The process of “giving up”

True followers (disciples) of Christ will “take up their cross” and follow Him.

I have noticed and learned in my time here on earth walking with the Lord, that He has and will lead us in a personal “giving up” process. This process, like many processes that He leads us in, will be a life long process.

This giving up process is certainly not for everyone. Many will embark upon this road and will soon find themselves looking back at what they gave up. They will turn back and try and regain what they have lost, only to find out that they will never be able to reclaim all of what they gave up. Their struggle to regain will become one of the fiercest battles they will face. Why is that? Because they fighting against the Lord and his will for their lives.

A very familiar story in the Bible is the one about the “Rich young ruler”
(Mk.10:17-27). This is of course about one who had “great possessions”. However, the story is much deeper than that if one continues on reading to the end of that chapter. If we continue on we will see the true meaning of what Christ was trying to teach here.

In verse 28, after Christ told about the rich young ruler, Peter (one of his disciples) says, “But Lord, we have left all and followed you.” In other words, we are not like this rich guy, but we have given up all for you. Then Christ hits at the real example of “giving up” all to follow him and the gospel.

Verse 29 lists the examples of giving up.
Christ talks about those who have given up “houses”. WHAT! Give up my house?
Then He goes on and lists “family”, such as “brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.” WAIT! Just a moment! He is certainly not talking literally here!
If that is not enough to swallow. How about a “wife” or “children”? No this can’t be!
He also says, “lands” (or fields as it was in those days). Today this would mean a “business” or if your a farmer, your farm.

And why would one be led to “give up” those that are stated above? Christ has the answer. He says, “for My sake and the gospels”. This would be the only reason that one would be required personally to “give up”.

We should not read this text and say, “Ah, there it is, He is requiring me to give up my “house”, my “sister” etc. No. Christ is listing these as examples of some of the “giving up” that might be required by you personally in this “giving up process”.

Remember, that He started this story with the rich young ruler. He ends it up with his disciples. These are the ones who were called to follow him. A personal calling to follow him will require giving up that which He shows us personally to give up. And it will indeed be a process. A life long process.

So one must ask himself, “do I want to be a follower of Christ?” Why can’t I have all I want in this life and still follow him?
Would this not contradict what Christ taught in the Gospels?

And now a word of encouragement to all those who maybe have found this post a little discouraging.

In verse 30, Christ says that if we do give up that which he is requiring for us to give up, we will receive “a hundred fold more”. When? “in this life!” WOW! That’s good investment! That’s good dividends!

However, I must be honest. Mark’s account of this story says that Christ says, “with persecutions”. Oh, so it’s not going to be easy is it? NOPE!
But, He will give us all that we need to endure the personal road that he has paved for us to walk in. All of what we need is found in Him! We can endure this “process”.

And now for the best news yet!
And in the end, the final reward will be “eternal life” In the end it will be worth it all! Eternal life to all those who have been obedient to the process of giving up all of that which has been required of them. All for following Christ in this life and spreading His Gospel.

Many who think they are going to be first, will be last. But Christ says the “last shall be first”. Those who have given up all shall be first. Sorry, but this flies in the face of today’s teachings about following Christ. It’s best to stay with what Christ taught about following himself. Not what Doctor so in so says. Or this book and that. Stay with what Christ taught and you will not be deceived.

Bless you!


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  1. Richard Says:

    What! nobody likes the subject of “giving up?”

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