moves through those who are just available and willing to do even the simplest task of sharing Christ. And tracts are a good way to engage The Spirit.

Now, I would say that after all the tracts that I have passed out over the years, two or three out of ten that actually take one is a good average.

This is the awesome part!
I gave him some “why do you need Jesus” cards to him to pass out. The very first one that he put up for grabs was taken by a lady that passed by. I noticed and said, “wow, brother!” “the very first one you held out was taken!” He smiled back.

As time went on, I noticed that they were taking tracts from him about twice the rate that they were taking mine. This was truly awesome to behold! Here was a guy that God was using and blessing because of his obedience to come to Jesus and be delivered.

What an awesome God we serve! This was joy divine! What an encouragement for our brother to partake in today. I was so blessed to have a part in seeing what God did.

After awhile we both came to the conclusion that “six out of ten” people took tracts from him. This is particularly unheard of around here. All the time he would smile and say, “would you like the Good news?” To God be the glory!


3 Responses to ““Would you like the good news?””

  1. Loretta Says:

    praise God. This reminds me of the woman i was speaking with last week, S.,(full of spirits) who at the end of our convos, was forcefully saying terrible things, rejecting Christ and that she did not want to hear it. She is living on the street; i don’t know if i will see her again. Please advise on ‘deliverance’ issues, for the future. Maybe i can get you my email. God bless you.

  2. Richard Says:

    On the spot “deliverance” and “healing” is what is soon to be coming to the streets. The ones that are going to play a major role in this is going to be those in their twenties. After four years of being active with this vision (see my post on “The Army of God”) on the streets, the time has come in this area to gather some together and begin to equip, train and send out. I am trusting that this is already taking place in other areas.
    I have your e-mail and will keep you posted.
    May God continue to lead and direct you as you go out!

  3. Richard Says:

    Whoops, the post is “God’s Army”

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