African joy

Today as I was sharing the Gospel, the Lord gave me the “African children” as an example of those who have very little, but true joy springs forth from them.
I like being in the Spirit, because it takes you places that you never have been.

I know that it was from the Lord, because it just popped in as I was sharing about “True life, true joy, and true contentment”. It can only come through having The Spirit of God in us and it being activated. It is life!

Christ said, “I have come that you might have life, and life more abundantly”. This has nothing to do with material possessions. Some of the most joyful, happy and contented people in the world are those who have very little.

“Abundant” living is a life in The Spirit of God while here on the earth. Nothing else even comes close.

Check out this video. Look at those little children in the white dresses.(about one quarter into it)


2 Responses to “African joy”

  1. eternallyhopeful Says:

    Do we know what they are singing? Just curious……….
    Actually Kenya, Africa is a very poor place. My pastor met with a pastor from there and it is so poor that 9yr old girl sell themself into prostitution just for their next meal. The video above doesn’t seem to portray that extent of need, so it really make me wonder because I know the need, sickness, and much in Kenya is great. Though, maybe there are different parts – I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been. I know doesn’t relate to your post – more the video.

  2. Richard Says:

    Don’t know, but I love it!
    Well, like most countries, they have there really poor areas and then the areas that are not as much.
    The prostitution thing is really sad. Very common in really poor countries. The only part of Africa that I have been to is North Africa (Morocco). It is completely different than most of Africa. It is very much middle eastern.
    I remember once being in Cambodia and being approached by a prostitute. She was willing to take which mounted to be one American dollar for her services. However, she got the Gospel instead. God had provided a translator that was walking with me late that night. Praise God!
    Thanks for the comment!

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