Going out, not knowing where your going

This is one of my favorites for street ministry. If you have never been led to minister this way, ask Him. He just might lay it on your heart.

This can be done with two or more people, but I have found that it works best if you are able to do it with just you and the Holy Spirit.

You wake up in the morning and seek his face and his word and ask Him to “quicken” His Spirit within you. Hopefully He will give you some “theme” in His word to take with you when you set out the door. If not, don’t stress over it.

Next, it is very important to “empty yourself” of all worries/cares etc. This may take some doing and time to learn how this is done. Basically, it is turning it all over to Him in prayer and asking Him to take it all. It will be difficult to hear The Spirit if this is not done. I have had some real cares and concerns going on in my life over the years, but also know that it is possible to “empty out”.

I can remember back a couple of years when going out I would head down the street praying to God to take it all. Within a few blocks He would. Like anything else it takes practice.

You must become relaxed, not anxious before going out. The Spirit is calm, gentle and still. Also, it is very important to not be over caffeinated. This causes to mind to be way too stimulated and active. You will think that it is God’s Spirit speaking, but it will be nothing more than your over active mind.

Have no pre-plans or agendas. Be totally open to which direction he might be leading you to. Even if it is in a totally new and different area. Trust Him. He knows the area better than you do.

Now, I must say that the best way to go out the front door is by walking. If that is not doable, than drive to where He is leading you to.
However, if you are driving, get out of the car as soon as possible. We are hindered, I believe when driving. Walking is the best way to set out.

When you go out the front door, stand on the porch or front walkway. Smell the air and look around. Looking around in all directions is key to being Spirit led. Your mind needs to be empty of thoughts. Take your time. Seek Him as to which direction to head out in. As soon as you know, take off. If you don’t know for sure, just move out. He can work with your willingness. Also, as I said earlier, it takes practice. Don’t worry. Don’t fret.

As soon as you can come upon an intersection or cross roads, stay there and look down the roads as far as you can see in each direction. Seeking which way would be the way of His leading. This may take some time. Don’t worry if someone is watching you. Stay there as long as you need. It’s important to wait upon Him. I have waited for some time before I knew.

Remember also, that public transportation, if available in your area is also a great way to combine with walking. I will save this type of travel for another time because it involves listening to a different degree to be able to know when to get off and who to talk to etc.

Back to walking in the Spirit. Once you have received clear direction to head into, walk slow. Always keeping the mind to a bare minimum as far as thoughts go. Don’t let it race. If it’s like mine, there will be several times when you will have to pull it back into the Spirit. Stay in the Spirit. Try and not focus on things too much. Don’t stare straight ahead. Keep aware of your surroundings. Look for people. If you see one up ahead, ask Him as to whether you are suppose to talk with them or not. On a journey like this, not everyone you see is someone you talk to. Listen to the Spirit for directions. You could become distracted in His leading, if you carried on a conversation with everyone.

As you walk, beware of buildings. He might have you go inside.

Remember, He is about people. He will be leading you to people eventually as you go. Always be aware of people and ask Him as to what to do.

I will give you one example because this post is getting way too long.

Today, I came out of a residential area into a four way business district. As I was walking along the sidewalk coming out of the residential area, I noticed a few people barbequing out back behind a place of business. I said, “wow it sures smells good”. They all agreed and I mentioned that I missed barbequing. Then I noticed a guy pop his head out of the window in the building next to it in the direction I was going. He said, “they have the best teriyaki”. I said, “oh yeah”. He smiled and I said God bless you.

I continued on walking along side this building that this guy had popped his head out of. As I walked, I noticed that in the windows of this building there was a Bible, there were signs about God etc. I turned the corner and a door was there, so I opened it up and stepped in. Immediately, I saw the guy that had popped his head out and said to him, “hey, what’s all this God stuff in the windows?”

Well, the next hour and a half was spent in visiting with him and listening to his testimony. He had been clean for 63 days after spending 30 years on heroin. And this was “The Rock” a halfway house for recovering addicts. Being that the Lord recently renewed a vision I had about one that is going to be set up in the country, I figured the timing was right on.
This is just one of a couple of contacts that He led me to today.

Go out, not knowing where your going! See where the Spirit takes you!
It could be hard to contain.
God bless you as you go out!


2 Responses to “Going out, not knowing where your going”

  1. timbob Says:

    Hi Richard. One of the most fascinating things about going out is simply not knowing where we’ll end up or who we will encounter. It seems that every venture into the streets has the “one particular person” who we were supposed to meet. Last week in Kalamazoo, it was a guy near the bus station who had just gotten out of prison and three days before had been born of the Spirit. I had a booklet about the first steps as a new Christian in my bag to give him. His name is Ivan.

    I’m not always good at hearing and as such most of the time I just “go.” It’s like once you just “go” the Lord can manuver you into position. It probably sounds kind of nutty, however, it’s always profitable. Yet it’s far better to be so atuned to the Spirit that he can leqad us precicely to the place where we should be. This is a most needful post and one that I’m planning to make copies of for myself and for CR. Thanks.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


  2. Richard Says:

    Well, it’s nice to get some feed back on this subject. I wonder if it is not that well practiced yet. The time is coming when it will be more needful.
    You are right, sometimes it is just “go”. He can work with that. Better than not going, or not available.

    May He continue to guide and lead you!

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