Encounter of a different kind

I looked out the train window and noticed a man talking to himself pacing back and forth and waving his hands.

I thought to myself, what’s that all about? He is either praying, casting out demons, doing some satanic practice or mentally ill.
When the train came to the next stop, I sensed a nudge from the Holy Spirit to go over there and find out what this is all about.
He was up on an old loading dock pacing back and forth in front of an old building that has been vacant for a long time. There were “for lease” signs on the building. This area is known for not being the most desirable. It’s down by the old train station.

As I saw him from a distance, he was still talking out loud and waving his hands. Unfortunately, I could not hear what he was saying. As I walked up the steps, he noticed me and quit his talking. I said hello to him and said “what are you doing?” He looked surprised at my question.

Then he went into why he was there. He said that he was an artist and was considering leasing the building for some art usage. Now at first I was a little sceptical about this being the real reason.


So I listened to him explain what he does and what he planned to do with the building. He said that he was in 30 magazines worldwide. As I listened to him, I was reminded as to what the Lord had showed me that morning. That I was going to be doing a lot of one on one today, and confronting them with the Truth in love. I was to ask them, “have you trusted Christ?” (point blank).

So when he stopped and took a breath, I asked him. He was taken back by the question, and then asked, “well what do you mean?” I proceeded to share the Gospel with him and he assured me that he knew what it was all about. He was very intelligent and knew a lot about different religions.

His main focus was trying to help people help themselves through trying to get them to discover their talents and then finding self worth through it. I would from time to time say that what is most important is their spiritual welfare. He would agree, but always went back to physically helping. I said that all this was good and that we needed to do that, but as the Lord led me, I would bring him back to Christ. I believe that he personally needed to be reminded of this.

Because of his influence in the art community worldwide, he did not want to scare people off by presenting Jesus. Because of the many religions that he was associated with, he tended to stay with God, but leaving out Jesus. I assured him that Jesus was the difference. He is The Truth.

As the dialogue went on. I began to see the power of the Holy Spirit moving on his heart. He was confronted again with Jesus. He, like most was brought up in a believing home. However, because the way is narrow and few there be that find it, he was hesitant to go all the way and confess on Jesus. This to him, seemed to be too narrow and confining and may even effect his art community.

When it was all said and done, I shook his hand and reminded him that he was very gifted by God and that He wanted him to allow His Son Jesus to be Lord and Savior. He smiled and said thank you.

Oh yeah, lest I forget. I completely forgot to ask him who he was talking to before I arrived????????


4 Responses to “Encounter of a different kind”

  1. timbob Says:

    Hi Richard. Indeed thre very important things that you bring up here. First, be obediant to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, listen to where the person is coming from. And thridly, always strive to bring the convrsation back to the gospel and the need to be born of the Spirit.

    A couple of weeks ago, I had a strange incident. It involved another guy who wanted a theological debate. (This is not to be confused with the apostolic brother up by the tracks) He began asking me some strange questions and I was soon wrapped up in some bizarre considerations. I was listening to his words; trying to pick up on where he was coming from, but it was “just too weird.” Finally, he came to his points. He believes that Jesus didn’t die on a cross and that only the gospel of John is valid. The other three are erroneous in his opinion.

    Yes; the Twilight Zone theme song began playing in my head.

    A strange conversation and a heretical doctrine. It seems that a favorite tactic of the proponents of error is to bring up “bizarre topics and verses that are not frequented in an attempt to keep us on defence. What’s even stranger is that last summer, a different guy came to CRs garage sale and was promoting the same package of errors. Somebody in this area is teaching this stuff.

    Thanks for this posting. Everything that you offer up here is beneficial; especially when one is going into the streets.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks bro.
    Yes, there is certainly a lot of people out there with some way out stuff. I believe it is increasing. I will say that hardly a day goes by that I do not come into contact with someone who has taken up with some bizarre teaching out there. What is really sad, is those who have known The Truth and now believe a lie. Met one today while coming home on the bus. I just had to keep reminding him about Jesus. I also told him that he is responsible for what he has heard.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. EvangelismCoach Says:

    Always enjoy your stories. You’ve got some great encounters.

    I like your teaching points: listen to the person, and feeling prompted by the Holy Spirit.


  4. Richard Says:

    Glad you are blessed by the stories of the encounters. My hope is that many more will do the same and share those encounters. All of us should be in the school of learning how to hear His voice then obey. This will lead us to some of the most awesome encounters. Why? Because He is all about people. Encountering God has to do with people.

    As far as “listening” goes, I am amazed as to what we can learn in The Spirit by listening. Not only listening to His Spirit, but His Spirit working through listening to another person.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    The Lord bless you as you go out!

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