A measure of death (part 4)

The very nature of sin is death. Any sin in ones life is producing a measure of death. Let it go long enough and it will grow into more death, more separation from God. Even in a believers life this does not change.

God told Cain regarding the first mention of sin in the Bible, “but you should rule over it.” (Gen.4:7)
Here we see the rule, not the exception. If any people since the creation of mankind have the means to “rule over” sin, it should be us. Why? Because of Christ. We have the grace given to us to be over comers through Him.

Let’s take a look at some of the similarities of sin between Adam and Cain. In them we will gain some understanding regarding sin and it’s nature. Time has not changed these. Society has not changed the nature of sin. Education hasn’t changed it. Social status hasn’t changed it either. You might have a higher standard of living than most, but that doesn’t change sin and it’s nature.

After sinning, The Lord said to Adam, “Where are you?” (3:9) To Cain He said, “Where is Abel your brother?” (4:9)
Here comes accountability! God holds us accountable for our actions. When one sins, God through the conscience, speaks to us and holds us accountable. He let’s us know.

To Adam He said, “Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat?” (3:11)
To Cain God said, “What have you done?” (4:10)

God by questioning them brought them into accountability. He could have easily said, “OK, since you have done this and that, here is your consequences.” But no. He wanted them to face it square in the face.
Today, it is no difference. God speaks through our conscience when we sin. It’s His masterpiece! (see my post, “The Tree of conscience”)

And as if we haven’t had enough of “death” and “separation” we continue on with the similarities between Adam and Cain. (And also, don’t forget that they were “blood” related. That’s another subject).

God says to Cain, “So now you are “cursed” from the earth,” (4:11)
Where have we read that before? Right, in the previous chapter.
Sin brought forth curses. You can read them in chapter three. They are still here today because of sin. One is the “curse” between man and the earth. Cain followed in the same curse. (4:12)

And here comes the separation again because of sin. Cain says to God, “Surely You have “driven” me out this day from the face of the ground;” (4:14)
With Adam it was the same, “So He drove out the man” (3:24)
Separation all the way! Because of sin.

Some more? Cain continues on and says, “I shall be “hidden” from your face.” (4:14) Remember what Adam and Eve did when after they sinned? Right. They “covered themselves” and “hid” in the trees from God. Sin produces “guilt and shame”, then one wants to go off and hide. He also wants to try and mask over he guilt and shame. This is also a form of trying to escape and hide. This is what sin produces.

“Then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord…” (4:16)
He separated himself.

In closing, death from sin is separation from God. There is a final separation from God for all those who reject Christ and do not repent from their sins in this lifetime. However, we must understand that sin not only produces final death, but also produces a measure of death in us if we have unconfessed and unforsaken sin in our lives as believers.

As the Apostle Paul said about sin, it “was producing death in me…” (Rom.7:13). If we have known sin in us that has yet to be dealt with, then death is being “produced” in us. Why? Because we have not surrendered it over to Christ. We don’t want to deal with it. The good news is that there is grace to overcome if we want to overcome sin and progress in growth.

And it is God’s will that we by the Spirit, “put to death (kill it!) the deeds of the body,” and then “we will live” (Rom.8:13)

God bless you as you move forward!


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