Understanding the Homeless and Christ also

Lest we forget, remember that Christ was homeless also.

Over the past few years, I have come to a better understanding of the homeless. A good number of my friends are homeless. Like anything else in life, we can’t understand one who is homeless, unless we spend some quality time with them. We have no right to judge them. Why? Because we do not know them and have not listened to their story.

Each one is different and unique. Not all have fallen into addictions that have put them where they are. In all fairness, addictions have led most down the road to homelessness. However, if we are not careful we judge and stop there. I have spent time with some that have not fallen into addictions.

Even if most of the homeless are bound in addictions, what makes them worse off than those who are bound also, but are not homeless? Society and most of the church going, tell us that if we don’t have a job, a car, a home, something is desperately wrong with us. Who set those standards?

How about the person who works 50 to 60 hours a week and cheats on his or her spouse? Or the guy on the 14th floor who is severely addicted to crack? What makes him or her any different than one who is homeless?

Most tend to classify people. God’s word says that, “man looks on the outside appearance, but God looks on the heart”.
After listening to many homeless people over the years, I have found that some have, some of the deepest spiritual insight that one could find.

Part of this, I believe, is that they have walked a road that allows understanding into things that most of us have no clue. Living on the streets gives one a different understanding into life. They rub shoulders with people of all backgrounds, all problems, all kinds of suffering, all kinds of sickness etc. They are far from living life in a “glass bubble”. They experiance real life where the rubber meets the road.

I think there was one who also lived that way? Was his name Jesus?

In closing, I have a suggestion for those who may be reading this and wondering what it must be like to be homeless. You may be trying to understand them, but don’t know where to start.
Grab a brother or sister, and make up some sandwiches and throw in some homemade cookies (they hardly ever get the real homemade stuff). Head off to the city and pray as to where to go. As you hit the sidewalk,(the open air) ask The Holy Spirit to lead you to someone who is truly homeless and would be willing to share with you. When you find them, sit down (literally) next to them. Give them a sandwich, smile and let God go from there.

Now this is “HUGE”. LISTEN TO THEM!

If it is silent for a period of time. Ask the Spirit as to what to say. Don’t be in a hurry! Ask the Spirit to open your ears and calm your mind. God will bless him or her, and you both. You will walk away with a new understanding on life. Spiritually, you will be enriched.

God bless you as you began to understand the homeless. And not only the “homeless”, but Christ also.


2 Responses to “Understanding the Homeless and Christ also”

  1. Chrystal Says:

    I’ve been reading in Isaiah and Jeremiah in the past week or two, and have felt my heart gripped so much in God’s desire for us to bring justice and freedom to the poor and the oppressed. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how much He repeats that command. Thank you for sharing some practical tips on how to minister in our modern-day world. Bless you!

  2. Richard Says:

    Yes, it is certainly in there, “justice and freedom to the poor”.
    May you be blessed as you go out!

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